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Erra is the home-world of Ptaah, Quetzal, Semjase, Sfath and around 550,000,000 others. Its a world with Plejaren Federation membership. Located in a time-shifted Space-time configuration Dimension.

The page is by no means an exhaustive listing of information related to Erra, it doesn't even have completely formed descriptions from the approved translations, and the information may require citations and references. The page was initially meant and designed to be an overview, and has with moderate success, but it has evolved with several sources. Editors are encouraged to find, include and rework with those references to complete the presentation more confidently.

Fictitious computer generated imagery, which doesn't match the descriptions of Erra.

Star System



Space-time Configuration

Physical Characteristics

  • Gravity: 3% higher than 1 Earth-g
  • Diameter: Almost the same as the Earth
  • Continents: Several[1]

Government, Democracy, Politics, Countries, Nations

  • The Andromedan High Council or High Council are the lead advisor's to the Plejaren Federation.
  • Leadership is chosen according to level of spiritual wisdom/Evolution. See terms Jschrjsch and Jschwjsch.
  • Population of planet is carefully controlled
  • No mixing-of-peoples and foreign-hostile and race-hostile conflicts arise with other peoples or between families and neighbors, etc.[2]
  • A democracy of the freedom and of the peace that no such comparison can be drawn to the happening on the Earth.[3]
  • Absolute peace and freedom for the people and the individual human prevail, therefore no war or other hostile acts take place one against the other.[4]
  • No border customs for persons and wares on Erra, and every human being can freely go anywhere to wherever he or she wants, without being controlled by officials.[5]
  • Even though everything is free and open, every country's territory has its own territorial boundaries, which are respected in complete uniformity by all peoples and not violated.[6]
  • Each country and nation governs itself in spite of the world government, and indeed independently according to their own customs and traditions, wherein no regulations of the global governance are given, because this is only authorized to ensure that Erra's system of values is preserved with regard to peace and freedom and for the legislation of the planet as also with regard to the dealings with the governments and peoples of other planets.[7]
  • Regarding the regular and special legislations for all the necessities of everyday life and of the life, this is nation-wide and peoples-wide (internationally) uniform throughout [Erra] and directed to absolute humanity, justice and equality for all human beings, so therefore only a single identical legislation and applicable law is laid down worldwide and is valid for all human beings. So, laws and ordinances can not be bent in the same comparison relation to that of the earthly laws and so forth, referred to as rubber paragraphs and rubber laws - as is the case in the legislation of all nations of the earth, which are also in part severely human-unlawful, such as with regard to the torture and the death penalty.[8]
  • No different political parties and orientations. All plejaren-erran nations are solely and equally inclined to the creational-natural laws and recommendations, which are taught by the spiritual leadership.[9]
  • A direct democracy which in every respect prescribes that neither the world government nor the authorities of the countries and their peoples may take any of their own decisions nor make regulations, unless the entire planet's population has decided about that based on a ballot and has considered something as right. As I explained, all countries i.e. their populations have a uniform legislation, valid planet-wide and a determination of might, as well as with regard to all other things that uniformly affect all peoples. If the authorities are elected in a nation, then this of course pertains only to the nation, i.e. its population, although the voting process remains the same, as if a planet-wide vote takes place.[10]

Crisis and Emergencies

  • When a crisis or an emergency arises, which then requires a quick decision and a prompt action, then the whole planetary population or each relevant population of the people is called to the voting machines, namely in the form of a general mobilization alarm call, where only one hours time will be given for that to become active. Then every person has the right to duly raise comments, which are heard and discussed, from which ultimately a logical decision must come forth, which is then put to the vote. However, such situations are more than extremely rare, consequently a last such mobilization dates back two decades.[11]
  • Crises and emergencies are extremely rare.[12]

Nuclear accident

With Plejaren forefathers, a new energy-obtaining technology, which could absolutely guarantee safety, was only created after a worldwide catastrophe was caused by bursting atomic reactors - as a result of which gigantic areas were contaminated with nuclear radiation for a very long time.[13]

