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The Great Barrier Reef seen from space. Earths largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 individual islands. The water in this area will be too deep for this to continue to exist at this exact location by the end of the millennium.[1]
Much of the Atlantic coast of the United States seen from space. From Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C almost to Rhode island. Long Island and New York lower right quadrant, Pennsylvania near centre. Two Russian spacecraft in foreground. Much of this coastline will be washed away in the coming time.[2]
The Himalayas seen from space. The mountain range in Asia separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. Several Earthquakes in this region have been used as markers for other events in our future.[3]
David Attenborough, a history of particularly good narration of instructional documentaries about Earths faunal and floral life. BBC Television. The producers of the television productions around the world have raised concerns about overpopulation.

Orbit - A journey around Earth in real-time (UHD) (Youtube external link)

  • 646 billion years ago Earth's gases came together through a densification process.
  • 46 billion years ago the solid body of Earth began to form.
  • 5 billion years ago Earth first became solid and the first primeval life began.
  • The process of development of the pure-Earth human can be classified into 3 principal phases when it concerns a physically recognisable human.
  1. 8.5-6 million years ago.
  2. 4.8-4.5 million years ago.
    • 4.5 million years ago the human developed reason and understanding
  3. 3.9-1.5 million years ago.
  • 500,000 years ago the first tools were invented.
  • The human races on Earth are a mixture of species that are both indigenous and extraterrestrial in origin.
  • Darwin's theory of evolution was a deception.[4]
    • The ape actually descended from the human primate.[5]
  • Neanderthal
  • The Sol star system contains the planet Earth.
  • Overpopulation


The people who have nothing and have never had anything.
Humans’ early arrival in Britain (External)

The Situation of Earth

The situation of Earth is threatening, and indeed in many different aspects: concerning the overpopulation, the military affairs and arms industry, the contamination of the entire world through poisons of all kind and radioactivity, the felony, might politics, drug addiction, irrational religions, earth-wide mismanagement in all areas, financial exploitation, etc., misuse of chemicals and poisons, terrorism, racial hatred, human trafficking, prostitution, anarchism, irrational evocation of the dead, spirits and demons, acts of war and revolutions, etc., etc. What can be done against this? First and foremost, an immediate reduction of the earthly human population, through a humane form of a worldwide stop in births, with a subsequent follow-up of permanent birth control.

If no stop in births and no birth control is initiated to keep the number of human beings on Earth in bearable limits (529 million would be the normal number of inhabitants on Earth), the problems will increase infinitely, and one terrible thing will entail the next one because the human population grows continually and likewise the problems and become unsolvable. At the same time, the elimination of various damages, according to their cause and effect, is of irrevocable necessity and a most urgent requirement.

The Plejaren themselves suggested that the following important measures be taken to end the destruction of Earth:

  • As mentioned, for several years there must be an absolute stop in birth followed by a permanent birth control.
  • Immediate end of ALL exploitation of the earth, including the exploitation of the forests and the devastation of entire landscapes, etc., until a bearable, acceptable level for the earth has been reached.
  • Stop of all nuclear tests.
  • Stop of production for the abuse of certain narcotic drugs, other drugs and nature- and life-damaging chemicals and poisons and every misuse.
  • Destruction of all existing nuclear power stations.
  • Stop of mismanagement of any kind.
  • Furthermore abolition of wrong politics and irrational religions in the current inadequate forms, which are against nature and the Creation.
  • Formation of a global unity government in a unity-democratic form.
  • Dissolution of all war-directed military blocks, and of all political and military secret services.
  • Dissolution and prevention of all war activities and revolutions, etc.
  • Abolition of the torture and the capital punishment and of all other life- and Earth-burdening and -affecting badnesses and shortcomings of all kind.
  • Formation of a worldwide and peoples-connecting and peoples-protecting troops of order and of security, consisting of members from all existing peoples and races on Earth.
  • Global spreading of the laws and recommendations of the Creation and the learning and following of the resulting mode of life which is in accordance with the Creation and therefore also human and human-worthy.
  • Worldwide furtherance and realisation of the compensation of all the created damages caused to the land, forests, meadows, water, atmosphere, plants, human beings, animals and other creatures, and microorganisms.[6]

Effective steps

Completely new and effective steps must finally be taken in all areas of assistance to human beings, fauna, flora, nature and the planet.

On one hand, the evils and problems which exist presently must be combated and eliminated successfully, so that their origins may never spread again.

Old fashioned remedies to fight evil and damage, to sooth misery etc. are either outmoded or completely senseless and ineffectual. They must be replaced by methods and actions which can combat the great evils, misery and destruction and will be able to be master of all situations.

Organizations and politicians discover and formulate only ineffectual partial solutions, which are minimal for the aid and removal of these conditions. This corresponds to very little in reference to effectiveness. It can be proved that 40,000 children die of hunger on earth every day, not including the unknown cases of the direct hunger victims which include at least another 20,000 to 40,000 victims.

On the endangered species list of animals living in the wild, over 50,000 kinds are listed, of which 300 kinds disappear every year or die, due to the fault of the human beings.

