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About FIGU

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Until 2018 FIGU meant - FIGU, Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien (FIGU, Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies).

In 2018 it was revised to - FIGU, Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell (FIGU, Free Interests Group Universal) Verein für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und UFOlogiestudien (Society for Border- and Spiritual-Sciences and Ufological Studies).[1]

In the 1970s, Billy Meier began working with other people interested in learning about his remarkable contact experiences with folk[2] from the Plejares. The knowledge he had gleaned from these contacts was written down and made available for public scrutiny. Some members of the group even witnessed the incredible phenomena themselves. Together they decided to publicise the information and formed a group they called FIGU, a German acronym that stands for Free Community of Interests Universal. In addition to publishing and distributing the documented experiences, facts and evidences of Billy's contacts, FIGU addresses many vital, worldwide issues on a daily, weekly and monthly scheduling basis. These include articles such as the crusade against overpopulation, the fight against the abuse of women and children, the protection of animals, human rights, and the struggle to save Planet Earth and its plants, animals and human life.[3][continue reading]

Our association FIGU corresponds to an association based on the rule of law, which, like all FIGU association members, recognizes and follows Switzerland as a state, as well as its federal constitution and laws. The FIGU association and its members also recognize the historical facts in a consequent and comprehensive way. Thus, the existence of Switzerland as a state is in no way denied, the state not denigrated or negated, nor is the legitimacy of the basic laws called into question, because generally the decrees of the authorities and courts are accepted by the FIGU and its members. This also includes the necessary unavoidable state levies, such as taxes, etc. Thus, the FIGU 'Free Community of Interests' is not based on an autonomous grouping, an autonomous state or anything otherwise hostile to the state and is also not willing to deviate from it. And this is and remains so, because the association FIGU preserves the FREE and the FREEDOM in every righteous and legally-state-lawfully conforming and permitted way, which also its members in purely private capacity keep in such a way, which is by state law absolutely right. Thus, the FIGU association is integrated into the state of Switzerland, just as the association members are also included in the entire state order of Switzerland. The FIGU association does also not produce fantasy identity papers, etc., but only identity cards, etc. which are righteously only FIGU-association-related, just as in every respect only the money produced by the state is used as means of payment and with it also the justified taxes are paid honestly, which contribute in every conceivable justified and necessary way to the preservation of the Swiss state.[4]

The Association FIGU

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The free community of interests is an internationally active, non-religious and non-political community of like-minded human beings, who are in search of the truth and make an effort to bring their thoughts, feelings and actions into line with natural-creational guidelines. The FIGU is organised as a not-for-profit society according to Swiss ZGB (civil-law-book) article 60ff. [continue reading]

It is funded by voluntary contributions of members, by donations of observing benefactors as well as by the sale of books, writings and photos etc.

The objective of FIGU is the worldwide dissemination of the truth, together with ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) and with the assistance of the Plejaren and other life forms of non-earthly origin, who are knowledgeable of the truth however and since time immemorial lead their lives according to the universal truth and according to peaceful criteria and the same effects.

The struggle for the truth is a struggle against lies, untruth and false teaching, which must be led with the means of information and instruction. The FIGU informs about the truth on each issue, and it allows each human being the right to his or her own opinion. The FIGU works in no manner and in no tendency towards proselytising and hence not in the sense of ‘searching for and producing followers and believers’.[5]

The goal of the FIGU

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The goal of the FIGU is the worldwide dissemination of the truth. Together with 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) and with the assistance of the Pleiadians / Plejaren and other forms of life of non-earthly origin; who however, are knowledgeable about the truth and have been living their lives since time immemorial for the universal truth and toward the peaceful criteria and it's resulting effects. [continue reading]

The goal of the FIGU is to further, through the doctrine of truth, the life of all human beings according to creative laws and commandments, as it is designed, and to explain the applications of the truth and its laws and commandments, in a creative-orderly and creative successful way, through this successful application, and to ensure this information successfully finds the Earth human.

The FIGU is obliged to inform people about the most important things, such as overpopulation, torture and the death penalty, etc.; Problems that concern the whole earth humanity.

To do this, we must write to all the governments of every country in the world and present them with the facts, to bring these matters to their attention. Likewise we write to all organisations, associations and other groups as well as private persons, who deal with these topics or just somehow deal with it out of an interest in it in a private way.[6]

The general publics assistance of the FIGU mission

Excerpt from the book ‚‘Questions to Billy from May, 2013‘
A list of questions from various persons which Michael Horn, USA, has presented. pp. 25 - 28.

English German
What is the best way for the public to assist the FIGU mission? Welches ist der beste Weg für die Öffentlichkeit, die FIGU-Mission zu unterstützen?
The best way to go public with regard to the dissemination of the FIGU Mission and the ‘Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of the Life’ and to support the general FIGU mission - whereby the existence of the Plejaren is also included, with their beamships, and so forth - is through the following seven different points: Der beste Weg, an die Öffentlichkeit zu treten in bezug auf die Verbreitung der FIGU-Mission und die ‹Lehre der Wahrheit, Lehre des Geistes, Lehre des Lebens› sowie um die allgemeine FIGU-Mission zu unterstützen - wobei auch die Plejarenexistenz mit ihren Strahlschiffen usw. eingeschlossen ist -, führt über folgende sieben verschiedene Punkte:
1. Do it yourself: first and foremost, one’s own study of the teaching is in the foreground, in order to thereby learn, live and understand being a true human being following the creational-natural laws and recommendations. 1. Selbst ist der Mensch: In allererster Linie steht das Selbststudium der Lehre im Vordergrund, um daraus das wahre Menschsein in Befolgung der schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze und Gebote zu erlernen, zu leben und nachzuvollziehen.

[continue reading]

2. The ‘Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of the Life’ ought to be spread by human beings personally having their attention drawn to it. However, this may only happen if the persons concerned ask about it out of their own interest, whereby missionising must never be carried out, but always only just informing in an objective form and without emotionalism. To those who are interested, free texts can be handed out or books sold.

style="width:50%; | 2. Die ‹Lehre der Wahrheit, Lehre des Geistes, Lehre des Lebens› soll verbreitet werden, indem die Menschen persönlich darauf aufmerksam gemacht werden. Dies darf jedoch nur dann geschehen, wenn die betreffenden Personen aus eigenem Interesse danach fragen, wobei jedoch niemals eine Missionierung erfolgen darf, sondern einzig stets nur ein Informieren in sachlicher Art und Weise und ohne Pathos. Bei Interesse können auch Gratisschriften abgegeben oder Bücher verkauft werden.

3. The spreading of the mission and teaching can take place via information stands, at which free texts are given to those interested, if so desired by them. Without exception, visitors to such information stands are not accosted by the stand-holders and are not missionised to, rather they are only responded to when they themselves inquire, want information or would like to speak with the operators of the respective information stand. As a rule, selling books and booklets is not permitted at information stands, except when allowed by public authorities. Through patience, calmness, objectivity, love and dignity, a climate of peace and of trust arises with conversations and the giving of information, consequently there is no frightening or confusion, nor does insanity arise. 3. Die Verbreitung der Mission und Lehre kann erfolgen über Informations-Stände, an denen an Interessierte Gratisschriften abgegeben werden, wenn dies von den Interessenten gewünscht wird. Ausnahmslos werden die Besucher solcher Informationsstände von den Standdurchführenden selbst nicht angesprochen und auch nicht missioniert, sondern es wird gegenüber diesen nur reagiert, wenn sie selbst nachfragen, Informationen wollen oder ein Gespräch mit den Betreibern des jeweiligen Informations-Standes wünschen. An Informationsständen ist in der Regel ein Verkauf von Büchern und Schriften nicht gestattet, ausser es wäre behördlich erlaubt. Durch Geduld, Ruhe, Sachlichkeit, Liebe und Würde entsteht bei Gesprächen und Informierungen ein Klima des Friedens und des Vertrauens, folglich weder Verängstigung noch Verwirrung oder ein Verrücktwerden entstehen.
4. In order to spread the mission and the teaching, pertinent lectures can be carried out, in which everyone interested in the mission and teaching can voluntarily partake, however, in no form may a proselytising take place. Such lectures can also be enhanced with DVDs and movies, and so forth, as well as with the sale of books and texts and also can be held, that is to say, carried out, for a reasonable entrance fee to cover the expenses. 4. Zur Verbreitung der Mission und der Lehre können sachdienliche Vorträge durchgeführt werden, an denen jeder an der Mission und Lehre interessierte Mensch freiwillig teilnehmen kann, wobei jedoch in keiner Art und Weise eine Missionierung erfolgen darf. Solche Vorträge können auch mit DVDs und Filmen usw. sowie mit Bücher- und Schriftenverkauf gestaltet und auch gegen ein angemessenes Eintrittsgeld für die Unkostendeckung abgehalten resp. durchgeführt werden.
5. In order to spread the mission and the teaching, either free-of-charge or ticketed information hours/evenings can be held for those interested, and coupled with the provision of free texts, as well as the sale of books and booklets. 5. Zur Verbreitung der Mission und der Lehre können für Interessenten kostenlose oder eintrittspflichtige Informations-Stunden/Abende abgehalten und mit einer Gratisschriftenabgabe sowie mit Bücher- und Schriftenverkauf gekoppelt werden.
6. In order to spread the mission and the teaching, neutral and non-proselytising interviews and information may be spread by means of radio broadcasts. 6. Zur Verbreitung der Mission und der Lehre können neutral und nichtmissionierend Interviews und Informationen über Radiosendungen verbreitet werden.
7. In order to spread the mission and the teaching, neutral and non-proselytising interviews and information can be disseminated regarding it, in words, pictures and videos, and so forth, via television and internet and so forth. 7. Zur Verbreitung der Mission und Lehre können diesbezüglich neutral und nichtmissionierend Interviews und Informationen in Wort, Bild und Film usw. über Television und Internetz usw. verbreitet werden.

FIGU information presented in English

Excerpt from "the digital version of the translation agreement" sent by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier to Benjamin Stevens on the 1st of June, 2010. Translated by Christian Frehner and Willem Mondria.
References: Goblet of the Truth (book) (Kelch Der Wahrheit), see Downloads#E-Books. And Contact Report 487

English German
Based on our own laborious and nerve-racking experience during the translation process of "Goblet of Truth" into English - for the first time carried out in co-operation with a professional translation company - it was finally proven that it is impossible to translate our "Lehrschriften" from the German original into other terrestrial languages in a comprehensively correct way and in accordance with the true meaning. Aufgrund eigener mühsamer und nervenaufreibender Erfahrungen bei der Übersetzung des «Kelch der Wahrheit» ins Englische - erstmals durchgeführt in Zusammenarbeit mit der professionellen Hilfe einer Übersetzungsfirma - hat sich endgültig erwiesen, dass eine umfassend korrekte und sinngetreue Übersetzung unserer Lehrschriften aus dem Deutschen in eine andere irdische Sprache unmöglich ist.
Since our Plejaren friends have come to the same conclusion, based on their linguists' studies, FIGU Switzerland (Mother Center/Headquarters) has decided to neither translate nor print any further books after that of the "Goblet of Truth". Da unsere plejarischen Freunde aufgrund eigener Abklärungen ihrer Sprachwissenschaftler zur selben Erkenntnis gelangt sind, hat die FIGU Schweiz (Mutterzentrum) entschieden, ausser dem «Kelch der Wahrheit» selbst keine weiteren Bücher zu übersetzen oder in Fremdsprachen zu drucken.
We will concentrate our efforts on the preservation and dissemination of the original texts. Wir konzentrieren uns auf den Erhalt und die Verbreitung der Originaltexte.

[continue reading]

We cannot, and will not take any responsibility for the misunderstandings and mistranslations that inevitably will result from translations.

style="width:50%; | Für die sich aus Übersetzungen zwangsläufig ergebenden Missverständnisse und Fehlübersetzungen können und wollen wir keine Verantwortung übernehmen.

