Moon (Earth)

From Billy Meier

The Moon, Earth's Moon, which has the latin name Luna. Is the Earth's only satellite, but is the second planet to hold this position in Earth's history. Its not the largest satellite in the Sol star system.

The Moon is in a synchronous rotation with the Earth, therefore always showing the same face to us in the nights sky with what we have designated its near side marked by dark volcanic maria that fill between the bright ancient crustal highlands and the prominent impact craters. It is the most luminous object in the sky after the Sun. Although it appears a very bright white, its surface is actually dark, with a reflectance just slightly higher than that of worn asphalt. Its prominence in the sky and its regular cycle of phases have, since ancient times, made the Moon an important cultural influence on language, calendars, art, and mythology.

The Moon's gravitational influence produces the ocean tides and the slight lengthening of the day. It's current orbital distance is about thirty times the diameter of Earth, causing it to have an apparent size in the sky almost the same as that of the Sun. This allows the Moon to cover the Sun nearly precisely during a total solar eclipse, which is quite a special, rare arrangement. But this matching of apparent visual size is seemingly a coincidence. The Moon's linear distance from Earth is currently increasing at a rate of 3.82±0.07 cm per year, but this rate is not a constant, due to Earths peculiar, extraordinary, wobble, spinning motion that has developed ever since we started developing atom splitting weapons.

The Moon is thought by Earth scientists to have formed around 4.5 billion years ago, not long after the formation of the Earth, at the same time. And its currently most widely accepted explanation of actual formation is that it formed from the debris left over after a giant impact between Earth and a Mars-sized body. Though we are told that this was simply not the case by the Plejaren. That the moon is a fragment of a planet from an entirely different star system and is 4 to 5 million years older than the Earth, which to be fair does place it at about the same age as the earth, making an acurate hypothesis assessment even more difficult perhaps. The hypothesis could hold true for Earths original moon however. The various moon missions returned over 380 kg of lunar rocks, which have been used to develop a geological understanding of the Moon's origin.

  • The moon is officially, academically cited as the only celestial body other than Earth on which humans have currently set foot.
  • The moon is officially, academically cited as being first unmanned, technology visited by the Soviet Union's Luna programme in 1959.
  • The moon is officially, academically cited as being first human, manned visited by the United States NASA Apollo program, specifically Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong.
  • Lunar water ice is in permanently shadowed craters at the poles and is bound into the lunar regolith.
  • The Moon remains, under the 'Outer Space Treaty', and is therefore free to all nations to explore for peaceful purposes.
  • Future manned missions to the Moon have been planned, including government as well as privately funded efforts.

Moon FAQ and Q&A

Q: Why do moon hoax debunked videos ignore Apollo 11 when Apollo 11 & 13 were the only frauds?

A: Same answer and reasoning behind any conspiracy, because majority do not check. If you search Apollo hoax, most search engines and YouTube have top results which will be debunking videos that entirely ignore Apollo 11, to prove the point. The first humans to go to the moon was Apollo 12. If a hoax or debunking video has any footage outside Apollo 11, then ignore it because the persons who do not think, have for whatever reason designated the entire Apollo programme a fraud, even though there is plain evidence there are plentiful things on the moon we put there. Whether we went to the moon or not, is not the conspiracy, we went. The conspiracy is almost exclusively Apollo 11; Apollo 13 was to make it look like Apollo 11 happened.

Q: Who was the first official terrestrial born, male, to set foot on another planet?

A: Either Charles Conrad or Alan Bean.

Non-officially, unofficially, well that is just as controversial as saying Apollo 12 was first rather that Apollo 11, we in FIGU might say it could be Billy Meier, but if not checked would say I don’t know, it could have been Jmmanuel, Mohammed or another personality in the Nokodemion lineage, or even another contactee, there are several Contact Reports which have not been translated, which may detail it. There is a Contact Report which details a kidnapping / abduction, but by extraterrestrials i.e. a so-called “alien-abduction” where a terrestrial was taken some hundreds of years ago to be put on show in an extraterrestrial museum, if this is accurate then that person technically may be the first terrestrial to set foot on another planet in recent history i.e. post-Atlantis / current globalisation, since records began.