Seals can not be saved from mass slaughter by the childish actions of spraying them with paint, but solely and alone by effective measures and proper thinking and actions.

The problems of energy and hunger can not be solved with the building of new energy plants, or by transporting food to the areas of famine. With the constant increase in population these evils can never be eliminated when the insane production of descendants is not stopped Any new established source of energy will stop as soon as the population has geometrically increased again, and is in need of additional energy. This is similar to the necessary food supply for the hungry. The more food that is produced the more it is needed and used by uncountable descendants, who can not be fed in this way. Hence the only possibility to eliminate these evils, lies in a multi-year enforcement of birth control throughout the world, calculated according to fertile soil and the number of inhabitants in a particular state.[7]

Protection of waters

The extinction of our waters, rivers, streams, lakes and the oceans, has taken on an alarming dimension. Due to the abnormal use of artificial fertilizer and other chemicals, our waters are deprived of oxygen, which leads to the rapid extinction of water animals and to the development of slime. These developments are not the only dangerous and life threatening. Equally as dangerous and life threatening is the unnatural heating of waters by atomic power plants.

Our largest waters, the oceans, are not only irresponsibly exploited, but in a short time, will also be completely contaminated by oil, through chemicals, by radio-active waste etc., which are irresponsibly and thoughtlessly dumped into the oceans, and there, in the depth of the oceans, they do their malicious and destructive work!

Energy forms which are gentle on the environment and new methods for gaining raw materials.

Scientists should be motivated to channel their efforts to search for energy forms which are gentle to the environment and do justice to nature, such as solar energy and wind energy etc., instead of concentrating in the area of weapons research and war materials. All newly achieved sources for energy and raw materials must "do justice to nature and be gentle on the environment and all lifeforms". They must never be used to disadvantage the Earth, nor used, not even at a minimum, against nature and the lifeforms on Earth.

In order for the efforts and research of environmentally safe energy and raw material crowned with success, an immediate and controlled birth control plan must be activated through out the world. The constant increase in population continues to demand more and more energy.[8]


see Overpopulation

The truth [in perspective] is that Earth is a wondrous planet, but it has only the capacity to support and feed in every way and in abundance 529 million people.[9][10][11][12]

  • The recommendation of a family having no more than 3 children is based on the planet’s available arable land. Based on the limit of 529 million, which results in the effect that humankind then can live in a surplus of food etc.[13]
  • The limit of 3 children would ensure that the popluation remains stable since there are couples who voluntarily have less, or even no children.[14]
  • This maximum of 3 children per marriage/couple already occurs in a human population and this average is already within the normal range without overpopulation.[15]
  • Having less than 3 children, or even none, is good for the planet and advisable, at least as long as the population is over the 529 million or up to the 1 billion limit.[16]

  • The correct way is voluntary action by self-education, recognising and knowing there is a problem and choosing voluntarily not to have children or choosing to limit the number of offspring one brings into the world by individual choice and personal preference, but only if the individual is self-aware of why and has made that choice and to use a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.[citation needed]
  • The wrong way by contrast is to kill, mass kill or to initiate war, hope for epidemic, hope for natural disasters, rely on voluntary suicide, rely on non-education to induce natural selection, dependencies on a depreciation of localised environmental conditions to hopefully bring about the cognition that its unsuitable for a child after learning the hard way, reliance on the forces of economic holding capacity to eventually limit choice or to allow everything to get so out of control eventually that a loud wild angry disastrous every man for himself revolution becomes initiated which is then unstoppable at that stage.

Food importation

Independence from food importation from foreign countries

Above all, local products shall be used. Our farmers should not continue to destroy great parts of their harvest for the sake of subsidy. Such practices are witness to utter unscrupulousness. In Switzerland the farmer can count on an average income of 50,000 franks, which really should be enough even without subsidy.

Farmers who destroy their whole harvest or only a small part of it, shall be delivered to the proper authorities from this time onward.

Food from foreign countries shall and may be imported only when it is otherwise not possible, when that particular food can not be grown locally for any reason (climate conditions) or when not enough of the food is available.

Independence from foreign countries on the food market can also be influenced substantially by the individual citizen who has a piece of his own land that he cultivates and where he can grow his own food.

The use of food from your own countries and to stop import.

Rather than using exotic fruits, vegetables and imported foods, we must increase the use of our own products, which often lend themselves to the most tasty and healthy dishes. By the preferred use of local products we can also put a stop to farmers destroying their crops because they lack a suitable market for their products.[17]

Reduction of air travel

The use of super sized airplanes is to be stopped at once. The contamination and burden of the atmosphere by these planes can not be justified by any means. During the flight of a plane with 310 seats, which is usually only partly occupied, exhaust fumes per hour are created equaling the exhaust fumes of 800 VolksWagon automobiles. These in flight exhaust figures do not even take into account the fumes created during take-off and landing.

