How did our universe and our world come into existence?

From Billy Meier

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The universe originated from an ancient, archetypal bang, produced by a minuscule but highly compressed, flea-sized ball of energy. Originally this energy consisted of purely spiritual energy which created itself from within, although even it can be traced back to an Ur-Universe's energy conception [Ur = is a German prefix which means archetypal, most ancient or original in English]. A universe is also called a "Creation" or a "Universal Consciousness" and so forth, of which exist 1049 variations. The least evolved Creational form is called a Creation-Universe and the next higher form is an Ur-Creation or Ur-Universe; the one following is called a Central Creation or Central Universe, etc. The ultimate of all Creational forms is the 1049, called the Absolute Absolutum. This Absolute Absolutum was the initial Creational form which created Itself from the Absolute Void by way of the Primary Big Bang, thereupon It embarked on Its path through 1049 different main Creational forms before becoming the Absolute Absolutum. Thereafter It wafts in non-space as the highest of the highest Creational forms and continues to endlessly expand and evolve through the wisdom of all Creations which unite with It once each individual Creation achieves a status of being an Absolute Absolutum as well.

Not one Creational form is absolutely perfect, not even the Absolute Absolutum. Creational forms, just as life itself, can only achieve a relative type of perfection over their evolutionary course through processes of constant waxing and waning and waxing again that characterize all life.

We live in a Creation-Universe, a material universe, unequivocally the lowest form of a Creation or universe. And our universe, our Creation, Universal Consciousness or whatever else people want to call It, must Itself strive to work Its way up the evolutionary ladder. It must evolve so as to become one with the Absolute Absolutum once It has passed through the 1049 Creational-form transformations. From a human perspective this process takes an unfathomably long time, for alone the period during which our Creation, our Universe, transforms into the next higher Creational form, that of an Ur-Creation or Ur-Universe, takes more than 85 quintillion years (85 x 1018 or 85,000,000,000,000,000,000 years). Once the Universal Consciousness, or Creation, reaches the stage of Ur-Universe, respectively Ur-Creation, this Ur-Universal-Consciousness self-generates an idea for a new, simple Creation, the type of material universe with which we are familiar. This "idea" or "concept" consists of the purest spirit energy and contains everything It needs to become self-creating for Itself from within Itself. From a tiny energy ball the mere size of a flea, It creates within Itself new, immense energies which become highly compressed until this process culminates in a monumental explosion - the Big Bang. The energies from this explosion initially shoot outward and then expanded for fractions of a second at 107000 times the speed of light, as they displace other universes in an effort to create Its own space among the uncounted other universes, or Creations, already in existence. The seven Creational belts, or Universe belts, form simultaneously, of which one is the coarse-matter belt, the visible-matter-universe. In this belt originate coarse matters and gases and dust particles from which derive meteors, suns, comets, planets, nebulae, galaxies and other things when coarse matter gathers and condenses. In this way our Earth was born. This means our universe's birth and that of our Earth, along with foreign worlds, stars and galaxies and so forth, is a Creational-physical energy process and has nothing to do with a Creator God. These happenings are the result of purely spiritual-physical and material-physical laws and processes based upon physics and chemistry in every way and are, indeed, explainable through them.


Source: Interview with Billy (1998)

Big Bang

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English Translation
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173. The spirit-energy, or Creation-energy, consists of 7 nuclear levels which are of a fine material type, while the 7 nuclear levels of the real atom's coarse material form reach down into the first fine material level that is half material, half fine material. 173. Auch die Geistenergie resp. Schöpfungsenergie besteht wie die materielle Ebene aus 7 unterschiedlichen Atomebenen, die jedoch rein feinststofflicher Art sind, während die 7 Atomebenen der grobmateriellen Form vom eigentlichen Atom bis hinunter in die erste Feinstoffebene reichen, die als halb materiell und halb feinstofflich zu bezeichnen ist.
174. In the material, as is the case with the spiritual energetic, i.e. Creation-energetic, plains, these more fine nuclear levels under the real uppermost nuclear levels are called subatomic levels by us. 174. Im materiellen wie im geistenergetischen resp. schöpfungsenergetischen Bereich werden diese unter den eigentlichen obersten Atomebenen feinstofflicheren Atomebenen von uns Subatomar-Ebenen genannt.
175. There are 280 raw materials, or basic elements, and these were already contained in the tiny original core from which the big bang developed. 175. Grundstoffe resp. Grundelemente gibt es deren 280, und diese waren bereits im winzigen Ur-Kern enthalten, aus dem sich der Ur-Knall entwickelte.
176. The elements did not form only after the explosion but were already existent before in the tiny core which we call Energy-Fetus.* 176. Die Elemente bildeten sich also nicht erst nach der Explosion, sondern waren bereits vorher existent im winzigen Kern, den wir als Energie-Fetchen bezeichnen.
177. To repeat: 177. Zur Repetition:
178. As you understand absolutely correctly, the basic building blocks of original material consisting of 280 elements, which were the basis for all later matter and today's Universe, were included in the Energy-Fetus, which was the original core of all that exists in today's Universe and all its dimensions. 178. Wie du sicherlich richtig verstehst, war der Grundbaustein resp. die Ur-Materie beim Ur-Knall der Schöpfung resp. des Universums und also des Universalbewusstseins im rein materiellen Bereich der Ur-Kern resp. das Energie-Fetchen, in dem alle 280 Grundbausteine eingeordnet waren, die die Grund Existenz aller späteren Materie und des heutigen Universums mit all seinen verschiedenen Dimensionen bildeten.
179. Of course, all of the fine material elements were also equally included in the original core, i.e. the Energy-Fetus. 179. Im feinstofflichen Bereich des Ur-Kerns resp. des Energie-Fetchens waren gleichermassen natürlich auch die feinstofflichen Elemente gegeben.
180. The original generation of the Universe resulted from an idea of the original Creation which created the original core, just a flea-sized product full of energy that was created out of a consciousness form by itself and that accumulated its energy and evolved in strength. 180. Die Ur-Zeugung des Universums erfolgte durch eine Idee der Urschöpfung, die den Ur-Kern erschuf; ein nur flohgrosses Gebilde voller Energie, das folgend aus sich selbst heraus eine Bewusstseinsform kreierte und seine Energie kumulierte und in Kraft umsetzte.
181. In the balance of the accumulation of energy and strength, there originated all 280 basic elements and, with these, the Energy-Fetus, in which an immense pressure and a temperature of millions of degrees developed, causing the original explosion of the Universe - the Big Bang, as this process is called by you. 181. Im Gleichklang der Kumulierung der Energie und Kraft entstanden alle 280 Grundelemente und damit das Energie-Fetchen, in dem ein ungeheurer Druck und eine millionengrädige Temperatur entstand, wodurch letztendlich die Ur-explosion des Universums entstand – der Ur-Knall, wie dieser Vorgang bei euch genannt wird.[1]

Source: Excerpt from Contact Report 134

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