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The Meier Encyclopaedia is a different method of presenting and accessing the knowledge contained within this Wiki. It utilises an encyclopedia-style structure (article collections about a subject, keyword, key facts or phrases), accommodating pages that are comprehensive in terms of information, interesting and attention keeping. The Meier Encyclopaedic articles represents that marriage between what the internet actively looks for and expects to find, during their time on the internet -- and those particularly large, full documents, voluminous books, massive archive, database, the treasure trove and inexhaustible wellspring of knowledge we have here; which requires considerable time to read. They're therefore pages named by the word, not by the document source and contain smaller extracts, excerpts, quotes, internally and externally relevant reference links etc., than would otherwise be discovered during that full reading experience; Contact Reports, Books, FIGU Bulletins, FIGU Publications etc., are presented in much shorter snippets, as quotes, with page numbers.

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