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"The Great Journey" (Grossen Reise), also referred to as the "Great Voyage", "Great Trip" (translation variations), "5-day space-trip", "the space and time travel" or simply as "the trip"; was a carefully planned and guided tour by the Plejaren and Plejaren Federation personnel, see Contact Statistics. Through a rich diversity of sights, sounds, explanations, demonstrations and experiences; through space and time, to planets within the solar system and far beyond it, even to the beyond itself - lots of dimensionality to it, and all in a Beamship. It happened in the year of 1975, beginning on Thursday, 17th July with Contact Report 031 and ended on the 22nd of July. It apparently continued over Contact Reports 32, 34 & 35.[citation needed] The second part of the journey was described in Contact Report 039,[citation needed] which started on the 3rd of December and lasted 2 days.[citation needed] The events were not all exhaustively documented at the time, but briefly instead; probably to not overload the reader with too much detail at one time, it was an intensive 5 day experience with a lot to take in. However events were indeed later reflected upon, and in hindsight, with additional questions being posited and subsequently answered. The photos taken were regrettably sabotaged, but would have been 'worth a thousand words', serving to fortify and tell the story, we can deduce would have been the original plan and rationale for taking them. It's nevertheless a well documented story.

An artists interpretation.

A sketch by Billy of the Plejaren alphabet

The Great Journey itself

Contact Report 031

Regarding: The 5-day space-trip itself.
Source: Contact Report 031

Contact Report 032

Regarding: Contains continuation of the 31st contact report.
See PPKB and expand the contents of block 1 to see how it's been laid out in the Swiss German book itself.
Source: Contact Report 032

Contact Report 034

Regarding: Contains continuation of the 31st contact report.
See PPKB and expand the contents of block 1 to see how it's been laid out in the Swiss German book itself.
Source: Contact Report 034

Contact Report 035

Regarding: Contains continuation of the 31st contact report.
See PPKB and expand the contents of block 1 to see how it's been laid out in the Swiss German book itself.
Source: Contact Report 035

Contact Report 039

Regarding: Additional trip.
Source: Contact Report 039

The Great Journey in hindsight

Contact Report 141 (Excerpt)

Regarding: The Plejaren human species directory / catalogue, UFO curiosity tourist products sell well to fantasy enthusiasts.
Source: Contact Report 141

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png


Well then: here, I consider this green head absolute nonsense. During the Great Journey, I had the opportunity to see your recordings of human life forms, which you kindly demonstrated to me with your viewing devices. But I cannot remember a single human life form that looked like this or substantially similar. Moreover, there were, as you explained at that time, about 30 million different races, which you let me see visually. Dann gut: Hier, diesen grünen Kopf halte ich für absoluten Quatsch. Während der grossen Reise hatte ich ja Gelegenheit, eure Aufzeichnungen von menschlichen Lebensformen zu sehen, die ihr mir freundlicherweise mit euren Sichtgeräten vorgeführt habt. Dabei aber vermag ich mich nicht daran zu erinnern, dass auch nur eine einzige menschliche Lebensform so oder weitgehend ähnlich ausgesehen hatte. Dabei waren es, wie ihr damals erklärt habt, rund 30 Millionen verschiedene Rassen, die ihr mich bildlich habt sehen lassen.


46. With that, you are quite right. 46. Womit du auch recht hast.
47. No human life form exists in the universal space within reach of us that bears even a slight resemblance to this imaginary product pictured here. 47. Es existiert keine menschliche Lebensform im uns erreichbaren universellen Raume, die auch nur im mindesten Masse diesem hier abgebildeten Phantasieprodukt eine Ähnlichkeit abgewinnen könnte.

