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When I spoke in my bulletins of a prophecy that points to the years of 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2011, in which a third world war could become a possibility, it does not refer to a prediction but only to a prophecy. In answering the many inquiries respectively, it is obvious that it is necessary again to repeat that the bulletins do not refer to a prediction but to a prophecy, that reveals the mentioned dates. Prophecies are always changeable, for they do not rest upon something that forces prophecies to be fulfilled, contrary to predictions that fulfil themselves with absolute certainty.

Billy, FIGU Bulletin 46, February 2004

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Dear reader,

Before you is a new publication that will be sent to you intermittently in the future. The new FIGU Newsletter is provided by FIGU especially for Passive-Group members, but also for the enjoyment and benefit of other interested parties. It will be published as required and according to the material on hand. Each publication of this ongoing newsletter will be printed on stapled pages and identified with volume, number, month, year, and page numbers to keep them organized.

The FIGU Newsletter was founded by Eduard "Billy" Meier to reinforce the connection between FIGU and you. Its intent is twofold: To inform you of varying types of newsworthy information; and to provide you with the opportunity to express yourself using this forum. Your interesting questions will be answered and published together with newsworthy and important observations and experiences, or you may wish to search for like-minded individuals who want to start up a meditation or study group with you.

In this FIGU Newsletter we will introduce not only new developments and discoveries from various fields of knowledge, but will report on UFO sightings and UFO experiences as well, from descriptions often sent to us. Furthermore, through clarifications, corrections and many explanations, you will be kept informed about UFOs, contacts and the extraterrestrials. The information will assist you in separating the wheat from the chaff, and will provide you with clear and logical facts to assist you in potential disputes with uninformed and would-be-informed individuals, if you so desire. With this new information pamphlet, the FIGU Newsletter, we hope to provide you with hours of interesting and informative reading.

Bernadette Brand

Source: FIGU Bulletin 1

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