Earths Moons in the contact reports

Contact Report 005, 16th February, 1975. Semjase tells us the story of our moon, to Billy, its past, making it Earth's second moon, that is, a planet fragment went on to replace Earth's original moon, during the cosmic upheavel that additionally placed Venus into its current possition. Also see the Planets page.

64. Surely, but I am not finished yet, because I would like to explain even more primordial things to you; the early history of this comet that is so fateful to the Earth, which has also brought the satellites here, the Moon - a fragment of a small planet from a very distant sun system.

65. The Earth's Moon, which comes from a planet that is 4,5 million years older than the Earth.

66. It happened millions of years ago.

67. Deep in unknown space, in a space-time shifted sun system of the Milky Way, a solitary star floated far from the normal paths of the sun-orbiting satellites.

68. It was a dark star, devoid of any life and very dangerous in it unpredictable path, into which it had been flung by a massive eruption of its original sun.

69. This happened as its original sun shattered through all-convulsive explosions, and in its destruction partially destroyed its orbiting satellites, or hurled them out as dangerous projectiles into the dark space.

70. The sun then collapsed into itself and tore a hole in cosmic space.

71. Its matter pressed itself together with tremendous force and was compressed into a small mass.

72. The sun, which in its normal vibrant state had a diameter of eleven million kilometers, had now shrunk to only around 4,2 kilometers.

73. The material became so compressed through this, that a single cubic centimeter weighed several thousand tons.

74. Since then it floats as a dark gaping hollow in space, which within a perimeter of millions of kilometers, tears into itself everything that it is able to grasp and which falls into its spell.

75. The dark star which had been slung from it was again caught by a neighbouring sun system, and circled it in an unpredictable path.

76. In the force field of the giant sun, it circled for many thousands of years, along with its satellites, carrying with it the promise of someday bringing down a catastrophe upon the system.

77. Still far from the actual worlds, the lifeless dark planet wandered through cosmic space.

78. Vast and unapproachable, it floated through the freezing cold of cosmic space - as an outcast, as a wandering planet, as a stranger in a strange system; dark, dangerous and deadly.

79. Under the spell of the far-reaching force arms of the sun, during the course of millennia it approached more and more the actual area of the system's satellites, which it had already circled for so long in an ever-increasing speed.

80. Imperceptibly, its orbit continuously became tighter and tighter, and year after year the extent of the danger grew.

81. With the succession of millennia, it finally came to suddenly and unexpectedly rush into the closest orbit of the sun and its planets.

82. As a rapacious monster it emerged from the blackness of space and announced deadly destruction.

83. First it was just like a silhouette out of nowhere; but as time went on it could be indistinctly recognized as a half-darkened round disk.

84. And now, already illuminated by the rays of the sun which it reflected, it approached with tremendous speed the orbit of the outermost planet.

85. It was still removed by millions of units from the actual heart of the peaceful calm, which however, on account of its enormous size, it would soon have to turn into a seething hell when it entered the stillness of this harmony.

86. But time still went by for the time being, before the giant finally broke away from its path and came into dangerous proximity.

87. Now already visible as a round sphere, the Destroyer reflected the sunlight while pulling a fine veil of luminous particles behind.

88. Still only a few hundred units away from the nearest worlds, it caused infernal storms in these, which destroyed large areas that had been built by the peaceful human beings which had emerged there.

89. Trembling for their hard-earned goods and their already hard life, they found themselves suddenly abandoned to the powerful and merciless forces of the Universe.

90. Helpless, condemned to be handed over from life to death, they stared out into the sky, to the gigantic wandering planet which came racing like a cosmic death missile.

91. It was only a matter of time before the forces of the cosmos would come to display their monstrous powers.

92. On the night of the third day after the incursion of the Destroyer into the orbit of the planets, it might have been shortly past midnight when the drifter from outer space penetrated into the elliptical orbit of the sixth planet.

93. Causing enormous cosmic storms, it threw the planet belonging to this path some units off of its direction, and brought it into a dangerous course towards the sun.

94. Tremendous eruptions and storms tore apart the peaceful appearance of the flourishing planet.

95. Mountains collapsed into themselves and seas were hurled from their beds as it settled into a new path around the sun.

96. Filled with horror and consternation over the mighty forces of nature, the people fled to the vast plains which were scattered all over the planet.

