The Block of Mentality

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The Block of Mentality - Mental Fluidal Powers

If the talk is of mental fluidal powers, then it thereby deals with a matter which belongs to so-called Parapsychology, as this branch of the "incomprehensible", "Supernatural" and "Extrasensory" is called by Earth humans, whereby, it must be said that there is no such thing as the "incomprehensible", "supernatural" and "extrasensory".

Actually, everything can be rationally explained and understood when the required knowledge and the necessary cognition relating to the "amazing things", and so forth, is present.

But it also must be said that, in regard to mental fluidal powers, neither in para-psychological research nor in the area of the knowledge of natural science, is the fact of the existence of mental fluidal powers known. Also there has obviously still never been research in this direction, and, indeed, neither from the side of natural scientists nor from that of the para-psychologists.

And the fact is also, that, in regard to the human's mental powers, an enormous ignorance and misunderstanding of these things exists, out of which arises, on a large scale, prejudices, delusions, spiritualism, esotericism, differences of opinion, disagreements, confusions, contradictions, misinterpretations and falsifications, belief in ghosts/spirits, belief in possession and exorcism, stigmatisation, dowsing, and an inability to gain cognition.

Accompanying that, angst about death, the devil and ghosts is immensely stirred up among the delusional humans, whereby quite especially also religious faith significantly contributes in regard to belief in the devil, demons and ghosts/spirits.

The humans are not seldom in a state of conflict in regard to these things, which often leads to discord, quarrels and hate, and so forth, however also to white-cultic and black-cultic behaviour in the form of religious, or religion-antagonistic, rituals and to exorcism machinations, and so forth.

Again and again it also leads to the death of humans, for example, when - as a result of delusion - possession by Satan, evil spirits or demons is assumed and the allegedly possessed human is beaten to death, strangled or stabbed, and so forth. But also the killing of humans as a result of delusions about witches must be mentioned, which is even the case now and again today, as it was at the time of the Inquisition.

And the killing of humans must not be forgotten because even today murderous sacrificial rituals still occur in order to allegedly drive out the devil, demons or evil spirits. Clarification is urgently necessary but, the length of time it takes the responsible scientists to finally get to the bottom of the effective truth in regard to the mental powers, respectively, the humans' mental fluidal powers, in order to recognise how these powers actually function, is how long it will be that the delusional belief in "amazing things", spiritualism, the driving out of demons and devils, possession and evil spirits, and so forth, will further rule the delusional (superstitious) humans and continue to spread much angst and terror.

Due to the delusion about the aforementioned absurdities, humans' angst about death is also driven high, which not seldom leads to those with labile dispositions succumbing to psychiatric difficulties, which can, under certain circumstances, lead to the destruction of the psyche and reason.

The aforementioned designations do not stem from purely terrestrial assessments of values of terms, because only some were created by Earth humans who occupied themselves with Parapsychology.

Diverse other terms and designations stem from Nokodemions and Henoks spiritual teaching and were reshaped in an understandable way for the Earth humans by "Billy" Eduard A. Meier with the help of the Plejaren Ptaah.

Specifically, these terms concern Psychoteleportation, Psychoteleplasty, Materialkinesis as well as Psychomaterialkinesis, Pyrokinesis, Psychopyrokinesis, Psychotelekinesis, Psychoprojection, Psychoautopyrokinesis and Psychoautokinesis.[1]

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