Contact Report 165

Regarding: Scientific demonstrations during the Great Journey.
Source: Contact Report 165

Contact Report 184

Regarding: Extraordinary distances of the Great Journey remark.
Source: Contact Report 184

Contact Report 210

Regarding: Visit to Mars and Jupiter, see Planets.
Source: Contact Report 210

Contact Report 214

Regarding: Visit to Galaxy NGC 4636, Galaxy Globalung (Plejaren designation), see Galaxies.
Source: Contact Report 214

Contact Report 217

Regarding: Sol star system Sun, see Planets.
Source: Contact Report 217

Contact Report 224

Regarding: Galaxy Centaurus A, super-massive black hole.
Source: Contact Report 224

Contact Report 228

Regarding: Sol star system Planets and their moons.
Source: Contact Report 228

Contact Report 238

Regarding: Secrets; Pearl Harbour, CIA, Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear annihilation.
Source: Contact Report 238

Contact Report 476 (Excerpt)

Regarding: Akart and see Contact Report 481 - 'Regarding A Planetary Oxygen Collapse'.
Source: Contact Report 476

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png


...And as I know from you, through overpopulation itself as well as through its criminal machinations, the destruction of nature and the enormous CO2-emissions, an oxygen collapse and atmosphere collapse can occur, which would mean an end to all life on the Earth. The responsible scientists however in general do not speak about this; in fact, they do not consider this possibility at all, as a result they also do not research in this direction. Such an occurrence, according to your earlier explanation, on July 17, 1975 during my great journey, in fact already is to have threatened an approximately Earth sized planet named Akart through overpopulation stupidity, because in 1975 already 23 billion human beings lived there. To my knowledge the inhabitants of Akart belong to your federation, as well as others from other regions there. Also Kohun and Athar. ...Und wie ich von euch weiss, kann durch die Überbevölkerung selbst sowie durch deren kriminelle Machenschaften der Naturzerstörung und den ungeheuren CO2-Emissionen ein Sauerstoffkollaps und Atmosphärenkollaps erfolgen, was das Ende allen Lebens auf der Erde bedeuten würde. Davon reden die verantwortlichen Wissenschaftler aber überhaupt nicht; ja, sie ziehen diese Möglichkeit nicht einmal ihn Betracht, folglich sie in dieser Richtung auch nicht forschen. Ein solches Vorkommnis soll gemäss deinen früheren Erklärungen, am 17. Juli 1975 während meiner Grossen Reise, ja bereits einer etwa erdgrossen Welt namens AKART durch die Überbevölkerungsunvernunft gedroht haben, weil dort 1975 bereits 23 Milliarden Menschen lebten. Meines Wissens gehören die Bewohner von Akart eurer Föderation an, wie auch andere aus anderen dortigen Gebieten. Auch Kohun und Athar.


74. What you say, corresponds to that, which corresponds to the facts. 74. Was du sagst, entspricht dem, was den Tatsachen entspricht.
75. The population of the planet Akart belonged to our federation, as well as also, the population of the worlds of Proxima-Centauri and others from there and other local regions of space around there, from which several of them have come to the Earth. 75. Die Bevölkerung des Planeten AKART gehörte zu unserer Föderation, wie auch die Bevölkerung der Welten von Proxima-Centauri und anderen dortigen und anderen Raumgebieten, von denen diverse auf die Erde kamen.
76. However, all of these worlds belong in our space-time-construction, consequently they also possess several of our technologies, like for example, that technology with which they are able to bridge the time barrier and come into your space-time-construction. 76. Alle diese Welten gehören jedoch in unser Raum-Zeit-Gefüge, folglich sie auch verschiedene unserer Techniken besassen, wie z.B. die, mit der sie die Zeitbarriere zu überbrücken und in euer Raum-Zeit-Gefüge zu kommen vermochten.
77. The population of Akart however no more exists since the year 2007, because in the only 32 years from 1975 to 2007 their total population had increased to 34 Billion, when through their stupidity, like also is apparent with the terrestrial population, nature and the climate were completely destroyed, when, in the end, an oxygen collapse and an atmosphere collapse occurred, as you have described this. 77. Die Bevölkerung von Akart existiert jedoch seit dem Jahr 2007 nicht mehr, denn in den nur 32 Jahren ab 1975 bis 2007 hat sich die ‘Gesamtbevölkerung auf 34 Milliarden erhöht, wobei durch deren Unvernunft, wie sie auch bei der irdischen Bevölkerung in Erscheinung tritt, die Natur und das Klima völlig zerstört wurden, wodurch letztlich ein Sauerstoffkollaps und Atmosphärenkollaps erfolgte, wie du das nennst.
78. As a result all life was wiped out on this planet. 78. Dadurch wurde alles Leben auf dem Planeten ausgelöscht.

