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Pronounced "ish wish". Ancient Lyrian for King of Wisdom. Ptaah, Pelegon, Jehavon, Atlant and Arus are examples of Jschwjschs. While the term is applied only to men, the term for women is Jschrjsch.

The abbreviation of Jschwjsch is JHWH or IHWH. There are additional terms listed on the FIGU - related terms page.

These human beings live in the last stages of human-material existence before changing over into halfspiritual forms.

JHWHs are human beings like everybody else, but much higher in consciousness and spiritual development than average human beings.

An JHWH can never be compared to Creation itself, because Creation is immeasurably higher then any other lifeform in its universe.

The ancient title of JHWH is a several million year old title brought here by our Lyrian ancestors to Earth, unfortunately it's been falsified by many wrong teachings over the thousands of years.[1]

This title is given to a man who has reached a high level of knowledge, wisdom, truth, insight and most strict following of the Natural Creative[2] Laws[3] and directives[4] at all possible times and lives in recognition and realization of Universal Love.[5]

  • Ptaah was an Jschwjsch until 2007 when he achieved the first degree of the Srut level. Ptaah is responsible regarding the spiritual teachings and the various developments on Earth as well as two other Planets.[6]
  • The Srut evolution level already begins before the attainment of the position of Jschwjsch.[7] [Contradiction, citation needed]

Extract from OM

42. Yet since ancient times they did not obey Creation's laws and recommendations, although the truth was given to them through the JHWH and through the prophets.

Extract from Contact Report 060

44. Their leader was the jschwjsch Arus (JHWH), the barbarian; and scientist, of an extremely bestial disposition and of coercive might.

Extract from Contact Report 039

70. You call him the Biblical God, but with us, he is called “The Unjust and Cruel One.”
71. He came to his end approximately 2,150 years ago.
72. He was a very malicious and power-hungry life form, who led his regime together with another and good JHWH and drove countless Earth human beings to death and destruction…
… and to whom today's Christianity still pays hellish tribute.
73. Sure, unfortunately, that is so, for his malignant influence was enormous.

Extract from Contact Report 031

152. There certainly are still many subtle differences which can be perceived between ordinary persons and JHWH's or other advanced life forms, but everything is still fundamentally aligned towards there occurring no more differences in appearance, so that each life form is equal in value to any other.
153. But such major changes don't take only hundreds of years but even thousands because traditions are always firmly established in a life form, and the identified recollections fade away very slowly.
154. Therefore all requires its own time, until the final changes can take their rightful place.

Extract from Contact Report 038

17. But Kamagol is the leader and ruler over a splinter group of many thousands of descendants who, in earlier times were separated, which means that this group had been separated by those powers who, earlier, possessed the control over your Earth and whose highest leader was an JHWH.

Extract from Contact Report 009

134. Much like the JHWH 40,000 years before him, he also had 200 leaders and sub-leaders, who were competent in their respective specialist scientific fields.

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Q: What is the normal part to this, extraterrestrials interfering or extraterrestrials being watched as they interfere?

A: We are not sure, we have not researched or been able to investigate the veracity of some of these claims, check. We think that not all worlds are like Earth, we think Earth must be a particularly unique situation, we think it may be allowed due to Earth having previously had extraterrestrials colonised and live here today. We think this may be the case because if extraterrestrials interfered with worlds like they have with this across the universe that would be odd. However we have to concede we have not researched Billy Meier documents enough yet and it may be the case that extraterrestrials do interfere as they wish with worlds across the universe. There does appear to be something called The High Council. However we are stumped in research terms with Billy Meier because for 70 thousand years upto 1995 the High Council oversaw a group they call the Giza Intelligences, we don’t know why our life expectancy is as short as it is either, see Ageing. This requires further study of Contact Reports, we have not researched it enough to give excellent answers, the FIGU forum may have questions answered by Billy Meier or Christian Frehner which are at a better standard.