This is also true for the acceleration of rockets, except that they emit even larger amounts of exhaust fumes putting an even greater burden upon the environment. (Average use of fuel by a moonrocket = 29 tons per second).[18]

Limitation of private transportation

Where private transportation is not absolutely necessary to live and work, it must be limited, and whenever possible must be forbidden all together. In place of this, a public means of transportation must be developed, improved and used to be safe for the environment. The contamination of the atmosphere must be avoided at all costs, such as the prohibition of driving on Sundays, as well as a ban on pleasure trips and drinking sprees etc.[19]


Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte - Contact Report 582 - excerpt

Ptaah: ...Every Empire and Kingdom, as well as every republic - even if they call themselves democratic - correspond to no more than dictatorships, because in these, only those who have might, who themselves are able to make determinations, prevail with Gewalt and coercion. In addition, I must say - how you have already mentioned this now and then -, that even Switzerland is not an actual direct democracy, because as long as the people, solely and exclusively, do not decide in every respect, i.e. has the first and the last word, as you had said this once, but rather that only the government decides certain things, as well as diverse parties have different views and represent varying interests in an unambiguous matter, so long can it not be spoken of as a direct democracy, but rather just a partial democracy. With that said, what I declare, I will not, can not and may not interfere with the politics of Switzerland, because with my statement I only make that clear, what we Plejaren understand by direct democracy and how, in this wise, we handle it.[20]

For instance

European Union - Contact Report 538 - The European Union is an organization of economic hostility and people’s hostility and is led only by the mightful ones of the state, i.e. governors of the member states. It is nothing more and nothing less than a modern dictatorship suppressing the people and their rights without any democratic laws, ordinances and guidelines, etc.[21]

Future American Civil Wars - Contact Report 215 lines 286 - 287

Brexit - Contact Report 655

Politics - necessary permanent removal in current form

Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte - Contact Report 616 - excerpt

Ptaah: ... and to say with regard to the might of the state, is that this does not belong in the hands of one might-obsessed individual or several might-obsessed rulers, but rather in the hands of predominantly democratic and thus also peaceful and free thinking people. And the fact is, since politics and religions have existed on the Earth, as well as sects, which are both religious as well as of other kinds, that has since led to political, religious and sectarian Ausartungen[22] murdering, wars and terrorism, and namely as a result of the fanaticism and radicalization of the political-, religious- and sectarian-believers. Thus it applies here, that, as long as wrong political forms, religions and sects of all kinds still exist on the earth, from there wars, terrorism as well as murdering, destruction and many misanthropic Ausartungen will emerge in relation to the malicious human modes of behaviour.[23]

Stop the poisoning of the atmosphere

The so called death of trees and forests has been making headlines through out the world is due to an abundance of sulphur dioxide in the air, as well as the acid rain falling from it. The so called "acid rain", has catastrophic effects upon coniferous and deciduous trees, as well as upon many other kinds of life that can not be restored by any means.[24]


More purposeful protectorates must be established, not only for endangered animals, but also for endangered plants of all kinds. Such protectorates, must be divided over the entire planet and nature must be left entirely to it’s own devises.[25]

Contamination with oil and the burning of rubber

The environment must be free of burdens which are created by the transportation of oil by unsuitable means, and the burning of Rubber. wherever possible. Transportation of oil must take place as safely as possible, until it has been replaced by another energy form which is safe for the environment. It is irresponsible and thoughtless to transport oil in ships, that are not suited or safe for such a purpose

Rubber and other materials are a heavy burden on the environment and must not be burned; instead they must be regenerated by logical means and returned for production and use.[26]

Exploitation of raw materials

Raw materials such as crude oil, rocks, metals, chemicals etc. are valuable and indispensable components of our Earth, and take approximately two million years to develop. They must not be exploited under any circumstances, handled senselessly or without thought by profit greedy and power seeking elements. All raw materials are to be replaced by other suitable materials such as (e.g.) silicates etc. as quickly as possible.[27]


Not all earthquakes should be blamed on humankind and its applied technology; many are of purely natural origin and are connected with the natural developmental cycles of Earth, even though the human being must be blamed for triggering some devastating earthquakes, for instance through the construction of artificial lakes, overexploitation of oil and gas, as well as through the construction of gigantic cities.[28]

Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Extreme Weather

Tornadoes and hurricanes are closely connected to Climate Changes often associated with the human being's mismanagement against nature, e.g., the cutting down of entire forests, the construction of river barrages and artificial lakes, the destruction of cultivated land through harmful chemicals and poisons, the overfertilisation and clearing and devastation of land, etc., Atom-bomb tests, the activities and their consequences of nuclear power plants, the burning of fossil energy sources, and the utilisation of modern chemicals and poisons.[29]

Ozone, Ozone Layer and Ozone Holes

The destruction of the ozone layer is caused by the same human carelessness, sloppy work and bungling, mainly through the usage of fluorinated hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, nuclear radiations, and through released exhaust gases etc., from the explosive [combustion] engines (Further reading: Ozone). The growing destruction of the ozone layer, and the resulting dangers, can only be resolved through a rapid global agreement to prohibit the production, use and freeing of all substances, destroying the ozone layer.[30]