97. But the unleashed forces of Nature were stronger than the will and the ideas of preservation of the people.

98. Two thirds of the human beings inhabiting that planet were killed and destroyed in the hell that was unleashed by Nature.

99. Wild waters tore away large parts of the mainland, while exploding volcanoes buried vast areas under glowing lava and turned everything into rubble and ashes.

100. The daily rotation time doubled, and the planet circled the sun in the opposite direction.

101. Forced by cosmic determinations, the survivors had to find a new beginning, devoid of any culture and transported back to a primeval development period.

102. The Destroyer however, continued its incursion into the system, spreading hell, death and destruction.

103. It crossed the course of the fifth planet, a world about to generate its first life.

104. This one however, was fortunately too far from its path at the time of the event, to be seriously affected by it.

105. Besides powerful storms and minor earth and sea quakes, no significant incidents were worthy of note.

106. The fourth satellite on the system, however, would find its destruction on a war of the worlds.

107. As the smallest of the satellites, it stoically moved along its trajectory, and the prediction was that it would cross the path of the wanderer precisely as the latter would stand directly in front of it.

108. And that is exactly what happened:

109. It fell into the irresistible force of destruction of the giant.

110. Like two wild monsters the two planets rushed against each other; a giant and a dwarf.

111. But before the two could collide, huge explosions ripped the lifeless dwarf planet.

112. Its fragments were hurled into the endless expanse of the Universe, where they were captured by the forces of other stars as shooting stars or meteors, and found their final end burning out in their atmospheres.

113. Additional parts of the dwarf were pulled into the sun and atomized.

114. Other parts were drawn into the Destroyer, becoming a part of it.

115. As if hurled by a giant fist, one half of the dwarf planet shot through a highly developed, man-made dimension door, into the infinite expanses of space of the Milky Way, a very distant destination.

116. Several times it was shaken and pulled from its path in the vicinity of suns and planets, and hit by meteors and shooting stars, thereby changing its shape.

117. After a few centuries it had already reached a roughly round shape.

118. It was however dead and desolate, covered by many small and large craters and unsuitable for life.

119. Through the forces of the various systems, it gradually lost the initial speed and changed course several times, until one day it was attracted by the sun of a system and drawn into its orbit.

120. As a dark, dead planet it passed through all the planetary orbits of the outer rings without causing any damage.

121. Only on the inner rings did it collide with some fragments of a destroyed planet, which however only tore a deep crater in it.

122. Through this, its course was once again slightly changed, and as a result became parallel with the path of the second planet, which had already begotten its first primitive life.

123. A planet that was covered by vast seas and dense primeval forests, primitive, deadly and gruesomely fantastic.

124. From this point on, 34 days passed until this planet, namely the Earth, caught the dwarf and submitted it to its spell.

125. The forces of the planet were enough to tie the dwarf to itself and let it circle around it as a new satellite, on a constantly changing elliptical orbit.

126. Since then, it orbits around the Earth as the Moon; 4,5 million years older than its mother star.

127. On the distant sun system however, the Destroyer raged on.

Moon Landings

FIGU Bulletin 9 November 1996, has a section named “Does Nasa Hide UFO Evidence”, referencing space flights to the moon, as follows:

Is the American National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) concealing evidence of extraterrestrial life? The space agency says "No," of course. On the other hand, a growing number of scientists and U.S. astronauts state that this is the case. Former Apollo astronaut Brian O'Leary says: "A great deal of evidence exists which confirms contact with extraterrestrials, but NASA has confiscated everything." NASA camouflages UFO incidents mainly by manipulating UFO-related conversations between the astronauts and the command centre. These conversations are edited to the point where references to UFOs are completely missing from the official versions of these dialogues. Astronauts report that during flights into space, to the Moon or simply around the Earth, UFOs were indeed photographed, but NASA staff retouched the photos to the point where the objects were no longer visible. These revelations from the astronauts themselves can probably be given credence, as can the assertion by Maurice Chatelain, construction engineer of the Apollo Missions' communication system, that UFOs accompanied every terrestrially launched flight into Earth’s orbit or into space. Richard Hoagland, former NASA consultant, is now demanding from President Clinton the release and publication of secret NASA files related to this subject.