We, "Billy" Eduard A. Meier (BEAM) and FIGU Switzerland, allow our books and booklets to be translated into foreign languages. Wir, «Billy» Eduard A. Meier (BEAM) und die FIGU Schweiz, erlauben Übersetzungen unserer Bücher und Kleinschriften in Fremdsprachen.
However, the following terms must be observed: Dabei sind folgende Bedingungen einzuhalten:
1. If a person or a group wants to translate a book or a text - intending to publish it in printed or electronic form - he/she has to get in contact with FIGU Switzerland in order to clarify the situation. 1. Will eine Person oder eine Gruppierung ein Buch oder einen Text übersetzen - mit der Absicht einer Veröffentlichung in gedruckter oder elektronischer Form -, hat sie zuerst mit der FIGU Schweiz die Sachlage abzuklären.
2. The copyright and the license of a work (book, text) unrestrictedly remain in the possession of BEAM or FIGU Switzerland. Before the beginning of a translation, a written permission or - depending on the scope of the project - a contract has to be obtained from BEAM or FIGU Switzerland. 2. Das Copyright und die Lizenz eines Werkes bleiben in jedem Fall uneingeschränkt bei BEAM bzw. der FIGU Schweiz. Vor einer Übersetzung muss deshalb bei BEAM bzw. der FIGU Schweiz eine schriftliche Erlaubnis eingeholt und je nachdem ein Vertrag abgeschlossen werden.
3. Any translations must be done directly from the German original text. 3. Die Übersetzung muss direkt ab dem deutschsprachigen Original-Text erfolgen.
4. The person or group in question is responsible for ensuring a best possible translation. FIGU Switzerland doesn't provide any guarantee and takes no responsibility for the correctness of the translations, because it is impossible to correctly translate the German language into any other language. 4. Die betreffende Person oder Gruppierung ist verantwortlich für die Gewährleistung einer bestmöglichen Übersetzung. Die FIGU Schweiz übernimmt keine Garantie und keine Verantwortung für die Richtigkeit der Übersetzungen, weil es unmöglich ist, die deutsche Sprache korrekt in andere Sprachen zu übersetzen.
5. The translator's name must be included in any translation. If there is no FIGU Land or Study Group in a country, it makes sense and is desirable to also include the translator's address. 5. Der Name des Übersetzers bzw. der Übersetzerin hat jeder Übersetzung beigefügt zu sein. Besteht in einem Land noch keine FIGU Studien- oder Landesgruppe, ist es sinnvoll und wünschenswert, die Anschrift des Übersetzers bzw. der Übersetzerin ebenfalls zu veröffentlichen.
6. Texts which are to be published in electronic form only, must be put at the disposal of a FIGU "Daughter Group" (Land or Study Group) in the actual country for free. The Group will make the text available on the internet both in the native and German language, and any necessary corrections to the document in question will be done promptly. 6. Texte, die nur in elektronischer Form veröffentlicht werden, müssen einer allfällig bestehenden FIGU-Tochtergruppe (Studien- oder Landesgruppe) im betreffenden Land gratis zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Diese wird den Text im Internet zweisprachig verfügbar machen und allfällige Korrekturen am betreffenden Dokument umgehend nachführen.
7. If no Land or Study Group exists in the country in question, then the translated texts will be published on the website of the FIGU Mother Center for the Country in question. 7. Besteht im betreffenden Land noch keine Studien- oder Landesgruppe, werden die übersetzten Texte auf der Website des FIGU-Mutterzentrums für das betreffende Land veröffentlicht.
8. In the case of the coded Spiritual-Teaching texts (= all of BEAM's texts with the exception of the Contact Notes and novels), the German original text must be included with the translation as an opportunity for comparison. 8. Bei codierten Geisteslehre-Texten (ausser Kontaktberichte und Romane) muss der deutsche Originaltext als Vergleichsmöglichkeit mitgedruckt werden.
9. This text must be placed as an introduction at the beginning of each book or booklet, in two languages. 9. Dieser Text ist als Einleitung jedem Buch bzw. jeder Broschüre zweisprachig voranzustellen.
The books from FIGU are very special works of absolutely precise and accurate informational content which can decisively enrich your world of thoughts if you dedicate yourselves to the reading attentively, openly and without prejudice. Die FIGU-Bücher sind ganz besondere Werke von absolut präziser und punktgenauer Aussage, die in der Lage sind, Ihre Gedankenwelt entscheidend zu bereichern, wenn Sie sich der Lektüre aufmerksam, offen und vorurteilslos widmen.
The informational content in the works is only of such great precision because the German language is the only language on our earth that is presently in the position to present in its richness of expressions clearly, and without misunderstanding, all the necessary aspects and explanations as they need to be understood. Erklärungen anschaulich und unmissverständlich genau so darzulegen, wie sie verstanden werden müssen.
The old German forms of writing, spelling and expression that are used - and that may sometimes appear somewhat strange and peculiar - are since time immemorial laid down in such a way that interpretations and misunderstandings are ruled out right from the beginning and the theme can be dealt with exhaustively, logically and clearly, which is today only possible in the German language. Die verwendeten alten deutschen Schreib-, Rechtschreib- und Ausdrucksformen - die vielleicht manchmal etwas seltsam oder eigenartig anmuten - sind von alters her so vorgegeben, dass Interpretationen oder Missverständnisse von vornherein ausgeschlossen sind und das Thema erschöpfend, logisch und klar abgehandelt werden kann, was in der heutigen Zeit ausschliesslich in der deutschen Sprache möglich ist.
The highly precise and absolutely accurate explanations of the German cannot - at the present time - be translated with the same value into any other existing language on Earth, for the reason that no other terrestrial language allows for the same precise expressions like the German. Die hochpräzisen und absolut akkuraten Erklärungen des Deutschen können zur Zeit in keine andere auf der Erde existierende Sprache gleichwertig übersetzt werden, was dadurch zu begründen ist, dass keine andere irdische Sprache die gleichen präzisen Ausdrücke zulässt wie das Deutsche.
When translating, this circumstance requires - according to the language - more or less extensive explanations, paraphrasing and synonyms, which, however, water down the informational content and make it unclear. Dieser Umstand erfordert bei Übersetzungen je nach Sprache mehr oder weniger umfangreiche Erklärungen, Umschreibungen und Synonyme, die jedoch die Aussage verwässern und missverständlich machen.
That is why each human being who wants to thoroughly consider the spiritual teaching and its aspects, in order to draw extensive value from it for his or her further life, is strongly recommended to thoroughly learn the German language in its complete richness and its extensive many-sidedness, so that his or her understanding is ensured at all times. Daher ist jedem Menschen, der sich eingehend mit der Geisteslehre und ihren Aspekten befassen will, um daraus für sein weiteres Leben grosse Werte zu schöpfen, nachdrücklich nahegelegt, die deutsche Sprache in ihrem ganzen Reichtum und ihrer umfassenden Vielseitigkeit gründlich zu erlernen, damit sein Verstehen zu jeder Zeit gewährleistet ist.
Only those who make the effort to learn the German language actually have the certainty to understand completely and clearly the text at hand and to fully exhaust its richness. Nur wer sich der Mühe des Erlernens der deutschen Sprache unterzieht, hat auch wirklich die Sicherheit, die deutschsprachigen Texte umfassend und klar zu verstehen und ihren Reichtum voll auszuschöpfen.
It must also be considered that interwoven into all of Billy's German Spiritual-Teaching texts is an evolution-CODE. Zu bedenken ist auch, dass in die deutschsprachigen Texte von BEAM ein CODE eingewoben ist.
This code is fully effective only when every word of the text is in its correct place, and written free of errors from beginning to end. Dieser Code ist nur dann vollständig wirksam, wenn von Anfang bis Ende des Textes jedes Wort an seinem richtigen Platz steht und fehlerfrei geschrieben ist.
The code releases impulses from the storage-banks which reach the reader and begin to work evolutively in him or her. Der Code löst aus dem Speicherbank-Bereich Impulse, die den Leser treffen und in ihm zu wirken beginnen.
This process is unconscious and has nothing to do with a coercion or manipulation, rather only with the knowledge that is retained in the storage-banks for all times and which, when released through corresponding impulses, begins to penetrate very slowly into the consciousness. Dieser Vorgang ist unbewusst und hat nichts zu tun mit einem Zwang oder mit Manipulation, sondern allein mit dem Wissen, das in den Speicherbänken für alle Zeiten festgehalten ist und das bei der Auslösung durch entsprechende Impulse sehr langsam wieder ins Bewusstsein durchzudringen beginnt.
The same result is obtained when someone reads the German text, even though that person may not master the German language. Diese Wirkung tritt auch dann ein, wenn jemand den deutschen Text liest, der der deutschen Sprache nicht mächtig ist.
It makes no difference whether the text is spoken silently or aloud, or whether one person is simply reading. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob der Text leise oder laut gesprochen oder nur gelesen wird.
The German language originated from the Old-Lyrian and, interestingly, has the same amount of characters per word, e.g., Salome gam nan ben Urda - Friede (peace) sei auf der Erde (Earth). Die deutsche Sprache stammt aus dem Alt-Lyranischen und weist interessanterweise grossteils die genau gleiche Anzahl Buchstaben pro Wort auf. Beispiel: Salome gam nan ben Urda = Friede sei auf der Erde.
It is not possible for BEAM to work the code into any language other than the German language because no other language is suitable for incorporating the code. Es ist BEAM nicht möglich, den Code in einer anderen als der deutschen Sprache einzubauen, weil sich keine andere Sprache für die Code-Aufnahme eignet.
Moreover, one has to take into account that many words and expressions of the German language do not exist in other languages, which is why the sense of the German original can only be reproduced in part when translated into any other terrestrial language. For these reasons each translation will have the original German text included. Zudem muss berücksichtigt werden, dass viele Worte und Begriffe der deutschen Sprache in andern Sprachen nicht existieren, weshalb alle fremdsprachigen Übersetzungen den Sinn des deutschen Originals nur unvollständig wiedergeben können.
Explanations by Ptaah and Billy regarding the German language
(487th contact of February 3, 2010)
Erklärungen von Ptaah und Billy bezüglich der deutschen Sprache
(487. Kontakt vom 3.2.2010)
Ptaah: We have really made the effort; we - the committee who deals with your affairs - came to the conclusion to get together with our linguists, to discuss everything with them and to get their advice. Ptaah: Wir haben uns tatsächlich bemüht; dabei sind wir, die wir ein Gremium bilden für eure Angelegenheiten, zum Schluss gekommen, uns mit unseren Sprachwissenschaftlern zusammenzutun, um mit ihnen alles zu besprechen und ihre Ratgebung einzuholen.
In doing so, we examined altogether all present translations that were made of the "Goblet of Truth" into English, as well as all the other small and large works that were translated into English and also into other terrestrial languages. Dabei haben wir gesamthaft alle bisherigen Übersetzungen begutachtet, die vom «Kelch der Wahrheit» in die englische Sprache gemacht wurden, wie aber auch alle anderen kleinen und grossen Werke, die in die englische und auch in andere irdische Sprachen übersetzt wurden.
Unfortunately, everything turned out to be extremely inadequate because none of the translations from the German original texts correspond with them in a valuable way. Leider erweist sich dabei das Ganze als äusserst unzureichend, denn keine der aus den deutschen Originaltexten gemachten Übersetzungen entsprechen diesen in wertvoller Weise.
Many times the real original sense is lost in the translations because the necessary accurate expressions, terms and words do not exist in the languages in question. Vielfach ist der eigentliche Originalsinn in den Übersetzungen nicht gegeben, weil in den betreffenden Sprachen die notwendigen treffenden Ausdrücke, Begriffe und Worte nicht existieren.
Very often even synonyms don't exist that could be used as absolutely equal meaning of words and, therefore, could be exchanged or replaced in a text without changing the information being conveyed or its sense. Sehr oft existieren nicht einmal Synonyme, die als absolut gleiche Bedeutung von Worten genutzt und so in einem Text ausgetauscht resp. ersetzt werden könnten, ohne dass sich dabei die Aussage oder deren Sinn verändert.
Countless terms and words that are given in the German language do not exist in all other terrestrial languages, and besides, the true sense and value of many terms and words are not correctly recognized, and, therefore, absolutely falsely interpreted. Unzählige Begriffe und Worte, die in der deutschen Sprache gegeben sind, existieren in allen anderen irdischen Sprachen nicht, und ausserdem wird der wahre Sinne und Wert vieler Begriffe und Worte nicht richtig erkannt und folglich völlig falsch gedeutet.
On the one hand this occurs because the origin of terms and words is entirely unknown, or because a false origin is assumed, which is even the case with linguists of the German language, i.e. the Germanists, and which leads to fundamentally false presentations and explanations of terms and words. Dies geschieht einerseits, weil der Ursprung der Begriffe und Worte völlig unbekannt ist, oder weil ein falscher Ursprung angenommen wird, und das selbst bei Sprachwissenschaftlern der deutschen Sprache, also bei den Germanisten, in Erscheinung tritt, was zu grundlegend falschen Ausführungen und Erklärungen von Begriffen und Worten führt.
According to all observations, examinations and analysis we have come to the unanimous decision that henceforward you from the Mother Center shall not make any further translations, also not into the English language. Gemäss allen Betrachtungen, Abklärungen und Analysen sind wir zum einstimmigen Beschluss gelangt, dass ihr künftighin von eurer Seite des Mutter-Centers aus keinerlei Übersetzungen mehr durchführen sollt, auch nicht in die englische Sprache.
It (English) doesn't correspond to a true language, but only to a halfway acceptable auxiliary world-language that was disseminated world-wide through dishonest machinations from the USA with the aid of British English and other languages, whereby the deeper sense is to turn the terrestrial peoples into English-speaking ones, by using this meagre means of communication. Diese entspricht keiner eigentlichen Sprache, sondern nur einer halbwegs annehmbaren Welthilfssprache, die durch unlautere Machenschaften von den USA aus mit Zuhilfenahme des britischen Englisch und anderer Sprachen weltweit verbreitet wurde, wobei der tiefere Sinn darin liegt, die irdischen Völker mit diesem ärmlichen Verständigungsmittel englischsprachig zu machen.
From our side, we recommend that you do not make any further translations when you have finished the work "Goblet of Truth" that unfortunately in the English language only contains inadequate translation values of all that which is laid down in the German language. Von unserer Seite aus empfehlen wir also, dass von euch keine weiteren Übersetzungen mehr vorgenommen werden, wenn ihr das Werk «Kelch der Wahrheit» vollendet habt, das in der englischen Sprache leider nur mangelhafte Übersetzungswerte von all dem enthält, wie alles in der deutschen Sprache vorgegeben ist.
And all this, although the basic translation work is being done by a translation company. Dies, obwohl die Grundarbeit der Übersetzung durch eine Fachkraft einer Übersetzungsfirma zustande kommt.
The whole can only then be of benefit and value to those who are learning and interested, if they make an effort to learn the German language extensively, in order to then turn towards the content of the spiritual-teaching works and to learn everything. Das Ganze kann für die Lernenden und Interessierten nur dann von Nutzen und Wert sein, wenn sie sich bemühen, die deutsche Sprache in weitgehender Form zu erlernen, um sich durch diese dem Inhalt der Geisteslehrewerke zuzuwenden und alles zu erlernen.
Translations of the spiritual-teaching and all related works into other terrestrial languages only represent a poor reflection regarding the true sense, when such translations are made.