Nuclear threat

The nuclear threat is a war-technical insanity of the human beings of Earth and in every sense against the Creation and nature. Moreover, it is the monstrosity of schizophrenic, insane, war-game addicted fools and psychopaths without a trace of responsibility. The military, as well as the peaceful use of nuclear energy, have endless dangers inherent in themselves which the human beings of Earth will not be able to control for a long time to come. Furthermore, radioactive radiations are released through the radioactive decay which are still completely unknown to the earthly scientists of nuclear physics and which they cannot even dream of.[31]

Procedures/Actions against atomic experiments

Atomic experiments must not only be reduced through pacts between countries, but they must be urgently and absolutely forbidden. This ban must be enforced for all atomic experiments, including those that apparently no longer release any radioactivity, for medical life-preserving purposes.[32]

Radioactive waste products

Radioactive waste products and chemical waste, which can only be recycled with great difficulty (such as Cadmium), have to be found and destroyed in such a way that they can no longer become dangerous to the environment, lifeforms or to nature. Radioactive waste does not belong in a bunker nor in the oceans; it may not be buried, deposited or otherwise stored or isolated. An elimination process must be created for radioactive waste, which can not harm the environment, nor human beings.[33]

AIDS - exclusively earthbound disease

The origin of the rampantly spreading disease AIDS lies in Uganda, Africa, from where the disease had spread to Haiti before finding its way to the whole world through sodomistically[34] [bestiality][35] perverted homosexuals. AIDS came about through sodomistical actions with long-tailed monkeys, which naturally carry the AIDS virus in themselves without being detrimental to them. The inception and transmission occurred through acts of sodomy and later also through sodomistic-homosexual activities. The Plejaren have explained that a cure for the disease may only be found by medical researchers on Earth when it is almost too late, as the disease will have spread worldwide by then. They themselves have no medication for this exclusively earthbound disease.[36]

Why are the Plejaren interested in the destiny of Earth

The Plejaren are interested in the destiny of Earth because they feel responsible for the past misdeeds, irrational teachings and irrational religions, misguidance and other badnesses which their Lyranian/lyranischen and Vegan/weganischen ancestors presented and inflicted to the earth-born inhabitants in the early days of the development of the human being of Earth. Already in those early days, the human beings of Earth joyfully accepted the irrational teachings of the extraterrestrials and perfected them licentiously and self-willingly, in their absolute own responsibility up to the point of ausartung,[37] as this ausartung is in danger to grow out of control in all kinds of fields. Therefore, the blame cannot be pushed solely onto the extraterrestrials, but must mostly and explicitly be searched for in the complete willingness of the human beings of Earth, because they invented and over-fulfilled the measure of all terrible things, whereas the extraterrestrials only brought the bad things of the delusional leading. Nonetheless, the Plejaren feel responsible for the wrongdoing of their very early ancestors, as well as for the incurring ausartungen[38] of the human being of Earth who has opened the floodgates to all this insanity through his/her conscienceless willingness and imperiousness, and until now has been wallowing in terrestrial delightfulness and pleasures ever since.[39]


Religion as the human being of Earth knows and practises it, in form of his/her worship of god, worship of saints, and belief in gods, is an abomination to the Plejaren. They consider this form of religion something that is at all times unprovable and contradicts all true and logical foundations of the creational laws and recommendations and the rationality and the intellect and is built up on a blind belief based on cult activities that are strange to the Creation, as well as irrational teachings, lies and falsifications. Religion in the sense and understanding of the human being of Earth is completely against, strange to and breaking the true and primal Creation-teaching and manifests a deprivation of the consciousness-based freedom of the human being. So religion also represents a brutal, felonious and exploitative enslavement of the human consciousness, up to the complete dependence, bondage and lack of will, all the way to the uncontrollable fanaticism and insanity, pathological demonic obsession and complete irrational mental dumbing down.[40]

What is this legend that 3 million years ago 144,000 Plejaren souls incarnated on Earth to further the development of this planet

This legend has no truth in it whatsoever. The first extraterrestrials who came to Earth were not Plejaren but human beings from worlds which exist in another dimension in the area of the Lyra and Vega systems. The first Lyranians/Lyraner, together with the Vegans/Weganer, came to Earth for the first time 22 million years ago. Their stay here was very brief and they took off to other star forms and planets, and their further history remains mostly in the dark, although shock troops came to visit Earth every now and then.

Approximately 389,000 years ago, several million Lyranians/Lyraner and Vegans/Weganer again took off from their home worlds, got into the space-time configuration of our dimension, and came to Earth where they mixed with the earthly human life forms, created descendants in a normal kind and wise as well as through genetic manipulations by genetic engineers. Through the normal procreation, lyranian-earthly mixed descendants came into being, whereas through the genetic manipulation human-animals and animal-humans as well as giants, titans and all sorts of other creatures were created. Over the hundreds and thousands of years these creatures were displaced again or died out because they were not procreative or because the conditions of life were deadly for them.

