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This page is for Arus I or "Arus the First"[1]. Arus appears through out contact 9 and contact 70. He is described as an Jschwjsch although is termed "The Barbarian"[2] for what is described in contact 70 as an "extremely bestial and barbarous disposition, and his power was feared."

Arus commanded "200 high-grade scientists","which he made sub-leaders"[3]. "In a lightning action (in this context, in a beamship from space) they fell upon the Earth, robbing, murdering, and taking possession of the land". They "conquered the distant land in the northern regions, where the climate was moderate and very good." "These were those regions","which were far in the north, before an upset of the Earth shifted its axis, so that the then regions exist today where you name Florida." Contact 70 also describes the descendants of Arus, "Arus the Eleventh, as a very distant descendent of Arus the First, was murdered in his old age many thousands of years later"[4],"by his third-born son Jehavon, after which this one took over command of the hater-people, in order to rule these and three Earthly peoples."[5]

These "three Earthly peoples" are incidentally described in contact 9."These were the ancestors of those who today are known as "Indians"; then the (fair-skinned) inhabitants who had settled around the Black Sea; and the third were the Gypsies along the south of the Mediterranean Sea, who were called Hebrews."[6]

"Through his guard-angels, IHWH ARUS subjected these races and forced them under his control."[7] Though contact 70 refers to Arus within the context of the "three Earthly peoples" as a descendant. Of which, "his son "JEHAV", who took over his dominion was little better for he too, as IHWH, demanded only blood and death from the three enslaved races." [8]


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