In allen anderen irdischen Sprachen bringen die entsprechenden Übersetzungen der Geisteslehre und aller diesbezüglichen Werke nur einen schwachen Abglanz in bezug auf deren wahrheitlichen Sinn, wenn solche Übersetzungen erstellt werden.


Billy: ...But since you are talking so clearly about terms and words, just as I often do so myself, it is perhaps necessary to explain those two values because I know that many German-speaking human beings, Germanists too, do not see any difference. Billy: ... Da du aber so eindeutig von Begriffen und Worten sprichst, wie auch ich das oft tue, so ist es vielleicht notwendig, diese zwei Werte einmal zu erklären, weil ich weiss, dass viele deutschsprachige Menschen, auch Germanisten, keinen Unterschied darin sehen.
So I would like to say that a term represents the content of an "idea", so to speak, which in its entirety forms an essential characteristic of an "intellectual" unity, from which a certain conception, an opinion, a picture and also an understanding result, which altogether can be expressed verbally or with the aid of the language, but also in writing. So möchte ich sagen, dass es sich bei einem Begriff sozusagen um den Inhalt einer Vorstellung handelt, die als Gesamtheit ein wesentliches Merkmal einer gedanklichen Einheit bildet, woraus eine bestimmte Auffassung, eine Meinung, ein Bild und auch ein Verstehen resultieren, was gesamthaft verbal resp. mit Hilfe der Sprache, jedoch auch schriftlich zum Ausdruck gebracht werden kann.
The word, on the other hand, is a small or smallest independent linguistic unit of a pronunciation, whereby the word can also be recorded in writing, but without pronunciation or rather as mute non-pronunciation. Das Wort andererseits ist eine kleine oder kleinste selbständige sprachliche Einheit von Lautung, wobei das Wort auch schriftlich, jedoch ohne Lautung resp. als stumme Nichtlautung festgehalten werden kann.
Therefore, the word is a linguistic and also a written expression with a certain "meaning content" which determines the language and the written language as small or smallest part. ... Also ist das Wort eine sprachliche und auch eine schriftliche Äusserung mit einem bestimmten Bedeutungsgehalt, das als kleiner oder kleinster Teil die Sprache und die Schriftsprache bestimmt. ...
FIGU Switzerland, March 2010 FIGU Schweiz, im März 2010
Translated by Christian Frehner and Willem Mondria

