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Acupuncture causes the healing of physical, psychological as well as consciousness-related conditions and diseases by setting special, fine needles at specific points of concentration of vital life energy, that pulsates through the body along specific paths.

The special fine needles precision positioning at specific concentration points act on the entire energy system of the human being, as well as animals, fish, insects, birds and also interestingly to plants.

The healing effect is obtained both in the body as well as in the awareness and in the psyche, depending on how and where the acupuncture needles are placed.

Acupuncture in the contact reports

Contact Report 216

Quetzal in contact 216 provides both a great perspective and detailed explanation of acupuncture, which proves valuable for those interested but that have a wavering conception as to what it is.

Extract from contact report 216, Monday, 16th March, 1987 (pages 278-314)
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...for a few years, there has been more and more talk of acupuncture, a healing method, with which fine needles are stuck into the body in certain places. This method of acupuncture, which is being discussed more and more, should really bring good healing results and should come from China and, of course, should have also been invented by the Chinese. The piercing of the needles into the body should be absolutely painless. But scientifically, this healing method of acupuncture is not yet investigated and proven to be right and good, at least not in the Western world, where the whole thing bumps into at least some scepticism, particularly in the medical school. Do you know something about this, and if so, what do you, as a doctor, have to say and explain to this?


264. Acupuncture causes the healing of physical and psychological as well as consciousness-related sufferings and illnesses through the setting of special, fine needles at specific concentration points of one’s life energy, which pulse through the body on certain paths.

265. The set needles influence the entire energetic system of the person, but this is also true for animals, fish, insects, and birds, as well as for plants, when these are treated with acupuncture.

266. The healing effect, as I already mentioned, occurs in the body, as well as in the consciousness and the psyche, depending on how and where the acupuncture needles are set.

267. But the true origin of acupuncture doesn’t trace back to traditional Chinese medicine – as is, unfortunately, erroneously maintained; rather, it was received by the latter only from old traditions and was integrated into the old Chinese medicine and brought to application.

268. The actual origin was already established millions of years ago and, thus, traces very far back into the past, and to be sure, into Henok’s time.

269. Henok himself was the investigator and inventor of acupuncture, which was taken over and exercised by his peoples and which has endured to the present day among the distant descendants of the peoples from “beyond the Sun,” which is how it has been received by today’s Chinese.

270. But despite its great remedial effectiveness, acupuncture is just one of many other methods and options of treatment for the entire field of medicine.

271. But in principle, acupuncture is very much more than just medicine because its ultimate goal isn't just the healing of illnesses and sufferings or of any trivial discomforts of any kind, etc. but primarily to make the entire body as well as the consciousness and the psyche healthy and, basically, to allow no sufferings, discomforts, or illnesses to arise at all.

272. But this means that one’s life energy can flow and work properly in the body.

273. The cosmic electromagnetic life energy is the Creation-given energy and is, in fact, also the actual, existing energy of Creation, which is also called Ur-energy and which is also given in all life forms as well as in every spirit form of a conscious or instinct-conscious form.

274. This life energy, which we refer to in our language by the specific designation of Ching, is a constant flux from the Universe that – through the energy lines, i.e. energy channels, which we designate as Sananta and, thus, conductive channels – flows through the body of each life form, so also in humans.

275. The Chinese designations for these forms represent their own formulations from the Chinese language and therefore have nothing in common with the ancient conventional terms that are attributed to the Henok language.

276. The life energy of an electromagnetic and cosmic nature, which we also call “active energy,” flows similar to flowing waters, but through a form of certain energy channels, through the entire body of every single life form, and indeed, no matter what genus and species.

277. These energy channels, i.e. Sananta or conductive channels, pervade the entire body of every life form, so humans as well as animals, fish, insects, birds and plants, and even microbes, bacilli, and viruses, which means that actually every life form possesses them.

278. This energy flow, the all-animating cosmic electromagnetic life energy, creates the difference between the effective living and the non-living, so between what is moving and what is non-moving.

