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The Giza Intelligences, also known as Bafath (Bafath-Wesen),[1] and recur in conversations related to the so-called Ashtar Sheran, Men in Black and Creator Overlords (Sirius overlords), are a group of extraterrestrial human beings who share ancestry with both Earth and Plejaren folks, see Lyran, that desired since ancient times to attain supremacy over the Earth humanity using high technology.

The point where this meets reality is in several ways. Through the indirect orders[2] of the Thule society[3] by Adolf Hitler, his generals and other leading powers, and through other indirect manipulations and distortions of the so-called "Bible"[4] which is a collection of religious texts or scriptures sacred to Christians, Jews, Samaritans, Rastafari and others, see The Talmud of Jmmanuel. The extraterrestrial high technologies that they were using, through what amounts to so-called "History",[5] i.e. a few thousand years or so, were based primarily on Impulses, see reference to 'telenotic'[6] and an archive of previous civilisations, allowing them to orientate themselves around lofty knowledge of e.g. Evolution, Consciousness, Ageing etc., and the Earth humans various ancient genetic modifications. We barely would have stood a chance, and didn't for a long time.

Long story short in the 20th century the Plejaren Federation and Andromedan High Council decided these 'Giza Intelligences' were becoming increasingly dangerous, even attacking the Plejaren themselves,[7] who realised that around the turn of the millenium the long foretold "Third World War" would have occured, partially as result of their continued influences, see Prophecies and Predictions. This is where Asket and her humanity from a difference universe enters the equation, because they are not subjected to the laws of intervention of developing worlds that people from our universe are, thus they could intervene on Earth to prevent this "Third World War" which would have occured around the turn of the millenium, described as "the most difficult [task] that was ever to be recorded in the history of this solar system",[8] that's a different branch of the story anyway, see The Asket Contact Reports. The Plejaren decided to get hold of these 'Giza Intelligences', round them all up, destroy their stations i.e. secret bases on Earth (where term 'Giza' comes from, a cavern beneath Cairo), return the land to its original state as if they never existed at all, deprive them of their technology, and deport them to somewhere in a foreign, uninhabited distant galaxy, where they could live the rest of their lives in the malice they had built up in themselves, like a jail sentence but Plejaren-style. This operation happened swiftly at a point in time between 1978 and 1982, and thus they no longer reside on Earth. All of which in an invisible, minimal impact, non-traceable and silent methodology, see Dimensions and references to apparatus e.g. Language Learning the Plejaren Way, they are not allowed to give us technical information.

From time to time they now refer to these people in a derogatory manner, as a means of reflecting disapproval of their conduct, actions and behaviour. As the 'Gizeh-Heinis'[9] (Translated into English as Giza twerps/jerks or Gizeh-derrière[10]) or even just the 'Heinis'.

Artists impression of their Giza Base

Capture and Deportation

In May 1978 following their attack upon the SSSC and indirectly upon an invisible Plejaren shield that was installed over the SSSC, they were captured, arrested, deported, stripped of all technology, except for the most basic survival equipment, and permanently incarcerated on a remote prison planet by the Plejaren Federation. Unfortunately, the waning effects of their many telenotic impulses will continue to linger for "200 or 300 years", according to Ptaah.[11]


For thousands of years they deceived Earth humankind with religious “miracles” and “visions” of every kind, in order to maintain, and to yet further increase, the religious delusion with the plan of eventually appearing as angels and gods, as they have done in earlier times, and subjugating a voluntarily worshipful Earth humankind. They also had an alternative plan whereby, they would also try to reach their goal by barbaric violence and a third world war. Two thirds of terrestrial humanity would have been annihilated and die a horrible death.

From a mighty station that they built under the Pyramids of Giza did they orchestrate and guide the religious delusional events of the Earth. They also constructed an underground hanger where their great spaceship was stored for thousands of years.

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

I've been having a hard time figuring out why a technologically advanced group like the Giza Intelligences, with their ability to travel around the universe, would waste their time on Earth, over what seems like an ancient vendetta. By some of the Stevens translated Contact Notes, it seems the Giza Intelligences were racists against non-whites, since they aided Hitler, but were they really just using Hitler and others to destroy the whole human race?

ANSWER: Hi Norm,

Striving for world domination would be correct, not racists. Their goal was to rule, not destroy, the human race. Without human beings you cannot rule.

The Giza Intelligences influenced Hitler through the Thule Society.[12]

Notable Influences

Like no ruler before, Kamagol the First forced all terrestrial religions into the frame of blood-demanding cults which, unfortunately, were able to be maintained on the Earth up to the current time.[13]

The Giza Intelligences transposed via teleprojection apparent realities with visionary experiences into a few people, like Dan Fry and Reinhold Schmidt, who then considered these as reality.

They also played a major role in the creation of the malicious falsification that is the New Testament (a religious book of Christianity).


The origin of the Giza Intelligences goes back to a time when the civilisations that were the cities of Greater Atlantis, Lesser Atlantis and Mu existed 113,000 BC. After an age of peace of 1800 years duration a group of power-hungry scientists attempted to arrest power over Earth humankind but were exiled from the planet when the people rose up against them. The scientists obtained possession of spaceships and fled into the space-time-shifted regions of Beta-Centauri. They returned to Earth 2000 years later filled with hate led by Arus I, the Barbarian, and what followed was great bloodshed and war until 1343 BC when the descendant of Arus I at that time, who was named Arussem, also immensely evil, was exiled by his decent younger brothers Ptaah and Salaam but again the evil force returned. This time Arussem and his followers returned at an unknown year and set up their secret base beneath the Giza pyramids.

Deep in the interior of the earth and deep below the pyramids, they established themselves securely, whereby they converted the rooms and constructions deep below the present pyramids of Giza, as a center for their wicked purposes, from where they and their descendants since then tried to realize their tyrannical plans, but as of now without noteworthy success, although their way of obtaining the goal of deceit, lying and intrigues was by wrong teachings and the leading astray of the uncorrupted Earth humans through religious teachings of madness and cults, and many kinds of other evil machinations.[14]

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