In the Warning to all the governments of Europe! letter, 25th of August, 1958. Eduard A. Meier explains the following regarding the moon. All of which has now come to pass, most of which is publicly available.

14. Even next year on September 13th, 1959, using rocket propulsion, the Earth human, respectively the Soviet Union, will make a hard landing of an unmanned object on the moon; and on April 12th, 1961 an Earth human will climb high in the sky with a rocket to orbit around in the Earth's outer space, then on February 3rd, 1966 an aerospace object will make a soft landing on the moon, then in 1968, the outer fringes of Earth's space will be left, and later the first trip to the moon will be undertaken, whereby up until the year 1972, five (5) manned moon landings will take place through the U.S.A., while a sixth moon landing* - supposedly the first - on August 20th, 1969 will rest only on a world-wide staged deceit as a result of the political armament race with the Soviet Union.

What of Apollo 20 and its popular association with an ancient crashed spaceship and its secret investigation

From the FIGU Forum: Posted on Monday, 21st May, 2012 by Abdiel[1]

Abdiel states:
The people here, that are near Billy Meier know about Apollo 20?

That the Apollo 20 mission to the moon was to explore an ancient ship, that had crashed on the moon and additionally there was an ancient city on the moon.

Why does Billy not question the extraterrestrials about this?

ANSWER: Jacob the moderator answers the statement by directly editing the comment

Edit by jacob - the last Apollo mission was Apollo 17 in 1972, the remaining material was used for Skylab in 14 May 1973 and the Apollo-Sojuz project in 1975, there were never any other moon flights after Apollo 17, please provide some evidence for your 'claims'

(Message edited by jacob on May 21, 2012)[2]

Abdiel uses rhetorical language designed to provoke an emotive response which seduces Jacob the forum moderator to directly edit the comment, as a way of clarifying the defamatory statement, so that readers of the forum are not cajoled into thinking Abdiel was working with the various facts of the situation. [he did so] As the statement quite clearly contradicts the predictions made by Billy in the Warning to all the governments of Europe! letter 25th of August, 1958.

A little time later on the same forum[3] Smukhuti shares his opinions, conclusions of his investigations: Posted on Sunday, 10th June, 2012

Hmmm, in contact 527, Ptaah said that there were 6 moon landings, not 5.

Interestingly, he clubs Apollo 13 (the failed mission) with Apollo 12,14,15,16,17.

There is a note declaring that now is not an appropriate time to publish the facts.[4]

Again, some time later, and on the same forum.[5] Scott, one of the forum moderators takes the time to share the following: Posted on Wednesday, 29th August, 2012

According to Michael Horns new movie "As the time fulfills" Apollo 13 was not a failed landing, but was used to deposit various artifacts, footprints etc onto the surface of the moon. This was used to show future landings by other countries that Apollo 11 was indeed the first landing, although it really wasn't. This was achieved by having Apollo 13 land in the same location as the supposed Apollo 11 years before.....Billy also went onto to mention drugs and hypnosis was used to implant false memories into the astronauts for both Apollo 11 & 13...[6]

Additionally and finally, if we take Contact Report 441 mildly out of context, which deals with Psychology and the various worldwide disinformation campaigns. We find the following sentences, which could quite easily be applied to this particular situation, out-of but in, the context of the conversation between Ptaah and Billy, Contact Report 441 on Saturday, 3rd February, 2007.

...nonsense sells very well to the Earth humans because many on the search for the effective truth trust and believe this false information...

...the truth appears too banal and therefore appears uninteresting as well as not worth knowing.

To be clear, this has been taken out of context from Contact Report 441, in the context, but outside of the conversation in Contact Report 441. To facilitate the answering of the various resulting why? questions, for the more discerning reader.

To wrap up the segment on Apollo 20, and go full circle, all that is left to reference yet again is, Apollo 20, and how it came to be, under the various circumstances set out in this section.

  • 1: there is room, fertility, flexibility in the facts for this conclusion to be made, to gain ground as an idea, as you can see, overview from this layout of information, of the facts of the situation.
  • 2: it sells, both as an idea, but also it feeds the need for a higher level of excitement rating, the facts of the moon landings are much less exciting, too banal to sell as an entertainment product on a popular media network, with too little fantastic and entertaining things to bring up the excitement rating as a story, as a real story for the moon landing events. So various elaborations into the fantastic, as always, just as it is with every subject, come to be, become popular as an idea, to be cultivated as an idea, to fit in with the available facts, despite not mirroring reality.
  • 2.1: which could probably be blamed on consumerism coupled with both the unknowing and the open lying at a governmental level.

