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Excerpt of a talk between Billy Meier and Semjase (24th contact of Saturday, June 7, 1975

Semjase: "... For the last time I trouble myself to explain that any contacts with other persons except you are totally impossible. The reasons are as follows:

  1. We get in contact with an individual from Earth only on condition that the person has executed studies in all spheres for decades.
  2. We can contact individuals from Earth only if the necessary spiritual prerequisites are present.
  3. We can get in contact with an individual from Earth only if that person has progressed so far in his development that he is able to work out and recognize the basic truth in the truth without assistance, and without considering any statements by other people or any writings.
  4. If we get in contact with an individual from Earth, and if those prerequisites are not fulfilled, such a contact is only a preliminary undertaking for a special purpose. After the achievement of the objective, the person's memory of us etc., is eliminated, as e.g. happened with the person whom we let find the Talmud (Jmmanuel). Any duties that require that the individual goes public may not be imposed on such persons, since the memory within them is constantly eliminated; they are neither cognizant of the connections nor the actual facts. However, such persons must be highly developed in certain fields of knowledge, as e.g. was the case with the finder of the Talmud who was an expert in languages, but whom we burdened too much, unfortunately.
  5. If we get in contact with individuals from Earth we do this according to certain higher orders and according to the exact number of determined persons. One of the reasons for this lies in the fact that too many people standing in the first position would upset everything. I remember a saying that you use very frequently and that is very adequate in this respect: "Too many cooks spoil the stew." This is a fact that is also true within the laws and directives of Creation. Creation alone is the determining factor.
  6. We are not allowed to make ourselves visible to more individuals from Earth than lies within our responsibility. This precaution responds special concerns of private, military and governmental desires aimed at taking possession of our ships and all the other things. To be in contact with several persons would be dangerous for ourselves. That's why we can only cultivate contacts with Earth humans who are known to us as absolutely trustworthy and reliable in every respect. This is of far-reaching importance for our special mission with you and your group. We must be certain in every respect that - if the need arises - the contact person prevents bad consequences with all conceivable means.
  7. To show ourselves to certain selected earth humans only and taking up communication with them, secretly and at remote locations, has yet another reason: Countless people are craving for sensation and selfishness only. That's the reason why they want to get in contact with us. In addition there are those countless ones who - upon seeing us - would panic; something that could produce very dangerous effects.

These are but seven reasons why we cannot agree to the desire of H.J. Many more reasons could be presented, but the ones given should be enough. ..."

(A list with other reasons, like e.g. the different vibrations between Pleiadians/Plejarans and Earth humans, among other things, may be read in Guido Moosbruggers book "... und sie fliegen doch!" (Verlag Michael Hesemann; German only), on pages 148 ff.

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