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Illustration from a book by Randolph Winters.

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  • Beamship - The Movie Footage (1985) (Youtube)
  • The Meier Chronicles (1986) (Youtube)
  • “wir glauben nicht“ - Swiss UFO Documentary (2019) (German) (Youtube)
    A short art house enigma mystery film by Nico Drechsel and Lukas Bösch. Disclosing previously unknown admissions and additional testimony from The Witnesses; Christian Frehner, Andreas Schubiger and Atlantis Meier ~describe their experiences during everyday life at the SSSC, and begin the attempt to thoughtfully justify their convictions. It’s an unusual film in the sense that it is a first of its kind to introduce suspense, intrigue, drama, mystery, dark undertones- ‘dim light’, tension, cold treatment, on edge, old and bitter - slow pacing with a brief but close encounter, filmed on location during what appears to be a tempo break in those coldest harsh days of the European Alps winter months. Christian reported in April 2019 he had been moderately satisfied with the final cut, saying “finally for once is neutrally and objectively formed and nevertheless satifies artistic claims”.[1] Broadly well received and rated for its stylistic merit. Filmscore by Yanick Herzog. Someone{who?} on social media in June 2019 said: “saddest FIGU film ever made” ...and the “colour gamut juxtaposed with the creepy music reminded me of the death”. Another reviewer said “if you’re going to add a detuned piano to a FIGU film, next time make sure its honky-tonk to keep up the feel-good vibes”.[citation needed]
  • UFOs Are Real (1979) (Google Video) - Scroll to the end (1:26:52) for the section about Billy Meier.
  • Contact (1987) (Google Video)

  • UFO Facts: Video (External) - Collection of videos about the Billy Meier UFO case, with information about them, embedded into the page for streaming, includes download links.

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