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Telekinesis relates to such movements when it deals with a considerable distance over which a human, living at the given time, consciously, at that time, moves a material object by way of his mental powers alone, using The Human Brain alone.

  • Moving objects, to materialize objects, is possible with and through one‘s consciousness-based forces (but not for one’s spirit-form), but achieveing this is difficult.[1]

Psychotelekinesis is the term used when these things occur unconsciously. The phenomena results when long-stored, mental, fluidal powers are brought - from the block of mentality, in an unconscious way - to manifestation over greater distances, as a result of factors of psychic damage.

In both cases, all kinds of objects can be moved as a result of the block of mentality's mental powers, whereby the thoughts, feelings, psyche and the consciousness constitute this block.

With this, the Psyche is the determining factor if the action is executed unconsciously. If the process is consciously desired, then the thoughts and the Consciousness determine the entire occurrence.[2]

Due to ignorance in Parapsychology, and so forth, Teleportation and Telekinesis are often erroneously equated, which, however, is incorrect, because they basically deal with two different factors.

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