These many millions of Lyranians/Lyraner and Vegans/Weganer, who had left their home worlds, were headed by 144,207 leader personalities and sub-leaders, etc., who ruled over their followers in a rather hierarchic form, and this might they also transferred onto the human beings of Earth, with whom they had come together to create descendants of various kinds. These 144,207 leader and sub-leader personalities were actually ringleaders who were then decisively responsible that lots of misdeeds, irrational teachings and irrational religions could come up and take root on Earth and amongst human beings. But the leaders not only brought terrible and erroneous things and misdeeds to Earth against their better knowledge, but also many good things of the handicraft, the philosophy and the thinking, the medicine and technology and many other things. Therefore these 144,207 spirit-forms of these ancient Lyranians/Lyraner and Vegans/Weganer were not reincarnated on Earth from another planet in order to further the development of this planet and they were also not Plejaren, but simply Lyranians/Lyraner and Vegan/Weganer. It was much later that the descendants of the splinter space-traveller groups of Lyra and Vega called themselves Plejaren – these splinter groups stayed away from Earth, while the other travellers from Lyra and Vega settled on Earth –, after suitable habitable worlds had been discovered and colonised in the area of the Plejaren. These worlds, however, just like the Lyranian/lyranischen and Vegan/weganischen planets, are located outside of our space-time configuration, so therefore in another dimension, a mere fraction of a second off our space-time configuration. On the Pleiades star cluster in our present time and space there exists no life whatsoever because the Pleiades are still at a very early stage in their development.

Of course the immigrated Lyranians/Lyraner and Vegans/Weganer, as well as the 144,207 leader personalities remained on Earth. Consequently they died over the course of time on Earth, in order to incarnate again and again over all the time since then into human bodies on Earth, however, without any memory of their former lives, as this is given for all human life forms through creational laws and recommendations, so that there will be no chaos and confusion in the human thinking and feeling. Nonetheless, all these fallible ones who had come to Earth, were unified by an Jschwjsch, and were taught all the necessary creational laws and recommendations as well as guidelines, etc. through which the fallible ones, in particular the 144,207 ringleaders, agreed to make good again in later incarnations the damages wrought. At the same time, they created a codex for themselves and all followers, through which they should suffer from severest measures if they break from their oath of compensation and the thereof resulting mission. This codex has been created for all the future times until the day the compensation will be completed. (In the meantime the codex has been fulfilled and is, therefore, out of function [remark 1998].)

Therefore, the 144,207 human beings, besides countless followers, are integrated into this codex up to the current time and far beyond into the future, in order to fulfil the mission of the compensation. In the new time, the bearers of the codex are gathering anew, lead and guided through the impulses of the codex becoming efficacious in them, through the teaching of the creational laws and recommendations, and through the help of the Plejaren, who feel themselves jointly responsible for the fulfilment of this mission. I, Eduard Albert Meier, called Billy, act as middleman between the Plejaren and the bearers of the codex as well as the majority of the human beings of Earth. In ancient times, I, as human being with a higher developed spirit-form, offered myself voluntarily for this mission and task and received an appropriate education. It is necessary to mention, that out of the fact of the former 144,207 ringleaders and their history the wrong christian-religious and sectarian legend of the supposed 144,000 chosen ones resulted, i.e. was invented. This was accomplished by irresponsible sectarians in order to bind there-through believers and other misguided followers to wrong religions and other cults and sects, in order to be able to exploit them, in every possible form, to the last drop of blood.[41]

Summary of the Plejaren message to the Earth human being

Leading back the earthly humankind from the guidance into the unreal and wrong mode of life, wrong philosophies and the turning-away from the creational laws and recommendations and the ausartungen[42] in all fields of badness, shortcomings, irrational religions and deviancies of all kind etc. – brought about through the old Lyranians/Lyraner and Vegans/Weganer, and which were created willingly, joyfully, irresponsibly and consciencelessly through the human being of Earth – towards the right mode of life which is in accordance with the creational laws, recommendations and guidelines.[43]

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Q&A [Show/Hide]

Q: Can Plejaren technological beliefs be as dangerous as God beliefs?

A: Theoretically yes. Example, there are stories in the Contact Reports of them walking around Earth since known history began invisibly. It's theoretically dangerous to believe a technology is hypothetically possible when we in reality have not even found the basic entrance for such a scientific progression yet. Perhaps this is why Ptaah apologised to Billy once[citation needed] for not more being done about the hoax portrayal.

Q: How stupid is giving aid to poverty and benefits to homeless while preventing decent persons getting the right jobs and crippling the ability to progress?

A: Well it probably is stupid because there is only ever a small quantity of decent people available, so making it too difficult for them to get along sensibly in life and then taking their hard earned tax money to give to poverty in the third-world and paying for homelessness instead of giving out homes away from the area, well that all is probably stupid, but then again we’re overpopulated and have a very stupid social system anyway. It is still a medieval system if we look closely at what is going on. But look at any place on earth and they have not made much progress in a thousand years. I mean look at Switzerland, which should be a good example, the Swiss are very primitive stupid people if we’re proportioning this to the Plejaren and what they have achieved and developed. And Swiss should be one of the best examples. We have a very long way to go as yet, so don’t alienate yourself, get wishful toward the real challenges humanity faces.