Additional FIGU Bulletin information

FIGU Bulletin 7, June 1996. Billy references a maritian fragment found in the antarctic, additionally referencing Earths Moon according to accepted theory, as a way of evaluating the discoveries made by Earth Scientists. That a contradiction in the estimated age of Earth was surely revealed by its discovery.

Scientists discovered in the Antarctic ice field a meteorite fragment estimated to be 4 billion years old and it, they claim, originated from Planet Mars. And yet, nobody seems to question the fact that this fragment represents a contradiction to scientific conviction that the Earth's estimated age is 4 to 4.5 billion years. No one seems to question the concept that if the Earth is only 4 billion years old, give or take a few years, a Martian fragment could not have crashed into Earth and then be found in the Antarctic at the present time. One merely has to imagine the Ur-state ("Ur" is a German prefix signifying: most ancient, primeval, earliest, initial) of the Earth in those ancient times. The scientists contend that the Martian fragment may have wound up on Earth after it was first ripped from Mars and then hurled to Earth as a gigantic meteorite struck Mars. A British team of Earth scientific experts states that the fragment probably was initially jettisoned toward Earth, whereupon it crashed onto its surface at the same time the planetary bombardment took place.

Scientific reports claim that over a period of approximately 200 million years, and soon after the solar system's birth, a monumental meteorite shower struck the Moon, causing numerous impact craters which, even today, present proof of these ancient events. Scientists assert that the Earth, Mars, Venus, our Moon, other SOL planets, as well as their respective moons, were then all subjected to this hail of meteorites. Discovery of the Martian rock fragment supports this theory and turns this extraordinary meteorite into a precious piece of ancient history.

Additionally for archival purposes, in FIGU Bulletin 7 under the The Mars Mission section. Information submitted to the FIGU by Heidi, Bob, Marc, Jason in San Diego, USA. Recites an article published in the New York Times, 15th December, 1960. Warning mankind to prepare for a discovery of life in space, citing possible artifact discoveries on the Moon.

New York Times, Thursday, December 15, 1960:


Brookings Institute Report Says Earth's Civilization Might Topple if Faced by a Race of Superior Beings.

Washington, D.C., Dec. 14 (UPI) -- Discovery of life on other worlds could cause the earth's civilization to collapse, a Federal report said today.

This warning was contained in a research report given to the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) with the recommendation that the world prepare itself mentally prepare for the eventuality.

The report, prepared by the Brookings Institution said, "while the discovery of intelligent life in other parts of the universe is not likely in the immediate future, it could nevertheless, happen at any time."

Discovery of intelligent beings on other planets could lead to an allout effort by earth to contact them, or it could lead to sweeping changes or even the downfall of civilization, the report said.

Even on earth, it added, "societies sure of their own place have disintegrated when confronted by a superior society, and others have survived even though changed."

Responding to Crisis

"Clearly, the better we can come to understanding the factors involved in responding to such a crisis the better prepared we may be."

The agency's 100-page report, prepared at a cost of $86,000, was for the space agency's committee on beings-in-space studies. The members, headed by Donald M. Michael, also recommended further study of other space activities, including the symptomatic and propaganda effects and the implications of communication and weather satellites.

On the question of life in outer space, the report said that if intelligent or super-intelligent beings were discovered in the next twenty years they would probably be found by radio communications with other solar systems.

Evidence of such existence "might also be found in artefacts left on the moon or other planets," it said.

An attempt already has been made to contact outer space. Government scientists at Greenbank, West Virginia, used radio astronomy in an effort to pick up signals that might have been beamed by intelligent beings. They concentrated on a star about fifteen light years away.

Signals sent from Greenbank were of a kind that would show to anyone receiving on other planets that they were man-made and not simple natural phenomena.

Submitted by Heidi, Bob, Marc, Jason in San Diego, USA

If you for some reason thought in your mind "That cannot surely be a comprehensive listing of Moon related information", you were correct. [Moon centric search results]

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