Planetary Matters

  • Planetary matters are carried out and handled by the spiritual leadership familiar with the matter, and in collaboration with the world government and the world's population. When it just concerns matters pertaining to a country, then the authorities of the peoples concerned and the corresponding populations are needed. And concerning the crisis and emergency situations, these can be very different, such as e.g. regarding a tactical intervention, if such is demanded from a region of a people or an entire planet of the Plejaren Federation. Even extensive relief operations in one or more peoples, or even a whole planet of the Federation may be possible, such as in the case of threatening dangers from outer space or with natural disasters, and so on.[14]
  • [Not related to Planet Erra] Various Federation peoples are still deplorably devoted to unpeacefulness and thus also armed confrontations, which sometimes requires, yet only rarely however, our intervention. However, any intervention on our part must firstly be approved by a consent of the total population of the Plejaren, wherein the pros and cons will extensively be discussed and weighed out, as our democratic vote formulas demand this. The reconnaissance work regarding this is carried out by specialized spiritual guides and law enforcement forces, which also have the corresponding forward-looking capabilities in order to predict what will result as effects from the causes, which are taken.[15]
  • Much attention is taken to ensure that order prevails and therefore no Ausartungen[16] comes forth. Therefore in each case it is carefully handled and spoken, whereby no excessive chatter arises and the individuals who have something to say, will not be interrupted if their objections and contributions are pertinent and correspond to the rationality. Thereby the rule applies that only short and concise objections, clarifications and suggestions, as well as the listing of possibilities and necessary actions and so forth will be made. Those fond of speaking, who want to run the speech-marathons, there are indeed those unfortunately, but every such word-barrage is interrupted and the word is passed on to the next person who has something to bring forward. The fact that several people talk together, this is not permitted, therefore regarding this, there is no mayhem. Therefore it may well take several hours or two or more days under certain circumstances, before a promising rational solution comes about and to a vote, which is useful and gives enough consideration to the crisis at hand or the emergency problem.



  • They're not tall and not white.
  • General averages are the same height as Earth humans.[Citation needed]
  • Skin has a green undertone.[Citation needed]
  • There are many races that live there, but it's certainly no more multicultural than Earth is..[Citation needed]


  • There are no roads on Erra.[Citation needed]
  • Non-monetary.[Citation needed]
  • Orchards of fruit trees hundreds of metres high with giant fruit e.g. tomatoes, which are processed on an industrial scale.[Citation needed]
  • Robot-assisted manufacturing.[Citation needed]
  • Borrowed-asset scheme (e.g. flying cars etc).[Citation needed]
  • Food, energy and housing free.[Citation needed]
  • Poverty eradicated.[Citation needed]
  • Absolute free circulation of goods and persons on the whole of Erra is given.[18]

Living Quarters

  • Multi-story, helicoidal buildings exist but no sky scrapers.[Citation needed]
  • Extensive park and garden facilities with footpaths are placed between residential buildings.[Citation needed]
  • No streets or roads of any kind. All residential areas have their own pedestrian zones.[Citation needed]
  • No surface vehicles used with the exception of hobbyists.[Citation needed]
  • Majority live in the countryside or rural areas.[Citation needed]
  • Majority of homes are single-family houses that are semi-spherical or spherical in shape with a minimum diameter of 21 metres (69 ft)[Citation needed]
  • Building materials largely consist of a resistant metal alloy or synthetic material that is primarily from sand, similar to silicon.[Citation needed]
  • Sufficient room for family of 5.[Citation needed]
  • Each house is built on its own plot of fertile land of at least 1 hectare (2.5 acres)[Citation needed]
  • All families take pleasure in planting and cultivating their fruit, vegetables and flower gardens.[Citation needed]
  • Gardens are used as much as possible for personal cultivation of home grown food.[Citation needed]
  • Each home has it's own water and energy supply.[Citation needed]
  • Not a single smoke stack pollutes the atmosphere on Erra![19]
  • Houses and buildings are not constructed from small pieces, that is, made from stone or cement blocks and so forth. They are made as single units from synthetic materials. There is not one seam anywhere. Furthermore, they are constructed on systems of springs or as floating bodies.[20]
  • Expectant mothers receive their own house and land (100m x 100m)[Citation needed]