Earth in the Contact Reports

Most of the Contact Reports are about Earth, but here are some specifically about the actual planet Earth.

During Contact Report 248, Ptaah explains several things to Billy in relation to Earth.

  • The first flowers bloomed on Earth about 450 million years ago. The oldest fossils of flowers discovered by the Plejaren Federation on Earth are 308 million years old.
  • The first health illnesses and diseases appeared on Earth approximately 4.5 million years ago. To which the early forms of humans or pre-humans were afflicted.
  • The early forms of humans were upright walking hominid tree dwellers and ground inhabitants, these beings arose on the Earth at different times, so no single measure of time can be specified. But these beings were not yet filled with reason and understanding in the way that the actual first human was, who even disposed of cognitive reason and a recognizable consciousness.[44]


Contact Report 039

43. The proportional beauty of the Earth human being was already recognized in ancient Greece, which is why the human beings surpassing this standard of beauty were called ADONIS [good-looking ones].

44. At that time, the Earth human being was somewhat wild, so the real beauty was only recognized in a few, while those, through whom it was recognized, were called the beautiful ones, if I use the current Earth human terms for it.

45. At the present time, however, since the Earth human being has discarded his greatest wildness and consciously cares for his appearance, his given beauty comes to validity in its entire appearance, so today, in this regard, the majority of Earth humanity can be spoken of as Adonis forms.

46. This refers to the Earth human being’s physiognomic, shape-related and proportional appearance.

47. The Earth human being is one of the most well-proportioned and best-looking human life forms in the Universe, who is only somewhat surpassed by his actual ancestors, who have reached the best possible perfection in proportional regard.

48. The difference, however, is no longer very great because the material form is subject to limits and cannot be extended.

There is also a phenomenon known as beauty delusion which requires reference.

List of interesting things about Earth that the majority of its human population doesn't know about

Guardian of the earth.jpg

That the female is more intelligent than the male

  • Contact Report 211 - Cannot accept even if just once, the fact that the female gender is blessed with more intelligence.[45]

Basic principles of and the meaning of life

  • Lacks understanding of Freedom[46] - Our unexamined beliefs and assumptions keep us fettered.[47]
  • Little or no education about the meaning of life offered during the education.[48]
  • Unaware of the true knowledge of the natural laws and recommendations of the Creation Universal Consciousness.[49]
  • Unaware of incarnation.[50]
  • Unaware of consciousness after death.[51]
  • Contact Report 540 - Generally, the people are kept unknowing quite consciously because the more unknowing and knowledge-based dumber the human beings are, the easier they can be exploited, controlled, subjugated and treated as fools, and indeed both by religions and sects, i.e. their representatives and gurus, as well as by multinational corporations, scientists, conglomerates, diverse organizations and above all, by public authorities and governments.[52]

Earths North Pole is today over Greenland and in a thousand years time will be over todays Sudan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

  • Contact Report 540 - During the last 150 years Earth's magnetic (geomagnetic) fluctuations have been disturbed and has changed strength and been displaced. The change (technical in nature) in strength has already weakened by around 10 percent. This decrease is due to happen still further by around 6 percent per century.[53]

Individuals from several groups of extraterrestrials who have lived and or still live on Earth

  • Individuals from the Plejaren Federation have lived on Earth at various times throughout history.[54]
  • All Plejarans that live or have lived on Earth have learnt several terrestrial languages.[55]
  • Contact Report 031 - The Plejaren use a translation device to transform a spoken language instantly as its spoken into the local language. However Ptaah has mastered spoken Greek.[56]
  • Ptaah learned ancient Greek in Greece a couple of hundred years ago.[57]
  • Ptaah lived as an illegal extra-expatriate in Greece during the 17th century but it should be noted that he did so honourably, engaging a self-learning study of local traditions, ways and values out of which a great interest in the Minoan history developed. He owns many books that are written in ancient Greek.[58]

  • Contact Report 251 - Individuals of the Ancient Lyrian people lived and still live on Earth.[59]
  • Contact Report 159 - the introduction of [the various] language[s] on the Earth happened when the first cosmonauts resided on this world, who mixed themselves with the earthly human life forms, [but] who still weren't strong in their own language.[60]

  • A group named Bafath and Giza Intelligences which have now been forceably removed by the Plejaren Federation because they were secretly preparing criminal activities by clearing the way for a world war, out of which they were planning some kind of deplorable rule.[61]

  • Contact Report 230 - Rapa Nui a small volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean was home to Extraterrestrials.[62]
  • They were refugees who had travelled a great distance and used the island as an unsuspecting refuge by those who were pursuing them. Employing the Polynesian local inhabitants by revealing instructions and understandings to them with regard to how the still very primitive Earth humans could develop and build a special technology, from the simplest means, their own devices and primitive machines for their use. Its notably incomprehensible to the Plejaren Federation that they openly got involved with Earth humans who were still so primitive, which is how they concluded that they must have been refugees seeking an unsuspecting hiding location.[63]

