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Zafenatpaneach is a man from Erra, who is listed as first having interpersonal communication with Billy on 29th May, 1999. He is Fetanikas brother.[1] A photo of his Beamship was completely by accident taken in Vienna, Austria on the 26th August, 2001 by a couple on holiday, Elizabeth and Josef Gruber.[citation needed][original photo wanted]

Zafenatpaneach in the Contact Reports is usually referenced by others indirectly, rather than appearing in person, usually in relation to independent investigations and projects of a special technical and scientific nature. The assumption for that reason being that Zafenatpaneach is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to special technical and scientific information. Assuming an advisory foresight recommendation position role, usually alongside Quetzal, who is also very knowledgeable in this way. This relationship within the team probably allows Zafenatpaneach to all out geek into the particular specialisations, where others of a similar potential may maintain a level of reserve with the special technical and scientific information. At least this is the way it is perceived to be by the reader, within the given arrangement, frequency of appearance and indirect references by others. A level of mystery and more profound knowledge than is ever let on, given or indicated seems to be the way with Zafenatpaneach.

It is explained elsewhere in the Contact Reports that the Earth human tends to seek more information than we are capable of handling or tolerating.[citation needed] Elsewhere still, explaining that using overly technical scientific information that few can understand alienates the reader from understanding the essence of the subject being discussed.[citation needed] Therefore the probably massively complicated investigative explanations of Zafenatpaneach are probably delivered by others such as suitably by Ptaah, as a method of simplification, both so conversation can continue understandably but also so that the Plejaren do not divulge information that Earth humanity has yet to properly discover, given the probably exhaustive nature of Zafenatpaneach's independent investigations.

Reading further into it, the situation indicates a quality of data sharing, collaborative team working, democracy of a correspondingly mutually autonomously evolving understanding. Probably exactly what we should expect from any human beings working with evolved knowledge. We witness a similar type of working behaviour with our own technicians, scientists, engineers, teachers, professionals etc.

Zafenatpaneach list

Contact Report 304 - Zafenatpaneach's explanations regarding various types of radiation is conveyed through Sudor to Billy

Contact Report 512 - Zafenatpaneach's explanations regarding various types of radiation is conveyed through Ptaah to Billy

Contact Report 542 - Zafenatpaneach's explanations regarding various types of radiation is conveyed through Ptaah to Billy

Contact Statistics - catalogues Zafenatpaneach as being from Erra in the Plejares system. Communication started contact report statistically on the 29th May, 1999.

Michael Horn at the UFO Conference, Laughlin, Nevada, 2006. Explained that Zafenatpaneach was “a male computer expert who modified Billy's personal computer several times and essentially created a data link from it to the Plejaren's computer network via a telemeter disc that hovers high above the SSSC.

List of UFO photo opportunities & Witness Account Summaries - catalogues a photographic event that occurred at 15:55, 26th August, 2001. Where Elizabeth and Josef Gruber's series of Vienna holiday photographs, upon being developed showed an exotic flight device. Eduard later confirms it as being the Beamship of Zafenatpaneach.

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  • Michael Horn at the UFO Conference, Laughlin, Nevada 2006.


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