Contact Report 544

Regarding: Dark star, binary star of our solar system, USA coming to an end as a superpower after 2020, enormous contradictions with regard to politics, the economy, the military machinations, the decline of the culture, as well as the climbing religion and sectarianism and the serious criminal activity or even felonies of the former Presidents of the USA.
Source: Contact Report 544

Photo Forgeries

M57, or the Ring Nebula. One of the photo forgeries

The batch of photos associated with the 'Great Journey' are counterfeit forgeries, see Asket and Nera Photos and The Pteranodon Photo.

The other forgeries

Quetzal took the photo's away with him upon being notified they had been sabotaged to examine them carefully and concluded there weren’t any there that had not been maliciously manipulated. They were edited in such a way that they mildly resembled the originals, fooling Meier and then making him look a fool. What made matters worse was that the image replacements were third-generation shots taken from future yet to be made Earth films and artworks inspired by Plejaren impulses, prepared in reinforcement of the Great Journey story and its supplementary photos taken by Eduard. Which would have been a good demonstration arrangement were it not sabotaged. Anyway what they were left with essentially were just the future artwork photos, before they were made, but which were inferior to the film artwork itself, a very hard sell indeed. It's been controversial, expertly researched and investigated over the decades, see Category:Evidence - a similar impulse inspired artwork occurs with Contact Report 104#The San Francisco Earthquake Photos by Wendelle C. Stevens if that has interested you to know.

With a modern digital camera it may have panned out differently because of the viewfinder screen and photo recall function with no intervening time where the photos had to be sent away to be developed. See Camera Data.

The Great Journey germane

Contact Report 236 (Excerpt)

Regarding: The falsification of those particular photos.
Source: Contact Report 236

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png


Then still the last question: over and over again, I am asked about the space photos of my great journey, namely in reference to whether these were traded around and became falsified. Dann noch die letzte Frage: Immer wieder werde ich nach den Weltraumphotos von meiner Grossen Reise gefragt, und zwar in bezug dessen, ob an diesen auch herumgewerkelt und diese verfälscht wurden.


302. You probably don’t mean the paper images but rather the slides. 302. Du meinst wohl nicht die Papierbilder, sondern die Diapositive.
303. Yes, they were heavily distorted by the machinations of the fallible, and I mean all of them, out of all those that Quetzal had per se taken to examine there were none that had not been malignantly manipulated, and later all ultimately turned up as source image shots in a future film, which was produced as a result of our impulses for Earth. 303. Ja, diese wurden durch die Machenschaften der Fehlbaren ebenfalls stark verfälscht, und zwar alle, denn unter allen jenen, die Quetzal an sich genommen und untersucht hat, fanden sich keine, die nicht bösartig derart manipuliert wurden, dass sie letztendlich Aufnahmen gleichkamen, die einem Zukunftsfilm entsprechen, der durch unsere Impulse auf der Erde hergestellt wurde.


And how did it happen, then, that the shots resembled the conditions of reality? Und wie kam es denn, dass die Aufnahmen dem Stand der Wirklichkeit glichen?


304. Because our transmitted impulses given to the masses of the Earth human, were in the form of impulse-pictures, that were congruous with truthfully existent things on foreign worlds. 304. Weil unsere übermittelten Impulse an die massgebenen Erdenmenschen in Form von Impulsbildern ge geben wurden, die wahrheitlich existenten Dingen fremder Welten entsprachen.


Planets, Suns, Humans, Apparatuses, Dinosaurs and Plants – were all these things involved? Planeten, Sonnen, Menschen, Apparaturen, Saurier und Pflanzen - waren diese Dinge alle miteinbezogen?


305. That corresponds to what was done. 305. Das entspricht dem, was getan wurde.

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