FIGU in a Nutshell

Sources: FIGU in a Nutshell (External), FIGU in a Nutshell (External).
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English German
1) We are a not-for-profit, tax-paying [Swiss only] society constituted according to Swiss civillaw-book article 60ff. under the name ‘Free Community of Interests for Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies’, with an official, publicised annual financial statement. 1) Wir sind ein nichtgewinnbringender, steuerzahlender, statuierter Verein gemäss ZGB Artikel 60ff. unter dem Namen ‹Freier Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien›, mit offizieller, publizierter Jahresrechnung.
2) We believe neither in a god as creator of the universe and all life, nor in messengers of god, angels, saints or other higher Wesen,[7] which determine the fate of human beings and the whole of life as well as the world, nor do we belong to any religious school of thought. 2) Wir glauben weder an einen Gott als Schöpfer des Universums und allen Lebens noch an Gottgesandte, Engel, Heilige oder sonstige höhere Wesen,[8] welche das Geschick der Menschen und des gesamten Lebens sowie der Welt bestimmen, noch gehören wir irgendeiner religiösen Richtung an.
3) We honour only the Creation itself as the highest form of all power, might and existence, which is itself the existence of all universal existence as a universal consciousness, integrated into the all-embracing block of the Absolute Absolutum. 3) Als höchste Form aller Kraft, Macht und Existenz akzeptieren wir nur die Schöpfung selbst, die als Universalbewusstsein die Existenz aller universellen Existenz selbst ist; eingeordnet in den allumfassenden Block des Absoluten Absolutums.
4) We worship neither the Creation nor any other things. Prayers are directed only on an equal level to the spirit and to the Creation, however not in worshipping form. The Creation demands neither worship nor prayer, although prayer can be directed to it if that is wished for by a human being; however such a prayer must never be carried out in worshipping form, because the Creation needs no worship in a religious cultist regard, whereby it is optional to the human being however, to honour the Creation in prayer-related form and pay it deference. If a prayer is carried out, then it occurs not in submissive form, rather in showing honour or in a form which is determining, which is then also the case if a prayer to one’s own spirit is carried out, which really is a part-piece of the Creation. A prayer is never to be carried out in begging or submissive form, rather determining and free from all subservience; in the consciousness of the self determination and self-responsibility of one’s own personality in all concerns of life. 4) Wir beten weder die Schöpfung an noch irgendwelche andere Dinge. Gebete werden nur gleichberechtigt an den Geist und an die Schöpfung gerichtet, jedoch nicht in anbetender Form. Die Schöpfung fordert weder ein Anbeten noch Gebete, obwohl Gebete an sie gerichtet werden können, wenn das von einem Menschen gewünscht wird; jedoch darf ein solches Gebet niemals in anbetender Form vorgenommen werden, denn die Schöpfung bedarf keiner Anbetung in religiöskultischer Hinsicht, wobei es dem Menschen jedoch freigestellt ist, die Schöpfung in gebetsmässiger Form zu ehren und ihr Ehrfurcht zu zollen. Wenn ein Gebet verrichtet wird, dann erfolgt dies nicht in demütiger, sondern in ehrbezeugender oder bestimmender Form, was auch dann der Fall ist, wenn ein Gebet an den eigenen Geist verrichtet wird, der ja ein Teilstück der Schöpfung ist. Ein Gebet ist niemals in bittender oder demütiger Form zu verrichten, sondern bestimmend und frei von jeder Unterwürfigkeit; im Bewusstsein der Eigen- und Selbstverantwortung der eigenen Persönlichkeit in allen Belangen des Lebens.
5) We do not claim to be all-knowing and to know the last secrets of the Creation and of life. The total knowledge and the total wisdom reside solely in the Creation, that is to say, in its spirit and its laws and recommendations. 5) Wir nehmen nicht in Anspruch, allwissend zu sein und die letzten Geheimnisse der Schöpfung und des Lebens zu kennen. Das totale Wissen und die totale Weisheit liegen allein bei der Schöpfung respektive in ihrem Geist und in ihren Gesetzen und Geboten.
6) We have no masters, godly ones, sublime ones, illuminated ones, gurus or messengers of god etc., who we venerate and worship. We have only a teacher, who teaches us in the concerns of the spirit and the consciousness forms etc., as well as in all things of life and the psyche, the Creation and the Absolute Absolutum and the creational laws and recommendations etc. However this teacher is not and will not be elevated over and above other human beings, because he is no more and no less than every other human being, so he is no doubt duly respected, however not worshipped and therefore also not looked upon as a saint. He is a normal human being and absolutely equal in all things, something to which all other human beings are entitled; no more and no less. Therefore the qualified teacher in the FIGU society is an ordinary member like any other, also, without being given a higher or better position. 6) Wir haben keinen Meister, Göttlichen, Erhabenen, Erleuchteten, Guru oder Gottgesandten usw., den wir verehren und anbeten würden. Wir haben nur einen Lehren, der uns in den Belangen des Geistes und der Bewusstseinsformen usw. belehrt sowie in allen Dingen des Lebens und der Psyche, der Schöpfung und des Absoluten Absolutums und den schöpferischen Gesetzen und Geboten usw. Dieser Lehrer aber ist nicht und wird nicht hochgehoben über andere Menschen hinaus, denn er ist nicht mehr und nicht weniger als jeder andere Mensch, so er wohl gebührend respektiert, jedoch nicht angebetet und also auch nicht als Heiliger betrachten wird. Er ist ein normaler Mensch und absolut gleichberechtigt in allen Dingen, wie dies auch jedem andern Menschen gebührt; nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Also ist die Lehrkraft im Verein FIGU ein ganz normales Mitglied wie jedes andere auch, ohne dass eine höhere oder bessere Position gegeben wäre.
7) We have no ‘Chief Apostle’ or some other human being who functions as a representative of a god, a saint or the Creation. Each human being is responsible himself/herself for any and all of his or her doings, concerns and life, without a god, a holiness or the Creation standing above him or her in order to tell him or her what is good or bad, or wrong or right, or negative or positive. 7) Wir haben keinen ‹Stammapostel› oder sonst irgendeinen Menschen, welcher als Repräsentant eines Gottes, einer Heiligkeit oder der Schöpfung fungiert. Jeder Mensch ist für alles und jedes seines Tuns, Handelns und Lebens selbstverantwortlich, ohne dass ein Gott, eine Heiligkeit oder die Schöpfung über ihm stünde, um ihm zu sagen, was gut oder böse respective falsch oder richtig respecktive negative oder positive ist.
8) We do not practise ‘Holy Sealing Ceremonies’, so we therefore distance ourselves from blessings (‘willed by god’) of religious-cult form. 8) Wir üben keine ‹Heilige Versiegelung› aus, so wir also vom Segen (‹von Gott gewollt›) religiöskultischer Form Abstand nehmen.
9) We do not practise baptism (driving out the devil). 9) Wir üben keine Taufe (‹Teufelsaustreibung›) aus.
10) We celebrate neither religious worshipping services nor any holy communion (which according to Christian religion must be received supposedly only by ‘sealed ones’ i.e. blessed ones). 10) Wir feiern weder Gottesdienste noch ein Abendmahl (das gemäss christlicher Religion angeblich nur von ‹Versiegelten› = Gesegneten empfangen werden darf).
11) We have no dogmas and doctrines at all, nor do we live according to such. 11) Wir haben keinerlei Dogmen und keine Doktrin noch leben wir nach solchen.
12) We do not teach salvation of sins, rather we teach that each human being must live in self-determination and self-responsibility and in following the creational-natural laws and recommendations. 12) Wir lehren keine Erlösung von Sünden, sondern wir lehren, dass ein jeder Mensch in Eigen- und Selbstverantwortung und in Befolgung der schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze und Gebote leben muss.
13) We disapprove of the religious-cultic false teaching of sin and atonement, because conditional to evolution, it is given that no human being is faultless. Consequently each person must learn in each of his or her lives. But learning means that mistakes are made which are to be recognised and resolved, whereby progress develops. Therefore it is fallacious that if mistakes (‘sins’) are made, these must be paid for again through punishment (atonement), regardless of whether this is in the current or in another life (god’s judgement/karma etc.). (Criminal law violations are not simply mistakes, rather punishable actions according to human legislation.) 13) Wir lehnen die religiös-kultische Irrlehre von Sünde und Sühne ab, denn evolutionsbedingt ist gegeben, dass kein Mensch fehllos ist, folglich ein jeder in jedem seiner Leben lernen muss. Lernen aber bedeutet, dass Fehler begangen werden, die es zu erkennen und zu beheben gilt, wodurch ein Fortschritt entsteht. Also ist es irrig, dass wenn Fehler (‹Sünden›) begangen werden, diese durch eine Strafe (Sühne) wieder getilgt werden müssen, ganz egal ob nun im gegenwärtigen oder in einem anderen Leben (=Gottesgericht/Karma usw.). (Strafgesetzverstösse sind keine einfachen Fehler, sondern strafbare Handlungen gemäss menschlicher Gesetzgebung.)
14) We are not a cult and not a sect, and we have neither a proselytising consciousness nor do we know a consciousness-based (spiritual) narrow-mindedness in our ranks, nor are we caught up in fanaticism. 14) Wir sind kein Kult und keine Sekte, und wir haben weder ein Sendebewusstsein noch kennen wir eine bewusstseinsmässige (geistige) Enge in unseren Reihen, noch sind wir befangen in Fanatismus.
15) We tolerate all secular directions of thought or directions of belief, which, however, does not mean that we must conform to them. In the FIGU there is no religious or cultic direction of thinking or direction of beliefs, nor are any cultic-religious rituals carried out. 15) Wir tolerieren jede weltliche oder religiöse Denkrichtung oder Glaubensrichtung, was aber nicht bedeutet, dass wir uns mit diesen konform stellen müssen. In der FIGU gibt es keinerlei religiöse oder kultiche Denk- oder Glaubensrichtung, noch werden kultisch-religiöse Rituale durchgeführt.
16) Instead of prayers, meditations are carried out; therefore, consequently, prayers are also directed to one’s own spirit or to the Creation and are nothing other than meditations. 16) Anstelle von Gebeten werden Meditationen durchgeführt, folglich also auch an den eigenen Geist oder an die Schöpfung gerichtete Gebete nichts anderes als Meditationen sind.
17) We are not against public authorities and the state, and therefore we also do not disapprove of military duty for a defensive army. 17) Wir stellen uns nicht gegen Behörden und Staat, und also lehnen wir auch nicht den Wehrdienst für eine Defensivarmee ab.
18) We are against the fact that individual human beings hold positions (dictator etc.) by means of Gewalt[9] and controlling the populace and can indulge in their greed for might and imperiousness, and hence we are against every form of religious, sectarian as well as fanatical, dictatorial, military, radical leadership of the populace. 18) Wir sind dagegen, dass einzelne Menschen gewaltsame[10] und volksbeherrschende Positionen (Diktatur usw.) innehaben und ihrer Machtgier und Herrschsucht frönen können, und also sind wir gegen jede Form religiöser, sektiererischer sowie fanatischer, diktatorischer, militärischer, radikaler Volksführer.
19) We disapprove of all extremism of ideological, political or religious form as well as all fundamentalism, terrorism, anarchism, dogmatism, fanaticism and everything similar or directed the same way. 19) Wir lehnen jeden Extremismus ideologischer, politischer oder religiöser Form sowie jeden Fundamentalismus, Terrorismus, Anarchismus, Dogmatismus, Fanatismus und alles Ähnliche oder Gleichgerichtete ab.
20) We are against all religious, military and political insurrections and also disapprove of any form of aggressive actions. 20) Wir sind gegen alle religiösen, militärischen und politischen Ausschreitungen und lehnen auch jegliche Form von Aggressionshandlungen ab.
21) We are against revolutions and wars of any kind, if it does not concern purely defensive forms for progress and peace. 21) Wir sind gegen Revolutionen und Kriege jeglicher Art, wenn es sich nicht um reine Defensivformen zum Fortschritt und Frieden handelt.
22) We are against any biological and chemical warfare and contamination as well as against atomic bomb tests, the use of atomic bombs (even commercial) and against all atomic energy (nuclear power plants, as soon as these can be avoided, which currently is unfortunately still not the case due to the need of energy through the frantically quick growing of humanity and in the absence of better energy generation possibilities). 22) Wir sind gegen jegliche biologische und chemische Kriegsführung und Verseuchung sowie gegen Atombombentests, Atombombennutzung (auch kommerzielle) und gegen jede Atomenergie (KKWs, sobald sich diese vermeiden lassen, was gegenwärtig leider noch nicht der Fall ist infolge der benötigen Energie durch die rasend schnell wachsende Menschheit und in Ermangelung besserer Energieerzeugungsmöglichkeiten).
23) We are against and crusade against all further cultivating of overpopulation. 23) Wir sind und kämpfen gegen jede weitere Heranzüchtung der Überbevölkerung.
24) We are against and crusade against all torture and against all capital punishment. 24) Wir sind und kämpfen gegen jede Folter und gegen jede Todesstrafe.
25) We are against and crusade against xenophobia and racial hate. 25) Wir sind und kämpfen gegen Fremden- und Rassenhass.
26) We are against and crusade against all discrimination of women and defilement of women. 26) Wir sind und kämpfen gegen jede Frauendiskriminierung und Frauenschändung.
27) We are against and crusade against any child mistreatment and against all child abuse. 27) Wir sind und kämpfen gegen jegliche Kindsmisshandlung und gegen jeden Kindsmissbrauch.
28) We are against and crusade against any cruelty to animals and any keeping of animals in residential premises. 28) Wir sind und kämpfen gegen jegliche Tierquälerei und jegliche Tierhaltung in Wohnräumlichkeiten.
29) We are against and crusade against any destruction of nature and unnecessary and naturedamaging deforestation as well as against all polluting of water and ruining of water. 29) Wir sind und kämpfen gegen jede Naturzerstörung und unnötige und naturschädigende Waldrodung sowie gegen jede Gewässerverschmutzung und Gewässerzerstörung.
30) We disapprove of human trafficking, all slavery, enslavement and other subjugation and crusade against it. 30) Wir verpönen jeden Menschenhandel, jede Sklaverei, Verknechtung und sonstige Unterwerfung und kämpfen dagegen.
31) We disapprove of all exercising of might over others, because each human being has his or her innate right to freedom, which must not be curtailed. We also disapprove of the principle of might through money as also the principle of might through religion as well as the principle of might through politics and might through the military. 31) Wir lehnen jede Machtausübung ab, denn ein jeder Mensch hat sein ureigenstes Recht auf Freiheit, die nicht durch die Macht eines andern beschnitten werden darf. Auch das Prinzip Macht durch Geld lehnen wir ab, wie auch das Prinzip Macht durch Religion sowie das Prinzip Macht durch Politik und Macht durch Militär.
32) We are against any illogical Gewalt;[11] therefore we are also against any Gewalt in the name of a god, saint, a sect, a regime of other forces or of a religion. 32) Wir sind gegen jegliche unlogische Gewalt; also sind wir auch gegen jegliche Gewalt im Namen eines Gottes, Heiligen, einer Sekte, eines Regims sonstiger Kräfte oder einer Religion.
33) We are against the blessing and sanctifying of weapons, war and revolutions as well as against all aggressive or lethal actions in the name of religions, sects, godheads, saints or those who lust for might etc. 33) Wir sind gegen das Segnen und Heiligen von Waffen, Kriegen und Revolutionen sowie gegen alle aggressiven oder tödlichen Handlungen im Namen von Religionen, Sekten, Gottheiten, Heiligen oder Machtlüsternen usw. usf.
34) We are in favour of absolute inner and outer freedom of human beings, which must not be curtailed or suppressed in any manner and also not through state regulations and laws and also not through schools, institutions, religions, sects and special groups of every kind as well as not through military or any kind of secular ruler. 34) Wir sind für eine absolute innere und äussere Freiheit des Menschen, die auf keine Art und Weise und auch nicht durch staatliche Verordnungen und Gesetze und auch nicht durch Schulen, Institute, Religionen, Sekten und Sondergruppen jeder Art sowie auch nicht durch Militärs oder jegliche Art weltlicher Machthaber beschnitten oder unterdrückt werden darf.
35) We know and are of the conviction that, in the entire universe, not only the Earth alone was seeded and provided with life, rather that also upon other worlds and worlds foreign to the Earth and the solar system, human beings and other life exist. 35) Wir wissen und sind der Überzeugung, dass im gesamten Universum nicht nur die Erde allein besamt und mit Leben versehen wurde, sondern dass auch auf anderen und erd- sowie solfremden Welten Menschen und sonstiges Leben existieren.
36) We are not willing to proselytise in any form for the things represented by the FIGU, rather we represent our teaching, view and way of thinking to human beings who come to us of their own accord and ask questions. 36) Wir sind nicht gewillt, in irgendeiner Form für die durch die FIGU vertretenen Dinge zu missionieren, sondern wir vertreten unsere Lehre, Ansicht und Denkweise gegenüber Menschen, die aus eigenem Antrieb zu uns kommen und Fragen stellen.
37) We are strictly against all abuse of drugs, medications and alcohol. 37) Wir sind strikt gegen jeden DrogenMedikamenten- und Alkoholmissbrauch.
38) Our principle is not ‘live and let live’, rather ‘live and help live’. 38) Unser Prinzip ist nicht ‹Leben und leben lassen› sondern ‹Leben und leben helfen›.
39) We are not politically active in any form within the scope of the FIGU. 39) Wir betätigen uns im Rahmen der FIGU in keiner Weise in politischer Form.
40) We are against all religious or secular, fanatical and human-controlling sectarianism of every kind, as well as against psyche-destroying, physical body-destroying and human-destroying sectarianism of every kind. 40) Wir sind gegen jedes religiöse oder weltliche, fanatische und menschenbeherrschende sowie psyche-, physe- und menschenzerstörende Sektenwesen aller Art.
41) Our teaching and way of thinking is aligned with reincarnation/rebirth, particularly in the sense of evolution through the material life up to becoming pure spirit and some day becoming one with the Creation itself. 41) Unsere Lehre und Denkweise ist auf die Reinkarnation/Wiedergeburt ausgerichtet, und zwar im Sinne der Evolution durch das materielle Leben bis hin zur Reingeistwerdung und dereinstigen Einswerdung mit der Schöpfung selbst.
42) We strive for knowledge, love, harmony, wisdom and evolution, however not for might, gold and riches. 42) Wir streben nach Wissen, Liebe, Harmonie, Weisheit und evolution, jedoch nicht nach Macht, Geld und Reichtum.
43) We render psychological counselling and, in the scope of the ‘active alliance’ [Swiss only], also help with provisions to needy persons according to our possibilities. (‘Active alliance’-donations are spent completely for the purpose of helping as well as for postal charges and packaging, consequently no operating expenses or labour and administration costs are drawn off. All related tasks in the entire FIGU-sphere are rendered free of charge by all members.) 43) Wir leisten psychologische Lebenshilfe und im Rahmen der ‹Aktiven Allianz› nach unseren Möglichkeiten auch Naturalhilfe an Notleidende. (‹Aktive Allianz›-Spenden werden vollumfänglich für die Hilfszwecke sowie Porto und Verpackung aufgewendet, folglich keine Betriebsunkosten oder Lohn- und Verwaltungskosten abgezweigt werden. Alle Arbeitsumtriebe im gesamten FIGU-Bereich werden von allen Mitgliedern unentgeltlich geleistet.)
44) The entire estate of the FIGU society (goods, property, finances) is general property and community property of all members. Therefore they do not belong to individuals. 44) Das gesamte Besitztum des Vereins FIGU (Hab, Gut, Finanzen) ist Allgemein- und Gemeinschaftsgut aller Mitglieder. Es belangt also nichts als Besitztum zu einzelnen Personen.
45) We are in favour of all progress in all fields and in all sciences, so long as it is guaranteed in ethical and positive evolutive form. 45) Wir sind für jeden Fortschritt auf jedem Gebiet und in allen Wissenschaften, solange dieser in ethischer und positive-evolutiver Form gewährleistet ist.
46) All activities of the FIGU are paid for by voluntary donations in the form of monthly and yearly contributions determined by the members themselves and voluntary solidarity contributions of persons internal and external to FIGU. 46) Sämtliche Aktivitäten der FIGU werden bestritten durch freiwillige Zuwendungen in Form von durch die Mitglieder selbst festgelegten Monats- und Jahresbeiträgen und freiwilligen Solidaritätsbeiträgen interner und externer Personen.
47) The FIGU society publishes extensive written material in-house with the self-publishing and self-distributing company (Aquarian Age-Publishing [Swiss only]) as well as with other publishers. 47) Der Verein FIGU veröffentlicht ein umfangreiches Schriftenmaterial im Eigenverlag und Eigenvertrieb (Wassermannzeit-Verlag) sowie in Fremdverlagen.
48) We live according to the conviction that only a balanced diet (vegetables, fruits, berries, grain, meat and other animal products etc.) guarantees a healthy way of life and development (relating to the body, psyche and consciousness). 48) Wir leben gemäss der Überzeugung, dass nur eine ausgewogene Ernährung (Gemüse, Früchte, Beeren, Getreide, Fleisch und andere tierische Produkte usw.) eine gesunde Lebensweise und Entwicklung (physisch, psychisch und bewusstseinsmässig) gewährleistet.
49) Each FIGU member becomes involved in the FIGU society in absolutely voluntary form, in recognition of the creational-natural laws and recommendations as well as in the recognition and bearing of the self-responsibility and the fulfilling of duty for his/her own well-being and progress and for the whole of humanity and all life. 49) Jedes FIGU-Mitglied engagiert sich im Verein FIGU in absolut freiwilliger Form, in Erkennung der schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze und Gebote sowie in Erkennung und im Tragen der Selbstverantwortung und der Pflichterfüllung zum eigenen und der gesamten Menschheit und allen Lebens Wohl und Forschritt.
50) We represent the view that the human being is given life in order to evolutively live it completely in the scope of self-responsibility and all other human duties, whereby no right to escaping exists, neither through a rejection of responsibilities nor by murder or suicide or simply by refusing to fulfil the duties of life. 50) Wir vertreten die Ansicht, dass dem Menschen das Leben gegeben ist, um es vollumfänglich im Rahmen der Selbstverantwortung und aller sonstigen menschlichen Pflichten evolutiv zu leben, wobei keine Berechtigung eines Ausweichens besteht, weder durch eine Verantwortungsablehnung noch durch Mord oder Selbstmord oder einfach durch ein Sichweigern, die Pflichten des Lebens zu erfüllen.


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FIGU Switzerland Centre

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The SEMJASE SILVER STAR CENTER is the headquarters of FIGU, Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien (= Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies).

With all the facilities at the Semjase Silver Star Center, creational laws and commandments as well as spirit teachings are both learned and taught. Consequently, people surge to the Center from all parts of the world in order to work, learn, communicate with like-minded individuals, and to seek peacefulness and revitalization among nature.[12]

Our Manifesto

Saturday, 10th of April, 1993
N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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Religion, as the embodiment of the backward link toward a god or a creator, is equivalent to stagnation, a barrier to progress, restriction, restraint and a clinging attachment to prescribed thinking practices and false philosophies, ideologies, doctrines and other teachings by church and creed. The dogmas of cult religions and religious sects deny and disallow man his inherent right to research and fathom the Creative principles and universal connections through his own laborious thinking processes. There is only one path to cognize the truth: Everyone who wishes to enter man's only feasible and evolutionary path must thoroughly ponder everything ever read, heard or experienced. This contemplation must be thorough and honest, with the required healthy capacity for critique, as well as rationale and reasoning. In so doing, a person achieves clarity of the real context which, in turn, enables him/her to obtain the necessary knowledge through personal efforts.

