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The word Supernatural comes from the Latin supernaturalis

the origin term ‘Gheist’ actually traces back to Nokodemion and is to be found in the Storage Banks, although there can also be found the meaning ‘awaken’.

Billy, Contact Report 579, January 2014

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FIGU Forum section dedicated to Mental Fluidal energies, Fluidal forces

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Fluidal Energy

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):


What is the mental Fluidalenergie resp. the mental Fluidalforce?


The mental Fluidalforce, is basically the emitted personal mental radiation/vibes resp. the oscillation and energy as well as the forces of the mental block of the person concerning his thoughts, feelings, of the psyche and the consciousness, so the mental oscillations that radiate from the human eventually holds itself in objects as well as places and in the skeleton etc. This can as be introduced comparatively as the breath of the body (= Prana) which enters invisibly by the nose into the lungs and flows out again through the nose, consequently in this manner the emission of the mental Fluidalforce can be compared.[1]

Forces in the Contact reports

Source: Contact Reports

During contact 544 dated 1st September 2012, Billy restrictively stipulates the following conversation with Ptaah regarding the seven major/fundamental powers/forces found in nature. A conversation which encompasses the 'Standard Model' (of particle physics) and something else related to 'immeasurable mystery suspended in immeasurable expanse', creation and creative natural laws.

In FIGU Bulletin 5 the question "What is the Universal Material Belt?" is answered by Billy.

During contact 224 dated 7th July 1988, Billy with Quetzal discusses the formation of Creation. Mentioning that there are 280 elements.

During contact 214 dated 3rd February 1987, Billy with Quetzal discusses the nature of chance, the law of causality and fate.

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