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Fictitious hand-drawn illustration of Ptaah

Ptaah is about 775 (Earth) years old (outdated 2024) and has three children, two daughters by the names of Semjase and Pleija and one son by the name of Jucata who is no longer alive. His father was called Sfath and one of his nieces is Asket. Ptaah is the commander of the Plejaren spacecraft fleet and is vested with the rank of an Jschwjsch, (JHWH), which is comparable in meaning to a king of wisdom. In earlier times, this term was translated as God, not in the sense of creator but as a king of wisdom who has the duty to provide his peoples with help and advice. He also presides over other inhabited planets but may never assume the role of despotic ruler, which happened on earth to some extent in earlier times. At the present time, Ptaah presides over three different planets, two of which are known to us as Erra and Terra (earth).


  • Ptaah is the one in charge. However he is not governing as governor, ruler or in the authoritative sense; he's instead responsible and this extends to the spiritual teachings and the various developments on Earth.[1]
  • It is true that all Plejaren are self-responsible,[citations needed] so its something like a project management position[citations needed] but not telling others what to do all the time, it means a dedication to the various details over a longer time, a longer term commitment and its in this case a knowledge based authority, worth listening to type governing, with insight, respected and given the time for having the experience, cognition, consciousness of events and history.[citations needed][2]

Fundamentally, like paranoia, reality-estranged-naivety is characterised by a particular sensitivity regarding rejections, bearing grudges, being easily aggrieved, exaggerated mistrust, and so forth, whereby still to add to that is an inclination to interpret that which is experienced in the direction of tendencies which are hostile towards oneself. The reality-estranged-naive human being rebels, through a deep-reaching might-demeanour and through all kinds of similarly directed modes of behaviour, and often also through revenge machinations, against everything which does not correspond to his/her view and opinion construct, whereby, in this form, he/she exerts might over fellow human beings, which happens in extremely insidious form and is not realised by those human beings who are involved in it. A further thing to say regarding that is that a reality-estranged-naive human being, just like a paranoiac, defines neutral and friendly actions of others as hostile, pejorative or disparaging, whereby in this way these impulsations are also experienced by him/her in a thought-feeling-based form. Thereby, also a delusional jealousy emerges which is directed against the views, the opinions and might of others, who are deemed to be adversaries if they do not conform to his/her own reality-estranged-naive modes of behaviour. As a rule, the whole matter of the reality-estranged-naivety also leads to unjustified suspicions in regard to an incapability of those fellow human beings who are viewed and considered to be stupid, and, in regard to intellect, rationality and the ability to make decisions as well as the ability to act, are viewed and considered to be without intellect and without rationality, and consequently, in line with the delusion of the reality-estranged-naive human being, ‘must’ be dictatorially taught, ‘correctly led’ and ‘guided’ through his/her ‘intellect and rationality’. That is the actual might-behaviour of the reality-estranged-naive human being, who is additionally also stubborn and quarrelsome and brings this to the fore in such form that the fellow human beings, who are directed and suggestively-dictatorially led by him/her, do not perceive that they are steered selfishly and imperiously through the machinations of the reality-estranged-naive one. Human beings with a reality-estranged naive personality disorder are controlled by a false and inflated self-worth delusion and by a greatly exaggerated self-centredness delusion, as well as by an insatiable egoism and by an insistence on being right, whereby, under certain circumstances, the reality-estranged naive state can also be associated with a paranoid schizophrenia and an actual paranoia. Basically in every case a reality-estranged naivety concerns a psychical disorder, in which, significantly, also psychopathic influences are present; consequently therefore a reality-estranged naive human being is without doubt, in a certain way, also a psychopath. This is a fact which, naturally, as a consequence of the perfect acting skill, the psychopath knows how to conceal outwardly so much that, as a rule, at least lay-people, as well as very often also experts, are not able to perceive and therefore also not recognise, not define and not understand his/her personality-disordered disposition. Consequently also the might-filled decisions, actions and modes of behaviour of a reality-estranged-naive human being are not recognised, which leads to the reality-estranged-naive one – who, as a consequence of his/her psychopathy, has a pronounced acting capability at his/her disposal – being able to transfix the fellow human beings, deceive them and win their unjustified trust, which often leads to quarrel and strife as well as to far-reaching unpeace among the human beings with whom they interact. And wars frequently arise, and acts of revenge and retribution as well as hate and destruction, if reality-estranged-naive ones stoke the corresponding embers long enough until they become a blazing fire and inextinguishable conflagration.

Ptaah, Contact Report 625, August 2015


Ptah spelled this way with one a, is the way the Egyptian deity Ptah is spelled and is not Ptaah for obvious reasons, ~2.5 thousand years or so ago.[citation needed] However in Contact Report 031 line 6-10. Ptaah explains that an ancestor of his had the same name, and indeed was this Ptah. Apparently Ptaahs ancestor Ptah was an Jschwjsch, married to Basth, presumably extraterrestrial, and was openly communicating with the Egyptians by deduction. This is not the first time we have been given a story like this by Ptaah, according to a FIGU forum questions answered by Billy comment,[citation needed] Ptaah himself lived in Greece for a period of time (a few hundred years ago) and another great-great grandfather of his, Hilak was also involved with Earth in some way.[citation needed]

According to Earths very old traditions, tales and legends about Egyptian Ptah and South American Ptah, he said he "existed before all other things" and, "by his will, thought the world into existence". "It was first conceived by thought, and realised by the Word". Statements which were they actually said by him i.e. were not myth or legend, do standalone as somewhat sensical in the context given in the overall story.

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  2. ~ this may tie into other information given to us that this position was held by him as well as the others specifically associated with Earth, in a past life as well as those that have now passed away which constitute ancestors and family. So we could say that its in his evolution to be the leader and leader of Earth. Its not just a position that has been handed over in some random application due to previous competencies in a similar position like it usually occurs on Earth. Ptaah somehow has the propensity of the experiences from a previous life in a similar position.