Thus, we the members of the Free Community of Interests in Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies (Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien = FIGU) are not blindly faithful individuals who adhere to some obscure beliefs. Instead, we are human beings in search of the Truth.


The Free Community of Interests is, or rather we the members are, not party to any sectarian beliefs or religious communities. Therefore, we do not place above ourselves any saints, illuminati, so-called enlightened personages, extraterrestrials, gods, gurus, graven and guiding images, idols, channelers, mediums or any other veneration-demanding entities or personages, that is, any personage who is idolized, prayed to, worshiped or revered in one form or other, or who demands accountability in some manner for some actions and deeds.

Our members' manner of thinking is exclusively directed toward the truth of Creation's creative-natural order, laws and directives, and all of its all-great- time, spiritual guidelines of logic, wisdom and love.


To define the difference between religion and relegeon, the spirit plane ARAHAT ATHERSATA (see Books) has disclosed the following:

Chapter IV, Evolution, Verses 75-80

75. Only relegeon must be used for evolution – never religion as implemented according to your current concepts on Earth.

76. In order to experience evolution, the truth, wisdom, mastery, knowledge, love and others must be gathered and united once again from currently existing principles.

77. Yet, a religious-type format, that is, a reverse link, destroys relegeon already in its basic substance and prevents it from ever finding fertile ground.

78. A relegeon format alone is capable of inducing profound successes – religious formats can never accomplish this.

79. From relegeon originates effective knowledge, which results in further wisdom and knowledge.

80. These, in turn, ensure that the path of evolution may be entered into through both forms.

Relegeon is the factor leading back toward the Creative Truth, toward the Ur-Truth of all Creative growth.

Expressed in a religious sense, religion implies a polarity reverse-bond to a God or Creator, within the constraints of religions, to whom man must subordinate himself / herself.

Religion as the epitome of what binds us back to some God or Creator is synonymous with stagnation, inhibition of progress, restriction, constriction and adherence to prescribed ways of thinking and false philosophies, ideologies, beliefs and other churchy and faith teachings and other methods of loosing their way. Likewise, religious and sectarian doctrines of faith forbid and deprive human beings of their inherent right to explore and fathom creative-natural-laws and various universal contexts, based on his / her own work and intellectual merit.

There is only one way to the knowledge of the truth: The evolutive ascent of humankind, evolution, the only possible way; it consists of thinking thoroughly and honestly about everything ever read, ever heard and even experienced, and with this necessary healthy critical ability, along with reasoning and understanding, one may in order thereby attain in oneself the clarity about the real connections and in turn to acquire the necessary knowledge oneself.

Thus, the members of the 'Free Interests Group Universal' are not blind believers who adhere to any doctrines of faith, but they are people in search of the truth.


The worldwide dissemination of the truth is FIGU's goal. It is achieved with Billy's help, together with the assistance of Pleiadians and other life forms of non-terrestrial origin who know the Truth. For an inconceivably long period, such life forms have been living in accordance with the universal Truth and peaceful criteria and their effects. Additional FIGU's goals are, via teachings of the truth, to assist all humans in shaping their lives in harmony with the Creative laws and directives, and to successfully implement the truth and its laws and directives on Earth in a Creative-orderly and Creative-appropriate manner.


FIGU is obliged to inform human beings on Earth about the most pressing issues facing them, namely those concerning overpopulation, torture, capital punishment, along with other problems that affect the globe's entire population. To this end, FIGU is obligated to write to every country's government on Earth, so as to apprise them of the prevailing situation. Likewise, FIGU writes to every organization, association, group and private citizen who is affiliated with the subject matter, or who is somehow preoccupied with and interested in it.





FIGU organizes lectures in various countries in order to disseminate the truth.

Of course, we FIGU members are available every Sunday to respond to visitors' questions at the Center in Hinterschmidrüti. Likewise, from the Center we correspond with interested parties from various countries.

FIGU's pamphlet Voice of the Aquarian Age (Stimme der Wassermannzeit, German only) appears quarterly. Among other things, it deals with explanations pertaining to spiritual teachings and addresses many diverse and current topics.

In general, the pamphlets and books sold by FIGU deal with spiritual teachings and the contacts "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier maintains with the Extraterrestrials.

One of FIGU's great concerns is making Earth's inhabitants aware that the majority of ills on Earth are exclusiveIy caused by overpopulation. Planet Earth should not have a population of more than 529 million. And yet, at present (1993), the planet is occupied by approximately 5.5 billion human beings. This situation has led to a series of ills that can be rectified only when the natural upper limit of 529 million inhabitants has been re-established.


In order to preserve planet Earth, FIGU continuously launches worldwide information campaigns to fight against these prevailing ills. Furthermore, along with many other assistants in the quest, each FIGU member contributes his or her share by participating in the regularly held peace meditation.


At the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center and all its installations, the Creative laws and directives are taught and learned in conjunction with the spiritual teachings. For this reason individuals flock to the Center from all over the world to work, to learn, to communicate with like-minded persons, and to find peace and recreation in nature. Maintenance and upkeep at the Center, however, are provided by everyone's effort. Work is performed on a voluntary basis and in addition to each member's (and non- member's) regular occupation.





FIGU is a community whose members can come from any country in the world. Likewise, FIGU communities can be founded and organized in any country on Earth, as long as these organizations remain in line with the patronage and guidelines of FIGU's headquarter in Switzerland and each country's national laws.

FIGU does not restrict its activities to specific countries or continents; indeed, its members are already active internationally.

Our mission in FIGU focuses on the worldwide dissemination of the truth and teachings of the spirit (spiritual teachings). Our task is to facilitate the emergence of the Truth in every way.

The fight for truth is a fight against lies, untruths and false teachings, and the battle must be fought with all conceivable means of information and instruction. FIGU provides information on all facets of truth, yet concedes each individual the right to his/her own opinion.

Neither as proselytizers nor as gatherers of "followers and believers", we of FIGU function exclusively within a framework of information, instruction and consultation. Simultaneously, of course, we work along the lines of exposure and explanations of the truth and its delivery, be that of a secular, natural, Creative, spiritual or of a conscious nature. WHAT HAVE BEEN OUR ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR?

The most important facets of Creation's laws and directives, rules and guidelines are laid down in appropriate, spiritually enlightening publications of FIGU's Wassermannzeit Publishing House. Through them, people from all over the world are now aware of the FIGU teachings and, in turn, of FIGU itself. International readers study the spiritual teachings and strive to translate the texts from German into their respective languages on FIGU's behalf. Through these activities we initiate a gradual rethinking process on this planet. The decisive basic language remains GERMAN, for the spiritual teachings in their entirety have a code in this language, as do many of FIGU's other publications. WHAT IS FIGU?

FIGU, the Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien (FIGU) or in English "Free Community of lnterests in Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies", is a community of like-minded individuals who live in many different countries, who are of many nationalities and races, who are in search of the truth, and who attempt to adjust their thoughts, feelings and actions according to the natural and Creational guidelines. We have joined the community upon our own, voluntary initiative to fulfill the obligations and tasks as equals, and to attain a progressive knowledge and wisdom through laborious toil.


In addition to the verbal and written dissemination of the spiritual teachings, all truth in a truthful form and its oral and written edification to human life forms, FIGU promotes additional goals, e.g., the fight against overpopulation, capital punishment, torture and the destruction of the environment among others. Another FIGU goal is the realization of the human life form's personal freedom as an individual and as the WE-life form in the material and spiritual realm.


FIGU is a non-profit organization, set up according to the laws pertaining to the formation of an association, Article 60 ff. of the Swiss Statutes (internationally speaking, FIGU is organized according to each country's prevailing regional laws). The organization's main financial support comes from members' and non-members' voluntary contributions, as well as from the sale of publications, photos among others. Our members receive neither salary nor reimbursement for their expenses; in fact, each member pays for his or her own share of the mission expenditures.


Membership within a passive group is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, who is willing to learn the Creational-natural laws and directives and to live by them. Anyone under the age of 18 is accepted only with the permission of a parent or guardian. Publications will be sold to minors under 18 only with parental or the guardian's permission.

Membership within a Core Group (Core Group of the 49 or a Secondary Core Group) requires a lifelong willingness to accept a score of ties and tasks. Additional requirements include written proof of the individual's non-affiliation to any religion, personal references, and the disclosure of police and collection agency records. (Anyone under the age of 18 wanting to join a Core Group is accepted only with the permission of a parent or guardian.)


Without exception, all religions, sects and ideologies, among others, are based on assumptions and beliefs that are diametrically opposed to the truthful spiritual teachings presented to terrestrial human beings by FIGU via 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier, extraterrestrial human races, and by entities from higher and, indeed, the highest spiritual planes. These teachings are based on actual facts, truth, logic and wisdom. FIGU offers an opportunity for anyone to finally stride toward cognition of reality. After centuries, indeed millennia, of spiritual stagnation, a person can attain inner and outer freedom and assume the obligation of achieving personal spiritual evolution.


'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier's function is to act as the liaison between Pleiadians from planet ERRA and their confederates and human beings on Earth. His one-on-one telepathic and physical contacts with the aliens shall continue until his life ends. He imparts to us the Extraterrestrials' important messages, instructions and warnings; likewise, he is the author of valuable texts about Creational laws, directives, and other pertinent information.


The Extraterrestrials have designated 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier as the New Age Prophet. This does not mean, however, that he is a person with special authority. Rather, he is a human being like any other, but possesses unique capabilities and immense knowledge regarding spiritual matters and the corresponding wisdom. Through his contacts and his own acumen, he is capable of announcing the true teachings, messages and instructions that show the way to the future.


'Billy's' extraterrestrial friends from planet ERRA are not angelic, supernatural beings, but are human beings with flesh and blood. They are, however, decidedly more highly evolved than human beings living on Earth. The Pleiadians' main goal, relative to their activities on Earth, gravitates clearly towards the growth of terrestrial human beings' spirit and consciousness. They want to guide Earth beings back to the correct path of Truth from which they strayed a long time ago, and to present them with ancient insights, Creational laws and directives, along with universally valid directives for the formation of an appropriate lifestyle.


Contrary to other UFO groups who exclusively deal with UFO phenomena, the background of spirituality and consciousness is far more important to FIGU than all ufological aspects put together. And yet, FIGU does not want to ignore ufology, particularly when it has on hand by far the most extensive and best material proof that ever existed. FIGU employs this proof whenever there is evidence of the necessary interest.





FIGU calls itself a Free Community of Interests, which means that all of us members subject ourselves voluntarily, and upon our own free decision, to the community's regulated order. This voluntary membership and voluntary participation is a result of the self acquired cognition concerning the embedded duties that are a part of every life. An individual voluntarily begins to fulfill that duty as soon as its magnitude is fully recognized and comprehended. Once the individual makes a decision to comply with the duties recognized, being therefore in full freedom of thoughts and feelings, and without external or internal pressures, that person's fulfillment of duty then becomes a part of his/her life; as a partner to whom one remains loyal.


FIGU members are prepared to answer and address anyone's questions (either through its pamphlets, books, videos or in person) concerning life, Creation, the spirit, existence and BEING, the Where-From and the Where-To, the purpose of living, and so on and so forth.

It is our goal to ensure that everyone receives the best, most extensive and truthful replies to his/her questions, so that everyone's evolution progresses and the natural thirst for knowledge is quenched.


Outsiders often have either the erroneous notion or expectation that we FIGU members live according to each and every Creational law and commandment. This assumption is as incorrect as the belief that we are nearly "perfect". We are very normal people, just like everyone else. Though we do strive to live by the Creational laws and directives, we are not able to circumvent the natural course of evolution. For this reason it should be absolutely clear that we have the same faults and weaknesses that are incorporated into every individual's personal evolution.


Throughout their entire lifetime all human beings must learn to accept responsibility for themselves; for every action and thought. They must bear responsibility for themselves along with the responsibility for all floral, faunal and all Creational life form varieties. There exists nothing in the entire universe for which every single individual is not personally responsible, including the consequences and effects of each person's thoughts and actions. In this manner, we of FIGU reason, learn, teach and act. Bearing responsibility for oneself means living according to life's requirements and keeping it for a life in line with the Creational-natural order and humanity.


FIGU's literature serves as a guideline for everyone. Yet, each person has a right to the personal freedom of deciding whether or not, and how, he or she wishes to utilize this personal freedom and the spiritual teachings on the path through life.


The FIGU members do not interfere in other members' personal lives or those of outsiders, nor does it impose modes of behavior upon anyone. Within the realm of personal matters, our members are free to behave as they please, i.e., without stress or pressure from FIGU on how to think or act.