  • 4387 individuals from The Peoples Union of Bardan dishonourably committed Suicide in Russia in 1908 by distasteful order of their home planets governing body. They contracted various diseases and sexually transmitted infections from the local people. This is no reflection on the Russian nor Mongolian people as these various diseases are common in all nations. They were not invited, didn't have the correct documentation and resided illegally in these territories.[64]
  • The quick extinguishment of their lives in an atomic sized explosion had dishonourable consequences, it destroyed and devastated 2,000 km² of native forests, wildlife, flora and fauna. Radiated the soil and released deadly pollutants into the atmosphere which affected and harmed local residents health as well those that lived much further away as the particulates traversed the continent through the jetstream, as well as polluted rivers and contaminated local water sources.[65]
  • The national testing of atomic weapons has by no means justified the actions of this minority.[66]

  • An individual gentlemen by the name of Gilgamesh lives somewhere on Earth today, the exact details of which have to be concealed for privacy reasons. His lifespan amounts to many thousands of years, has to work, has engaged a number of professions over the course of our recent history to provide for himself which requires knowledge of language and interpersonal relationships and in this way evidence inside this fact shows an assimilation with Earths values, traditions, social engagements and characteristics, which demonstrates an honour as well as a respect and a compassion for the humans of Earth through a long independent self-study.[67]

  • An unknown number of rarely appearing interdimensional humanoid beings named 'Skrill' and 'Skrill-Wesen'[68] capable of changing dimensions at will using their brain. Which may have been involved in a number of dishonourable even distasteful exchanges and abuses.[69]

Individuals from several groups of extraterrestrials who have visited Earth, flown into terrestrial airspace

  • There exists various extraterrestrials [humans from another humanity], who fly into terrestrial airspace infrequently and can be observed.[70]
    Most cloak or conceal their flying devices from view.[71]
  • The majority of the observations do not correspond to reality, rather touch upon imaginations, many times are the consequence of science fiction films [CGI] that arouse the susceptible humans to fantasies through which they then see or experience imaginary things in the sky that have nothing to do with reality.[72]
  • In every case caution is recommended in relation to contact with extraterrestrials and with that in relation to the observed UFOs. For a long time not all which was said and asserted was correct. Deceptions can be present during the observations of UFOs and extraterrestrial flying devices.[73]

  • Contact Report 257 - It was firmly established by the military, secret services and highest government positions already by the First and Second World Wars that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. The secrecy was still maintained.[74] ~ History lesson: Foo Fighters - times have changed
    It was always only the very highest positions and officials who were privy to the secrets.[75]
    It was these terrestrial individuals who then concerned themselves with and worked out concealment tactics to deceive most of their subordinates and the entire population.[76]

  • The foreign extraterrestrials (whereby we don't count Plejaren Federation members as foreign, see Political Apathy and Political Alienation) come from the most diverse star systems. As a rule from our galaxy the Milky Way. Exceptions to the rule do exist however but there's only a few, where then extraterrestrials stem from foreign galaxies of millions of light years distance away.[77]
  • There are three foreign groups which form a very great exception, most others have gone on to join the Plejaren Federation at which ever stage in history that may have been. At which point their no longer thought of as foreigners on the basis that the Plejaren Federation have identified themselves. The Plejaren sporadically include the three foreign groups in their observations so can say only little about it because at no time has the area fallen into their field of closer observation.[78][79]

  • There are more examples in Contact Reports and FIGU Bulletins than we can remember how to again locate, reference to list here, but several pages on the wiki attempt to list them such as Planets.[editors encouraged to expand these sections]

Politicians, military and secret services in their irresponsibility, embarrassed their citizens

  • Have openly laughed at the very real threats that their tax payers have or may face in isolation. Failed to officially inform at any level that anyone of us may face a threat in our lives from hostile humans from other worlds, to the extent that today none of us know about the various real risks officially. Some officials have hogwashed the risks others committed crimes such as assassination to rubbish certain individuals claims and to conceal secret national technological programmes.[80]
  • The private sector has not been able to properly adjust and position itself accordingly, placing their citizens at greater risk.[citation needed]
  • Contact Report 424 - "for a long time, we were not able to watch altogether everything pertaining to flights of beings foreign to earth."
    "The fact is, that since 1800 until now 2006 the flying objects observed from outer space solely belonged to us Plejarens and the five others mentioned who joined our federation and those we could not contact and have remained foreign to us."
  • Nations in the European Union have dependently relied on science-fiction narratives to illustrate fantasies to their citizens, in such a way that now their citizens have deluded themselves to the real risks.[citation needed]

Some of the Earth humans were genetically created long ago in another star system and today all share the genetics but in the near future will put the genetics back to normal again

Note: 'Near future' is a matter of individual perspective - a thousand years is considered near future on the Event Timeline.