  • Average lifespan: ~1000 Earth-years[Citation needed]
  • Age of puberty: 12 to 16 Earth-years[Citation needed]
  • Age of maturity/marriage: 70 Earth-years[Citation needed]
  • Diseases: All STDs eradicated[Citation needed]
  • Genetic alterations: All pubic hair removed![Citation needed]
  • Each ethnic group's own system of health and all their characteristics are preserved, which contributes to the fact that diseases no longer appear, or even if, then only very rarely.[21]
  • Extreme care is taken that no flora or fauna seeds or even plants, as well as any fauna forms of life are transported from one region to another.[22]


  • Both monogamy and polygamy exist - one man to many women but not the other way around (subsequent reincarnation as the opposite sex equals out the apparent inequality).[Citation needed]
  • No men and women on Erra are homosexual or bisexual as this benign and natural genetic disorder has been eradicated through genetic manipulation.[Citation needed]
  • There are virtually never any incompatible couples due to the use of advanced astrology and other social sciences.[Citation needed]
  • Thus there are virtually never any divorces on Erra and furthermore, all childrens' well-being is guaranteed.[Citation needed]
  • Sex and cohabitation are permitted without marriage but not having children.[Citation needed]
  • Couples who wish to get married must must go through a two years period during which no sexual activity is permitted, and they can only see each other once every seven days. This period must be followed by one year without ever seeing each other.[Citation needed]
  • A married man may have a personal building into which no wife may enter.[Citation needed]
  • Only couples without any genetic disorders are permitted to procreate.[Citation needed]
  • Intermingling between peoples occurs only in rare cases.[23]
  • Sexual relationship bonds of members of different cultural peoples is extremely rare.[24]
  • The whole issue of this non-mixing of peoples also contributes in that no diseases and epidemics are carried about.[25]
  • One peoples troubles doesn't clash into some troubles with another ones, either with regard to foreignness or race nor concerning goods, products or language, etc. Since, as a rule, the members of a peoples remain amongst themselves - with only very few exceptions in very rare intermingling partnerships.[26]


  • Main languages: Errin and Sarat[27]
  • Federation common: Kosan[28]
  • Number of languages: 16,403 (July 2002 quote)[Citation needed]
  • Average number learned by Errans: 3[Citation needed]
  • Exceptional number learned by a few Errans: 100[Citation needed]
  • Technology-assisted learning[Citation needed]
  • Any language can be learned in 30-31 days[29][30]


  • Non-existent.[Citation needed]
  • Murder eradicated.[Citation needed]
  • There isn't any prostitution in all Erra peoples in accordance with their entire cultural behaviour and as a result of the legislation, such as regarding the turning to the creational-natural laws and recommendations.[31]

War and International/World/Planetary level Conflict

  • The last war took place 50,000 years ago, by Earth comprehensions of time calculations.[Citation needed]


  • All plejaren-erran nations are solely and equally inclined to the creational-natural laws and recommendations, which are taught by the spiritual leadership. Consequently, with Plejaren there is neither religious- nor sect-hatred, nor religious or sectarian cult-activities, rites, or any other such sectarian hostilities.[32]
  • Individual peoples and the prevalent ethnic groups in these dwell amongst themselves and therefore neither mix nor change their customs and traditions through other cultural influences.[33]

Other Interesting Facts

Creative, Cultural, Arts

  • They have art and artists etc., but they no longer have a need for it, in terms of economy, politics etc. no need anymore.[Citation needed]
  • They've already evolved sufficiently to be able to appreciate, understand and comprehend the might of music.[34]

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