Child-raising is the parents' or guardians' task, and for this reason FIGU literature is not distributed to minors. Only when proof is provided that their guardians/parents agree to it, or when they have reached their 18th birthday, can young people receive FIGU's written material. Adolescents younger than 18 years may receive FIGU texts and become members of FIGU (in accordance with the statutes), provided the parents' or guardians' authorization has been submitted.


FIGU members learn for themselves and teach others to live according to the Creative-natural laws and directives that are visible and identifiable in the material realm of life and in the laws of nature. We learn and teach through the spiritual teachings to cognize, understand and love the Truth of all existing things at their source. We learn to generate within ourselves universal love and reverence for everything that exists, and for every material life form species. We also learn to live in solidarity and within a community.

We learn and teach the fundamental Truth of knowledge, love, logic and wisdom in accordance with the laws and directives of Creation. We teach only that which we have become cognizant of and have experienced ourselves as truth and knowledge. Likewise, we rely upon those things which man is able to cognize as laws and directives through THOUGHT and RESEARCH.




It is our desire and aim to shape our lives as closely as possible to the Creative-natural laws and directives; indeed, to succeed at it. And it is these objectives which have brought all our members together as a community.

The FIGU community is the custodian of the Truth, and it is FIGU's task to disseminate the true spiritual teachings, love, wisdom and logic among mankind in an instructive and informative manner. In so doing, mankind will have the capability of entering into peaceful and freedom-loving life within the Creative consciousness

OM, Canon 35, Verse 111


FIGU's spiritual teachings instruct the student that the neutral-positive represents the positive value in every way and is the reason for its designation as "neutral-positive". Spiritual forces are absolutely neutral-positive and stored as such in the spiritual realm. They can be accessed and utilized via the material consciousness. The spirit's power is a pure energy force that can be employed through the study and implementation of the Spirit Lessons, meditation, along with other methods. A person's spiritual and conscious power grows slowly but steadily. Through understanding and practice, man will have some day the capability to consciously apply his spiritual powers. It is through the conscious application of this purely energy-Creation force that human beings are granted the opportunity to consciously evolve, that is, consciously develop.


FIGU's spiritual teachings instruct on the compliance with Creation's laws and directives. They generate success in every way – in the spiritual, in the conscious and psychic, and in the purely material realm. They assist a person in recognizing life's meaning and purpose which, in turn, help make the walk down life's path less complicated, more beautiful and more joyful. The applied spiritual teachings aid in daily living. Finally, they transform students into truly free individuals who generate within themselves the equilibrium and peace that ultimately leads to wisdom, love and peace for all humanity on Earth.


In accordance with the spiritual teachings, and based upon a Creative law and its resulting order, FIGU teaches that the entire human life span is a continuous learning process. Thus, as a rule, a human being cannot avoid making mistakes that are frequently caused by the person's ignorance of matters and situations on hand. In general, human beings become reasonable only when they feel the consequences of their mistakes and are faced with their repercussions. Making mistakes and recognizing them as a part of a neutral assessment and clarification is expedient to that person. Mistakes play an important role. They are an element of the experiences people must learn to live with as a portion of their freedom to think and to act, from which they draw conclusions and gain new realizations. Therefore, mistakes are a part of Creation's principles and laws, and they serve man as sources for learning during his evolutionary quest.


FIGU instructs and strives to live by teachings which emphasize that each and every life form must experience reverence for Creation, the universal consciousness, which has lovingly created all that exists as coarse and fine matter. Reverence for Creation is the basic force. It is the fundamental factor for all existence, cognition and the development of logic, wisdom and love. Man must honor and respect all that is worthy of respect and homage; he must extend esteem, reverence, respect and appreciation to all life. For everything in existence is intertwined and interconnected with itself and one another. Man's spirit is a fragment of Creation. It is essential, therefore, that hurnan beings live in a manner whereby they honor and respect themselves as others respect and honor them.


FIGU's teachings and studies state that all individuals are treated equally within the inner and outer groups, and throughout the external, far-reaching circle of human beings around the globe. No one is treated disparately because of his/her skin color, status or background.

Within the FIGU community and beyond its periphery, no differences exist regarding secular titles and positions, wealth and/or status. None of these has any influence upon a person's development or the progress of one's spirit and level of consciousness. Everyone is equal regarding levels of understanding, knowledge, logic, wisdom and love, or any other principle of work achieved by a person or within the community. No individual may demand extra privileges, for there exists a universal spirit of affiliation and equality among all human beings and all other life forms. Every one is part of the same Creative-natural rules, laws and directives; and each person has the same rights and obligations, and the same goal as the others. No one is more valuable, or less so, than the next person.

The position of women in the FIGU.
Equivalence, equality and equal rights are the highest principles of the FIGU community.






FIGU members follow teachings that have previously been handed down in their basic form thousands of years ago; these are lessons 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier teaches and presents in his book Introduction to Meditation.

All tenets contain vast and powerful knowledge, but only through compliance and actual adherence to meditation and its path are every student's subsequent steps determined. The student's constant control of his or her thoughts plays an essential role in this process, for it does not permit the development of any emotional and harmful excesses. As part of the initiation Billy teaches in the Spirit Lessons, the practicing student who lives by the teachings will confront himself with his innermost spiritual self.

In doing so, the innermost self, which is a fragment of Creation, unites the individual with his or her entire surrounding. Group meditation may strengthen this unification, and existing forces may be exchanged and balanced. FIGU's peace rneditation – a group meditation as well, with approximately 3.000 terrestrial and 3.5 billion extraterrestrial human participants – supports and advances each individual's peace efforts and that of all humanity. Mankind's sense of belonging together as a humanity is indispensable for world peace; it derives solely from the inner serenity and realization that all human beings strive for a mutual goal, and that every single person's initiative is important for the achievement of this goal.


Freedom from any enslavement associated with doctrines and false teachings, exploitation, restrictions, and the stagnation of spirit and consciousness.

Absolute certainty that the Creative spirit fragment within ourselves enables us to do anything, as long as we are able to kindle and utilize the forces within ourselves.

Knowledge of our own destiny and goal.

Certainty of our own immortality and constant reincarnation until perfection of the spirit form is attained.

Awareness of the unity and bond between each and every human, faunal and floral life form in their surroundings throughout the entire universe and beyond.




In order to ensure the financial upkeep of the Center, and the fulfillment of The Mission, all of us at FIGU assist to the best of our expertise, capacity and individual ability toward payment of current expenses and monthly bills.

Since our main task at FIGU centers around the dissemination of the teachings of the spirit (spiritual teachings) and the dissemination of the Truth, we are dependent upon outsiders' initiatives, as well as those from Passive Group and Secondary Group members. Furthermore, to accomplish our task, we must also depend upon financial contributions and collaboration. Additionally, we rely on outside individuals to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with us; to help us with the immense tasks of organizing and possibly even speaking at lectures; and to find suitable locations for study groups, et cetera. Due to the horrendous work overload brought about by the publication of written material, necessary chores within and outside the Center, lectures and earning a living, among other reasons, we cannot singlehandedly accomplish FIGU's global task of disseminating the Truth.

We bring you the teachings of Creation's truth and its ever-valid laws and directives, but we neither claim to be all-knowing nor that our teachings are carved in stone. Through man's evolution all cognizance grows, along with knowledge, skills, wisdom and love. Subsequently, the level of truth and cognizance will proceed to expand. It will never rest but continue infinitely, as will knowledge, skill, understanding, comprehension, wisdom, love, and the insight into everything that is Creative.[13]



Impressum / Copyright / Disclaimer


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FIGU Membership and Involvement Overview

Source: Variously sourced, see individual links.

Each FIGU group does things its own way which is proportionate to the group itself and the way of the individual nation it is based in, but there are several things they tend to all have in common. Below we have included a general selection of links and excerpts from those links, which include translations of the original FIGU membership documents, advice, recommendations etc. If you're interested in FIGU membership the first thing to do is to work out if your nation or region has an existing FIGU group and approach them by email. There's another smattering of URL's on the External Links page.

FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada

You need to be a Canadian resident and also be a passive member of FIGU Switzerland.
  • As a passive member, you actively support our community at your own discretion. You have diverse possibilities to participate in community activities and help to shape the community business through the annual Passive-Group-General-Assembly.
  • As a patron/sponsor member, you support our community financially without further obligations and responsibilities.

This membership is intended primarily for individuals.

  • The Core Group of 49 guides and leads the entire group in all community business. They lay down the statutes and rules firmly and stands as the highest decision-making body of FIGU for all inquiries and information in an advisory capacity as an aside.
  • The Core Group membership is conditional on, as a rule, a previous passive membership of several years. Membership requires a full-time commitment and is contingent on two monthly meetings, member contributions, statutory as well as voluntary participation and is connected with the necessary rules. Those interested need to address their inquiry directly to the Core Group at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center.

Get Involved

As someone who is interested in the FIGU material and the Billy Meier case, there are many options open for you to consider.

  • Study FIGU material and the spiritual teaching on your own.
  • Meet informally with like-minded individuals or FIGU members in your geographic area. Please let us know if you would like to exchange contact information with others (Canada only). We only connect people when both parties agree.
  • Become a passive member of FIGU Switzerland. For more information see FIGU Membership
  • You could form or be part of a group named "Interessengruppe" (interest group), which is a precursor to an official "Studiengruppe" (study group) and requires at least 2 FIGU passive members. An "Interessengruppe" is for people who are willing to support FIGU's mission by studying the spiritual teaching, organising information stands, presenting lectures, etc.
  • Should you decide to become a passive member, the possibility would then exist to found an official "Studiengruppe" (study group) which has to observe more formal requirements than an "Interessengruppe"; however, this would also require at least 2 passive members.
  • As a passive group member you would have the option to join FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada. In order to ensure that the group grows cohesively, develops interpersonally and ensures that all group members are involved equally in the group decision-making processes, group members are required to attend our monthly meetings in person in Toronto, ON. If these prerequisites are met and you are interested in becoming a member of the FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada, please notify us through the Contact Us page. We recognise that the geographic size of Canada presents some challenges to being able to attend our meetings (distance, finances, family commitments, etc.). Therefore the next few options are other ways that you can contribute directly to FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada.
  • You may also contribute to the FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada newsletter. These are published quarterly on our website. We welcome the submission of FIGU-related articles, opinion pieces, short stories or other kinds of written and creative work which naturally, will be subject to our approval.
  • FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada welcomes you to attend any of our public events including our monthly public meetings on the third Sunday of every month in Toronto, ON.
  • You may also choose to make a financial donation. We welcome any financial contributions that would assist us in our various projects.
United States Online FIGU-Interessengruppe für Missionswissen

All persons starting from 18 years (or starting from 16 years with written consent of their parent or legal guardian) can on request apply for a FIGU membership regardless of their race, religion or culture.

All Spiritual Teaching letters/lessons are only available in German. It is highly recommended that you learn the German language as these letters/lessons require that you translate them yourself. These letters/lessons are to be considered a personal form of study and should not be shared with anyone else. No English translations of these letters/lessons will ever be provided, because part of the learning process of these letters/lessons is to also experience the study involved in learning and studying the German language in conjunction with the knowledge shared in the Spiritual Teaching letters/lessons.

FIGU Society USA
archived information, FIGU USA was dissolved some years ago

The FIGU Society USA was founded in 2002 and is a non-profit, tax-paying, organization. FIGU is an acronym from the German words meaning Free Community of Interests in the Border and Spiritual Sciences and UFOlogical Studies. Our parent group, FIGU (, has its headquarters in Switzerland.

The FIGU Society dedicates itself to several tasks including: the study and correction of FIGU texts in the English language; the publication of these materials; and the pursuit of our personal spiritual evolution in a non-religious, non-sectarian way. The material we study is based on the information conveyed to Billy Meier through his contacts with the extraterrestrials known as Pleiadians/Plejaren, as well as from Billy’s own writings. More importantly, FIGU members are interested in discovering the truth about the history of mankind, the truth about Creation, and the truth about spiritual matters. We hold regular monthly meetings and we publish a newsletter.

To become a FIGU Society Member, one must already be a Passive Member (see below) and must actively participate in monthly meetings, in addition to having responsibilities within the group and sharing in the work and tasks of FIGU Society. There are also financial commitments as part of being a FIGU Society Member.

There are other FIGU members, called Passive Members, located around the world. Passive members are required to make a small annual donation and are urged to go to the Semjase Silver Star Center in Switzerland once per year to attend an annual meeting and help with some work-related tasks at the Center. Passive Members who live in the Americas are encouraged to attend an annual meeting called the Annual Meeting of Passive Members (AMPM) where people with similar interests can discuss and study FIGU material, get acquainted with the other members, as well as learn and practice meditation. The AMPM is hosted by the FIGU Society USA.

Other ways to get involved would be to form informal study groups. This might be a casual meeting of two friends over coffee once a month discussing and studying the information. If more people participate in such an informal study group, it is possible to form an official Study Group. A minimum of three Passive Members are required to form an official Study Group in addition to holding regular meetings. An official study group has the possibility of making translations of FIGU literature, holding lectures, printing booklets, etc.

For people who are fluent in the German language, there are further options for involvement in FIGU. It is possible to purchase the Spirit Lessons in the German language as a personal home-study course. For people who live near Switzerland and are also fluent in German, it also may be possible to join the Core Group of the Semjase Silver Star Center. Core Group Members are dedicated to the Mission and have the highest level of commitment.

