Short Bibliography

From Billy Meier

- Desiderata: Vital items;

- Talmud Jmmanuel ( 1974), Original Translations of a two thousand-year-old Script found in Jerusalem in 1963, which describes the Life and Work of Jmmanuel(alias Jesus Christ). Recorded at that Time by Order of Jmmanuel by one of his Disciples;

- The Psyche (1975), or Help for the Life of Man on Earth;

- Arahat Athersata (1975), Message to Earth Humanity from a High Spiritual Form; explaining Facts of human Behavior in Religions, Politics, Sciences...;

- Dekalogue (1975), the 'Ten Commandments' in their original Form, including other Commandments held back from Humanity until now;

- Genesis (1976), the Teachings of the Origin of Creation as well as the Development of the Universe, heavenly Bodies, Flora, Fauna and Human Life Form according to the Laws of Creation with evolutionary Guidelines for Humans resulting herefrom;

- Prophecies (1976-1981), prophetic Explanations and Predictions of coming Events on Earth;

- The Law of Love (1978), about Love as the Foundation of all Existence, the Lawfullness of Love, its Definition and its Meaning in human Life;

- Directives (1982), Guidelines and behavioral Regulations for the Processing, Attainment and Conservation of psychic, physical and conscious Purity and Health.They are drawn up within the Framework of the Laws and Commandments to follow on hygienic care of Body, Psyche, Spirit and Consciousness which are anchored in the Spiritual Teachings;

- Existing Life in the Universe (1984), Billy Meier's Contacts with the Plejarans; extraterrestrial Life; the SOL System, Comets and Meteors; universal Life...;

- Introduction into Meditation (1979), Meditation and its Use and Effectiveness in Human Life;

- The Book OM, Omfalon Murado(1983-1984), the most important Creational Laws and Directives, Rules of Order and Guidelines; Aim and Tasks of Humans in their material and spiritual Life, laid out and explained by Jschwjsch Ptaah and his Prophet, Billy Meier;

- Books of Names (1982), a Total of 6.360 interplanetary Names in their original Forms and Meanings; received and recorded by Mister Meier;

- Contact Reports (1975-1984), Billy Meier's Contact Reports, Spiritual Teachings, Explanations and Experiences with extraterrestrial, Plejaran Life Forms;

- Goblet of Truth ( 2008): The Book.