  • Contact Report 251 - The Sirians of the present day Sirian Alliance who were and still are technically-advanced, in this historical account and for our comprehension of the matter are given the name Creator Overlords, a title not given lightly as the responsibility and legacy of the 'Ancestral Sin'[81] is factored into the assessment. They had lost the ability to fight and defend themselves through their own self genetic manipulation at an even earlier time, during their previous time living in the Lyra star system.
    So they decided to create a new human race with a limited life-span of 100 years.[82] Which were specially prepared so that they would naturally elaborate barbaric traits, tending toward degeneracy and cruelty, with the goal of forming an army of warriors which they could more easily control through natural controls. There were many diplomatic wranglings over the situation, deciding eventually to eliminate them entirely so that no further problems would occur, but of course one thing led to another and many escaped with the help of others from another humanity.[83]
    The new human race, which still exists on Earth to this day. At that time some escaped and settled Earth, Mars and the then Malona. Choosing the Sol star system to hide because it looks unsuspecting as a system that humans would choose to live, its Planets including earth were and still are not particularly suitable for human life due to their air composition not being conducive to prolonging the human longevity, but also because the star is dying.[84]

Dying Sun, not remembering and the continued situation

This is the lofty, very big picture.

  • Much has calmed down and turned toward the better over the time and up to today. Fortunately the Sirian Alliance are no longer looking to wipe clear their historical mistakes and besides we now have our own humanity here.[85]
    The Sun dying was known even back then by various leading scientists and discerning individuals, who determined that we'd inevitably have to leave again whether that would be at some time or another.[86]
    We must first rectify the original genetics inside of us that limits our life span, which leads us to depraved lifestyles etc., before we can do that, to leave. The Plejaren Federation will only allow us to leave and with that to any further communication, once these prerequisites have been met.[87]
    On top of all that a natural law exists in the universe which needless to really explain much, prevents us from knowing anything about our past lives, from remembering our past life.[88]
    Our humanities quick forgetfulness of history is a separate factor aside from this, we move on rapidly, we develop rapidly, evolve and make progress rapidly, see the section below about our rapid development.[89]
The special compound

What you have just read is a very small part of the overview which is the very specialist compound found in Contact Report 251 which is further expanded out in many of the other Contact Reports, which branches out from the history into all the distorted religious relic particulars such as the: Devilish snake - Garden of Eden - Original Sin - God - Meaning of life

All distorted confused and disorientating particulars [religious intellectual products] are woven into the above explanation. And this realisation of deception for its simplicity is why so many Attempts on Billy's Life have occurred. You are most welcome to make sense of it from the original source texts as have been referenced throughout.

Many through out the world have spent many decades of any available spare time, ever since it was first released in published form, studying this special compound of information, even to this day. Several sections of the official FIGU forum are devoted to these specialist detailed particulars, even if the wording has not been quite as special as it has been for the perspective here. There are several strong reasons why individuals have been so attracted to this unique composition. One of these reasons is how it somehow [don't ask us how] mirrors reality in a way none of us have ever experienced before, when we proceeded deeper into this big picture.

Tokyo 1945-3-10-1.jpg

A very accelerated development with a massive overpopulation problem

  • Contact Report 585 - The situation has caused extremely malicious, negative and bad factors, which particularly have arisen regarding atomic-, rocket, drone- and other weapons in general and other technologies as well as chemistry, industrial-, Earth orbit- and communications technologies etc., through which much disaster was brought and will be brought in the future over terrestrial humanity as well as in regard to the planet itself, the entire nature and fauna and flora and the climate.[90]
  • The stupidity, power conduct, greed for profit, and highhandedness, egoism and religious-sectarian faith delusion as well as hate, inhumanity and everywhere ruling illogic etc., allows the understanding and reason of Earthhumans to decline, consequently from all development and all progress in each area enormously much disaster is caused and has even brought about the gross Climate Change.[91]
  • The stupidity of terrestrial responsible scientists, militaries and technologists as well as all of those, who shamefully abuse as filthy profiteers for the sake of power and pleasure, everything to the detriment of all human, animal, insect and plant life and the planet as well as its resources and climate, unfortunately recognizes no limits and in no way whatsoever responsibility.[92]
  • With them belongs also the majority of terrestrial mankind, who just think about their own well-being and do not concern themselves about the fact that gradually however certainly each and every thing is destroyed, consequently Earthhumans themselves slowly but surely destroy all of their life basis[93] which always occurs more rapidly the faster the terrestrial population increases.[94]
  • The fact is then, that the raging human overpopulation is the reason for each and every evil which already for decades results in a steadily further increase and ultimately leads to inevitable catastrophe, if not finally everything is stopped and guided into correct courses and everything necessary is taken up and strictly implemented.[95]

Things we don't know confidently about ourselves and each other

  • Some conceal how smart or intelligent they are from themselves and or each other for whatever reason that may be.[96] Others go the other way and overinflate their worth of themselves and or each other. However we do know which person is benefited most by our social system regime, always the persons who inflate their worth and never those that conceal their talents. The middle neutral position is to neither inflate nor conceal but just to reveal in a normal way, assuming others will allow.
  • Proof for the existence of the spirit - Seeking this proof is tantamount to consciousness poverty.
  • William John Warner popularly known as Cheiro actually gathered quite a lot of his numerical values correctly. However, Cheiro's numerical values truly need to be tackled very carefully, because the remaining 10 incorrect values still bring about errors.[97]

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