In summary, there are many ways to become involved with FIGU—from simply meeting informally with other like-minded people, becoming a Passive Member, forming an official Study Group, and joining FIGU Society USA, all the way to making the enormous commitment of becoming a Core Group Member in Switzerland.[14]

Future Of Mankind membership
The wiki and encyclopaedia here doesn't have a membership in this formal sense and is not an official FIGU group and the owner and a number of the contributors are not FIGU members, but we do endeavor to meet FIGU standards by communication and listening to the feedback. Voluntary involvement is certainly possible, much like it is with FIGU groups, but it is run slightly differently than the FIGU groups. It typically occurs when individuals take a considerable interest in what we're doing at the website over some years and then when ready, approach the website owner to e.g. submit a translation or create an editor account to improve the quality of the content provided here, add links, redirects, create Meier Encyclopedia pages etc., etc. Meetings, discussion, communication and various otherwise scheduled events tend to occur without the prior scheduling and any organisation. Individuals who use the website, use it in various different ways, and there are probably several different groups in this way which use it differently and cross one anothers path from time to time over the years. Fundamentally its a wiki, repository of documents (translations), encyclopedia and source of lots of information of various kinds, a database, archive and community hub in some aspects. Those who decide to get involved are therefore sort of variously and generally interested in FIGU but are perhaps not focused down enough to have taken that step to join an individual and actual FIGU group, like a stepping stone to further interest. See Contributing Content

Talkativeness and Performing Missionary Work


Dear reader

In order to prevent any misuse of the contents of our writings, and also for your own protection and the protection of the truth we will give you the following advice and explanations:

In the first place you should use all of FIGU's textbooks for your own education. Never let yourself be enticed—because of sheer enthusiasm for truth or a craving for recognition, among other things—to perform propaganda or missionise in order to win or convince other people for the teachings. In doing so you can do great harm to yourself as well as to others.

Studying spiritual matters is always connected to a consciousness-related process. Every individual must be mentally prepared to confront himself with truth, and he should also get the chance to work for this preparedness himself. When, how and in what tempo this will be achieved is always in one’s own discretion. Nobody has the right to use any pressure or force on other people’s thoughts, feelings and freedom—people who have to go their ways in self-determination—and it makes no difference whether it is a stranger, an acquaintance, a friend, relative, husband or wife, or one’s own child. The awesome respect for all life is a principle imparted by the spiritual teachings, because it is awesome attitude towards life only that harbors within itself the key to knowledge, truth and all realization. Thus the fellow-man shall be respected and not be overwhelmed or plagued with knowledge and one’s own cognition, something he is not yet able nor willing to understand. All this does not mean, though, to turn the study of the spirit lessons into a secret or to impart a feeling into the fellow-man that he has not progressed far enough in order to understand this or that. Such behavior would not only represent an unjustified self-exaltation of the own person but also a lack of respect and awe for another individual. Likewise one should always bear in mind that one isn’t all-knowing and that one’s own understanding of the spiritual teachings is always more or less limited. Thus every individual should be critical of himself and not chatter about those things within the teachings that, basically, aren’t really understood. It should be considered by everyone that oneself and the fellow-men are led astray with half- or false truth and, because of this, the path to and the finding of truth is impeded.

Of course, no person shall hide his light under a bushel, and if an information is necessary or appropriate, or if interested people ask questions, then obviously they can get explanations—within reasonable limits and according to one’s best skill and abilities. Consequently, if one is talking about the spiritual teachings it shall always be in a general manner and according to one’s own understanding. Talking about all cognitions, assumptions etc. right from the start shall be avoided.

Through unnecessary, careless and uncontrolled talk about concerns regarding the spiritual teachings and FIGU (internal) – at home or with friends, acquaintances or at the job – one isn't only often risking the job but also the relations to closely connected persons. Experience has shown that the general understanding towards the spiritual teachings is still very rare. This lack of understanding can even lead to the break-up of relations between close friends, because differences, quarrel and discord may arise. The whole matter will even be worsened if there is the attempt, at all costs, to force one’s own opinion upon the other person.

We are neither members of a secret society nor babbling missionaries, but human beings who, in the first place, are striving to open our eyes ourselves.[15]

FIGU Statutes

Source: (PDF) (External)

Pdf_icon.gif FIGU Statutes.pdf Info_icon.png

The 21 most important FIGU rules / Die 21 wichtigsten FIGU-Regeln

Source: Contact Report 598 (Excerpt)

English German
The 21 most important FIGU rules Die 21 wichtigsten FIGU-Regeln
1) The FIGU is not a group or an association that finally gives simple answers to the questions of people searching for the effective truth or that can experience something special that makes them feel accepted and protected. 1) Die FIGU ist keine Gruppe resp. kein Verein, die/der nach der effectiven Wahrheit suchenden Menschen auf deren Fragen endlich einfache Antworten geben oder bei der/dem etwas Besonderes erlebt werden kann, wodurch sie sich angenommen und beschützt fühlen.
2) The instructions given in relation to doctrine are understandable and comprehensible to any person who thinks clearly and rationally, but it takes initiative to implement them personally. 2) Die Anweisungen, die in bezug auf die Lehre erteilt werden, sind für jeden klar und vernünftig denkenden Menschen verständlich und nachvollziehbar, doch bedarf es der eigenen Initiative, um sie persönlich umzusetzen.
3) The teaching of the FIGU is not aimed at the fact that, as a result of working on this, something could be done for the future in such a way that it can change for the better. 3) Die Lehre der FIGU ist nicht darauf ausgerichtet, dass infolge eines Daraufhin-Arbeitens in der Weise etwas für die Zukunft getan werden könnte, dass sich diese zum Besseren wandeln soll.
4) The FIGU is not a family, but a free interest group of like-minded people who are all learners and are anxious to get their own life under control in the right way and to acquire a correspondingly positive individual life style and lifestyle; so old members of the association do not take new members under their wing to address their questions and worries, but are taught that every person must be his own master and master and build himself up and accept himself in every relationship and from his own effort and strength. 4) Die FIGU ist keine Familie, sondern eine Freie Interessengemeinschaft Gleichgesinnter, die allesamt Lernende und darauf bedacht sind, das eigene Leben in richtiger Weise in den Griff zu bekommen und sich eine dementsprechend positive individuell-eigene Lebensgestaltung und Lebensführung anzueignen; also werden durch alte Vereinsmitglieder auch keine Neumitglieder unter die ‹Fittiche› genommen, um sich deren Fragen und Sorgen zuzuwenden, sondern es wird gelehrt, dass jeder Mensch sein eigener Herr und Meister sein und sich selbst in jeder Beziehung und aus eigener Bemühung und Kraft aufbauen und sich selbst annehmen muss.
5) The FIGU is not directed with its ideas to 'improve' the world and mankind, because the teaching is solely directed to the individual person taking himself by the curb, to build up and develop himself thought-emotion-psych-as well as love-, knowledge-wisdom- and behaviour-wise, in the same way as everything is given by the creative-natural laws and commandments, which only have to be perceived, recognized, understood and comprehended. 5) Die FIGU ist mit ihrem Gedankengut nicht darauf ausgerichtet, die Welt und die Menschheit ‹verbessern› zu wollen, denn die Lehre ist einzig darauf ausgerichtet, dass sich der einzelne Mensch selbst an die Kandare nimmt, sich gedanken-gefühls-psyche- sowie liebe-, wissens- weisheits- und verhaltensmässig aufbaut und entwickelt, und zwar so, wie alles durch die schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze und Gebote vorge geben ist, die nur wahrgenommen, erkannt, verstanden und nachvollzogen werden müssen.
6) The FIGU has no master or guru, etc., who would pass on a supposedly perfect teaching to humanity through which salvation and salvation is to be brought, for the FIGU has only one Künder teacher, who teaches the teaching of ancient knowledge with regard to the perception and knowledge of the creative-natural laws and commandments, as these have always been recognizable in free nature. (After the death of the Künder teacher 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier, BEAM, the FIGU core group in the Mother Centre Switzerland is responsible for the internal and worldwide management of FIGU.) 6) Die FIGU hat keinen Meister oder Guru usw., der eine angeblich perfekte Lehre an die Menschheit weitergibt, durch die Erlösung und Heil gebracht werden soll, denn die FIGU hat nur einen Künder-Lehrer, der die Lehre altherkömmlicher Erkenntnis in bezug auf die Wahrnehmung und Erkenntnis der schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze und Gebote lehrt, wie diese seit jeher in der freien Natur erkennbar sind. (Nach dem Ableben des Künder-Lehrers, ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, BEAM, ist die FIGU-Gesamtkerngruppe im Mutter-Centre Schweiz für die interne und weltweite Leitung der FIGU zuständig.)
7) FIGU does not misjudge that humanity is doomed to extinction by falling away from the 'true teaching', and consequently it does not misjudge that the state of humanity and the world will improve by returning to the 'true teaching', because the teaching of FIGU is solely aimed at the positive development of the personality, character and behaviour etc. of the individual human being, according to his own motivation, desire and will. 7) Die FIGU misslehrt nicht, dass die Menschheit durch das Abfallen von der ‹wahren Lehre› dem Untergang geweiht sei, folglich auch nicht missgelehrt wird, dass sich durch das Wiederbringen der ‹wahren Lehre› der Zustand der Menschheit und der Welt verbessere, denn die Lehre der FIGU ist einzig auf das positive Aufbauen der Persönlichkeit, des Charakters und der Verhaltensweisen usw. des einzelnen Menschen ausgerichtet, und zwar einzig und allein gemäss seiner eigenen Motivation, seinem Verlangen und seinem ureigenen Wollen.
8) The 'Teaching of Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of Life', which is taught by the FIGU, is understandable in its importance to every man gifted with understanding and reason as well as to people who are open to reality and its truth. 8) Die ‹Lehre der Wahrheit, Lehre des Geistes, Lehre des Lebens›, die durch die FIGU gelehrt wird, ist in ihrer Wichtigkeit jedem verstandes- und vernunftbegabten sowie gegenüber der Wirklichkeit und deren Wahrheit offenen Menschen verständlich.
9) The teaching of FIGU does not in any way assume that earthly mankind is blinded and lost, and consequently does not assume that salvation, redemption and salvation is only possible by accepting and following the FIGU teaching, because in principle it teaches only the possibility of building up the personal well-being of man through his correct behaviour in relation to thoughts, feelings and the psyche, as well as the way of life, lifestyle, interpersonal relations, the acceptance of nature, humanity, tolerance and all human-positive behaviour values in general. 9) Die Lehre der FIGU geht in keiner Weise davon aus, dass die irdische Menschheit verblendet und verloren sei, folglich auch nicht davon ausgegangenen wird, dass ein Heil, eine Erlösung und eine Errettung nur möglich sei durch das Annehmen und Befolgen der FIGU-Lehre, denn grundsätzlich lehrt sie einzig die Möglichkeit des Aufbaus des persönlichen Wohls des Menschen durch seine richtigen Verhaltensweisen in bezug auf die Gedanken, Gefühle und die Psyche sowie die Lebensgestaltung, Lebensführung, auf die zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen, das Einhergehen mit der Natur, der Menschlichkeit, der Toleranz und aller menschlich-positiven Verhaltenswerte überhaupt.
10) The teaching of the FIGU is not perfect and not perfect, for it is constantly being expanded, according to new insights into all aspects of human life, nature and its fauna and flora, as well as into consciousness evolution, insights from the creative-natural laws and commandments, expandable knowledge and wisdom, etc. 10) Die Lehre der FIGU ist nicht perfekt und nicht vollkommen, denn sie ist stetig in Erweiterung begriffen, und zwar gemäss stetig neuen Erkenntnissen in bezug auf alle Lebensaspekte des Menschen sowie der Natur und deren Fauna und Flora, wie auch hinsichtlich der Bewusstseins evolution, der Erkenntnisse aus den schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetzen und Geboten, des erweiterbaren Wissens und der Weisheit usw.
11) The teaching of FIGU cannot be interpreted as a result of a belief or assumption, but only according to reality and its indisputable truth, which also means that there is always only one truth, which results fundamentally only from reality and its facts. 11) Die Lehre der FIGU kann nicht infolge eines Glaubens oder Annahmen interpretiert werden, sondern einzig und allein nur gemäss der Wirklichkeit und deren unumstösslicher Wahrheit, was auch besagt, dass es stets nur eine einzige Wahrheit gibt, die grundlegend allein aus der Wirklichkeit und ihren Fakten resultiert.
12) The FIGU doctrine is aimed at people discussing and learning from them, because only in this way can doubts and distrust be revealed, discussed and clarified, but the doctrine must not be falsified by untruths. 12) Die FIGU-Lehre ist darauf ausgerichtet, dass die Menschen in bezug auf diese diskutieren und daraus lernen, denn nur dadurch können Zweifel und Misstrauen offengelegt, besprochen und geklärt werden, wobei die Lehre jedoch nicht durch Unwahrheiten verfälscht werden darf.
13) There is no attempt to 'convert' adversaries or to let them become adversaries of another sense, for their actions and deeds are their business, with which they have to come to terms themselves. 13) Es wird nicht versucht, Widersacher zu ‹bekehren› oder sie anderen Sinnes werden zu lassen, denn deren Handeln und Tun ist deren Sache, mit der sie selbst zurechtkommen müssen.
14) When people join the FIGU and its teaching, they therefore do not have to separate themselves from family members, acquaintances and friends, because the FIGU is a free community of interests, in which all interests of the members are and remain completely their own, provided that these are not illegal, criminal and inhuman or inhuman etc.. 14) Wenn sich Menschen der FIGU und deren Lehre anschliessen, müssen sie sich deshalb nicht von Familienmitgliedern, Bekannten und Freunden trennen, denn die FIGU ist eine Freie Interessengemeinschaft, in der restlos alle Interessen der Mitglieder auch deren eigene sind und bleiben, insofern diese nicht gesetzwidrig, kriminell und menschenfeindlich oder menschenverachtend usw. sind.
15) In the FIGU there are no rules which are determined by a higher authority and must be accepted without contradiction, because in principle rules and regulations are discussed in the FIGU core group and decided only by a unanimity of all present members, while in the passive groups the majority of votes applies. 15) In der FIGU existieren keine Regeln, die von einer höheren Autorität bestimmt werden und widerspruchslos akzeptiert werden müssen, denn grundsätzlich werden Regeln und Verordnungen in der FIGU-Kerngruppe besprochen und nur durch eine Einstimmigkeit aller anwesenden Mitglieder beschlossen, während in den Passiv-Gruppen die Stimmenmehrheit gilt.
16) In the FIGU, as in every club, there is a certain order, as there must be in every family if it is to function properly, but this does not mean a principle of unfaltering discipline, which would require an unfaltering obeying of an authority or allow no mistakes. 16) In der FIGU ist wie in jedem Verein eine bestimmte Ordnung gegeben, wie das auch in jeder Familie der Fall sein muss, wenn sie richtig funktionieren soll, doch bedeutet das kein Prinzip einer unbeugsamen Disziplin, die ein unbeugsames Gehorchen einer Autorität gegenüber bedingen oder keine Fehler zulassen würde.
17) In the FIGU, private things can be done by the members, whether they are useful or not, and it is also possible to separate oneself from others in order to cultivate one's own interests, so that there would not be a strict order which would allow only one principle of absolute community, because the freedom of the individual human being is guaranteed in every respect. 17) In der FIGU können von den Mitgliedern private Dinge getan werden, ob sie nutzvoll sind oder nicht, wobei es auch möglich ist, sich von anderen abzusondern, um eigene Interessen zu pflegen, folglich also nicht eine strikte Ordnung herrschen würde, die einzig ein Prinzip der absoluten Gemeinschaft zuliesse, denn die Freiheit des einzelnen Menschen ist in jeder Beziehung gewährleistet.
18) In the FIGU the time must and must not be given only for the mission, consequently this must not only be made available to the FIGU, but must also be used for the private leisure time and for the private life. 18) In der FIGU muss und darf die Zeit nicht nur für die Mission gegeben sein, folglich diese nicht nur der FIGU zur Verfügung gestellt sein darf, sondern auch für die private Freizeit und für das Privatleben genutzt werden muss.
19) If members in the FIGU have doubts about the doctrine with regard to its reality, truth and effectiveness, then these are very well taken into consideration and can be discussed, whereby also the own opinion of each person is considered and recognized and also everything is thoroughly clarified, without influencing, threatening or compulsive manipulations. 19) Treten in der FIGU bei Mitgliedern Zweifel an der Lehre auf in bezug auf deren Wirklichkeit, Wahrheit und Wirksamkeit, dann werden diese sehr wohl berücksichtigt und können besprochen werden, wobei auch die eigene Meinung jeder Person berücksichtigt und anerkannt und auch alles gründlich geklärt wird, und zwar ohne beeinflussende, drohende oder zwangsmässige Manipulationen.
20) In the FIGU the rule applies that every person who is interested out of his own interest is not missionized for the 'Teaching of Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of Life' and must decide for himself for or against the teaching, whereby it is absolutely released to him how much time he needs for his decision, consequently it can be hours, days, weeks, months, years or even decades - if at all. 20) In der FIGU gilt die Regel, dass jeder sich aus eigenem Interesse interessierende Mensch nicht für die ‹Lehre der Wahrheit, Lehre des Geistes, Lehre des Lebens› missioniert wird und sich selbst für oder wider die Lehre entscheiden muss, wobei ihm absolut freigesetzt ist, wieviel Zeit er für seine Entscheidung benötigt, folglich es also Stunden, Tage, Wochen, Monate, Jahre oder gar Jahrzehnte sein können – wenn überhaupt.
21) In the FIGU every human being is given the importance and the right to spend enough time to learn about something that has been heard or read in the teachings of the Spirit and to learn about something that has been taught or read in the teachings of the Spirit. Only by really dealing with the teaching in a profound intellectual and emotional way, by making one's own thoughts and feelings about everything, and by opening oneself to one's way of life, one's shaping of life and one's goal in life out of one's very own interest and will, can one find and make known reality and its truth. 21) In der FIGU ist jedem Menschen die Wichtigkeit und das Recht gegeben, genügend Zeit aufzuwenden, um über etwas Gehörtes oder Gelesenes der Geisteslehre resp. der ‹Lehre der Wahrheit, Lehre des Geistes, Lehre des Lebens› gründlich nachzudenken, denn nur dadurch, dass der Mensch sich wirklich tiefgreifend gedanklich-gefühlsmässig mit der Lehre befasst, sich seine eigenen Gedanken und Gefühle über alles macht, wie auch, dass er sich selbst für seine Lebensführung, Lebensgestaltung sowie sein Lebensziel aus einem ureigenen Interesse und Wollen öffnet, kann ihn die Wirklichkeit und deren Wahrheit finden und erkennen lassen.
SSSC, 28 September 2014, 18.16 hrs SSSC, 28. September 2014, 18.16 h

