From Billy Meier

Sudor is a human being, a male, listed in the Contact Statistics as from Askal, a planet in the Plejares star system. He was 278 years old (Equivalent to about a 30 year old on Earth) when he met Billy, and so far had learnt 18 different occupations / activity work areas, professions, one of which was ultra-subatomic computer technician. He is working in the SOL system for a longer period of time, unspecified duration, together with Zafenatpaneach, who is also known for being technical and with of course Ptaah. Apparently the meaning of his name is 'Schuster' in German (don't know how to translate that correctly), which is another of his learnt activities and practices, hobbies, conducted in his leisure time, while he is at home i.e. named after his long term interests and hobby.[1]

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