Core Group of 49 (CG49) / Kerngruppe der 49 (KG49)

Source: (PDF) (External)

English German
With a maximum of 49 members, the Core Group is responsible for the management and maintenance of its own centre, and for all activities that are useful to achieve the determinations in accordance with the natural-creational laws and recommendations within FIGU‘s scope.
Furthermore, the CG49 at the Semjase Silver Star Center (MotherCentre)(SSSC) is responsible for the evolutionary guidance and growth of all other centres worldwide (so-called daughter-centres), and for other FIGU groups. However, the members of these daughter-centres bear responsibility for their own actions. (Centres in foreign countries have to use these Statutes as a basis and to adapt them to the laws of their own country.)
Sie ist als Kern-Gemeinschaft mit maximal 49 Mitgliedern zuständig für den Betrieb und Unterhalt des eigenen Centers und für alle Aktivitäten, welche zur Zielerreichung nach naturgemäss-schöpferischen Gesetzen und Geboten im Rahmen der FIGU dienlich sind.
Die KG49 des Semjase-Silver-Star-Centers (Mutter-Center) ist zudem verantwortlich für die evolutionsgemässe Führung und Weiterbildung aller anderen weltweiten Center, sogenannten Tochter-Centers, sowie

der anderen FIGU-Gruppen. Für ihr eigenes Handeln tragen die Mitglieder der Tochter-Center jedoch selbst die Verantwortung. (Auslands-Center haben diese Statuten als Basis zu nehmen und gemäss ihren Landesgesetzen anzupassen.)

Secondary Core Group (SCG) / Sekundär-Kerngruppe (SKG)

Source: (PDF) (External)

English German
The SCG, with a maximum of 210 members, executes the instructions and all business aspects as directed by the appropriate CG49. The SCG has its own administration but is subject to constant guidance and monitoring by the Mother-Centre. The SCG instructs its study group in the spiritual teaching and is responsible for its local Passive Group. Mit ihren maximal 210 Mitgliedern erledigt sie die praktische Durchführung der Weisungen und aller Geschäfte, wie sie von der zuständigen KG49 vorgegeben werden. Sie hat ihre eigene Verwaltung, steht jedoch unter ständiger Führung und Kontrolle des Mutter-Centers. Sie

unterrichtet die Studien-Gruppe in der Geisteslehre und betreut auch die lokale Passiv-Gruppe.

Passive Group (PG) / Passiv-Gruppe (PG)

Source: (PDF) (External)

English German
The Passive Group consists of single persons or corporate bodies who, through their membership and support, give witness of their willingness to be introduced to the spiritual teaching by the FIGU Core Groups, and to seek and follow their own evolutionary path in accordance with the natural-creational regulation.
Students of the “Spirit Lessons“, without exception, must be FIGU Passive Group or Patron members.
The Passive Groups annually support their local centres through prescribed financial sums, personal work efforts, and voluntary advancement of an ideational[16] and material nature.
Sie besteht aus natürlichen und juristischen Personen, die durch Mitgliedschaft und Unterstützung ihren Willen bekunden, sich durch die FIGU-Kerngruppen in die Geisteslehre einführen zu lassen und in naturgemäss-schöpferischer Ordnung den eigenen Evolutionsweg zu finden und zu gehen.
Studierende der Geisteslehre müssen zwingend Passiv-Gruppe- oder Gönner-Mitglied sein.
Die Passiv-Gruppen unterstützen ihr Center jährlich durch vorgeschriebene finanzielle Beiträge und persönliche Arbeitsleistungen sowie durch freiwillige weitere Förderung ideeller und materieller Art.


The FIGU members and visitors to the SSSC sit in a seat or kneel or cross-legged with their eyes closed around a copper pyramid and sing or speak a tibetan indian style mantra similar to this recording: but they instead speak the Peace Meditation, however according to Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8, page 210, this is not a sect-like activity of the FIGU and to even suggest it is envious, hateful and uneducated. But this mantra meditation is not typically known to be conducted by FIGU, some have found it strange upon signing up to be a passive member that they then have to go to Switzerland and conduct mantra, because Michael Horn had told them it was about UFO’s they never knew this is what the members did.

Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8, page 210

60. those who call the association a sect are either pathologically envious, vengeful, know-it-all, hateful or simply uneducated.

61 A sect has nothing whatsoever to do with what the association FIGU is doing.

62. The term sect represents in every case a politically or religiously conditioned community or grouping, or a world view community equal to it.

63. This also includes philosophical communities or groupings which, like the other communities or groupings, have split off from the mother community, and have rejected their teachings and / or supplement them with their special disclosures.

64. A sect always has a form of totalitarianism and takes omniscience and salvation for itself.

65. A sect is also presided over by an authority; a male or female person who lays claim to <being chosen> and who teaches that his word is law and commandment - given to him by a power superior to him, who in the religious sect, are God, Jesus Christ, angels or saints.

66 The sects and their teachers and leaders follow their own forms of devotion, life and organization, as well as ritual and cult forms that differ from their community of origin.

67 In many cases sects are tremendously fundamentalist, conservative, narrow-minded, fanatical and radical as well as intolerant, blind believer and even wrong and only related to their own advantages.

68. Thinking outside the norms of their sectarian teachings is foreign to them or simply forbidden, because the real truth can't be found.

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  1. Regarding a change to the meaning of the FIGU acronym abbreviation in 2016-18, see FIGU forum comment
  2. Volk is the German word for people
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  7. A Wesen is an independently existing life form with its own individuality and personality in an impulse-based, instinct based or conscious consciousness-form with evolution possibilities that are specifically directed towards everything, and with its own physical, psychical (relating to the psyche), conscious, part-conscious, unconscious, impulse- or instinct-based development-forms (human being, animal, creature and plants).
  8. Ein Wesen ist eine selbständig existierende Lebensform mit eigener Individualität und Persönlichkeit in impulsmässiger, instinktmässiger oder bewusster Bewusstseinsform mit spezifisch auf alles ausgerichteten Evolutionsmöglichkeiten und mit eigenen physischen, psychischen, bewussten, teilbewussten, unbewussten, impuls- oder instinktmässigen Entwicklungsformen (Mensch, Tier, Getier und Pflanze).
  9. From the 488th contact between Ptaah and Billy, Monday 22nd Feb. 2010
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    e.g. Kelch 3:2 - Gewalt of forgiveness
    Kelch: 3:181 – with evil Gewalt
  10. Aus 488. Kontakt zwischen Ptaah und Billy, Montag, 22. Februar 2010
    Ptaah ‹‹Was du eben gesagt hast, entspricht exakt dem, was auch mir durch unsere Sprachwissenschaftler erklärt wurde. Weiter wurde ich belehrt, dass der lateinische Begriff ‹Violent› aus dem altlyranischen ‹Filent› stammt, was ‹heftig› bedeutet. Der Begriff wurde im Laufe der Zeit weiter verändert und in verfälschender Weise auch in andere Sprachen aufgenommen und irreführend als ‹Gewalt› ausgelegt. Gewalt aber hat nichts mit ‹heftig› und ‹Heftigkeit› zu tun, denn der altlyranische Begriff in bezug auf ‹Gewalt› bedeutet ‹Gewila›, und der wird definiert als ‹mit allen zur Verfügung stehenden zwingenden Mitteln, körperliche, psychische, mentale und bewusstseinsmässige Kräfte, Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten zu nutzen, um ungeheure Taten und Handlungen durchzuführen und auszuüben›. Das ist die Definition von ‹Gewalt›, wie sie durch unsere Sprachwissenschaftler erklärt wird››.
    z.B. Kelch 3:2 - Gewalt der Vergebung
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