279. But in the case of the non-moving, there can be no talk of dying out or of Totem, as the Earth person erroneously designates this, for even the non-living, i.e. what is non-moving, is existent, as for example rock, stone, sand, and metal, etc.

280. These things that are also life forms and that we designate as passive life forms, in contrast to active life forms, do not exist through the same form of cosmic electromagnetic life energy, through which all moving life is begotten, born, and animated and also passes again, in order to change itself into other forms.

281. These passive life forms actually exist through a passive energy, which must logically be designated as passive cosmic electromagnetic energy.

282. The cosmic electromagnetic life energy is constructed in the same forces of positive and negative, as this is uniformly the case in all creational creations of every kind.

283. And exactly this means that neither on Earth nor on any other worlds or stars or anywhere else in the Universe could or can something arise or exist that doesn't hold both forces of positive and negative in itself or which isn't animated by the active energy or passive energy.

284. Without the opposite forces of positive and negative, which complement each other, always being given simultaneously, nothing can become existent and nothing can exist.

285. But this means that even with the passive energy, both forces are present, so both positive as well as negative.

286. At the same time, the negative represents the passive, the feminine, receptive, dormant and old, while the positive represents the active, light and warmth as well as the masculine, generative, and the new, as this has been defined since ages ago.

287. That’s how the cosmic electromagnetic life energy is to be seen, therefore, divided into two factors, into two forces, respectively positive and negative energies, which form a unit in themselves as well as in their union.

288. Now, if these energies get out of balance, then there results either an energy shortage, an energy surplus, or an energy obstruction, i.e. an energy blockade.

289. And as already mentioned, and it must be said again, both forms of energy always only exist together and are inseparably linked with one another, so the feminine and the masculine and, thus, the positives and negatives are always simultaneously present, and indeed, in every movable as well as immovable life form.

290. So also must the human himself be; by this, I mean that he must move from the left to the right, that is, from a strength or even from one energy form to another, without becoming sick, stricken, or burdened with troubles thereby.

291. But if he falls prey to a weakness of a physical, psychological, or consciousness-related form, then an imbalance between the positive and negative energies is produced.

292. If this is the case, then it doesn't require an enormous expenditure of energy to succumb to any discomforts, sorrows, illnesses, aggressions, emotions, depressions, moral depths, as well as mental, psychological, or consciousness-related lapsing miss reactions.

293. Such occurs when an energy defect exists.

294. The cosmic electromagnetic life energy flows in a person in certain channels that are given for this, which we, as already explained, refer to as Sananta.

295. On the Sanantas are the acupuncture centres or acupuncture points, through which the cosmic electromagnetic life energy arrives at the body’s surface, but the acupuncture nodes have nothing to do with the so-called chakras, which only correspond to an illusory form.

296. And precisely where the acupuncture centres are – of which, overall, 786 exist, but in the Chinese acupuncture teachings, as far as I know, only 672 of these are known – the life energy penetrates at the body’s surface, where it can be influenced by the acupuncture needling.

297. The life-energetic and, thus, vitally necessary Sananta system shows a certain resemblance to the circulatory system because just as the blood pulses through the veins, so does the cosmic electromagnetic life energy pulse through the energy system.

298. Each Sananta is also associated with a particular organ of the body, whereby all of the cycles are closely interconnected and mutually influence one another.

299. With the entire Sananta system, however, it can lead to an energy obstruction, namely when the energy is blocked, and precisely this means, then, that the immune system of the body, the consciousness, and/or the psyche is disturbed and weakened and suffers damage, by what means physical, consciousness-related, or psychological troubles, sufferings, or illnesses appear.

300. And along with this, what is not yet known to the earthly scientists and physicians is the fact that not only the body and its organs but also the consciousness and the psyche have a particular immune system assigned to them.

301. Now, if an energy obstruction of the life energy arises somewhere in the Sananta system, then the obstruction can be dissolved by a purpose-driven acupuncture, but it is to be noted that different forms of acupuncture are necessary for different troubles, sufferings, and illnesses.

302. Now, in order to come to speak on acupuncture needles as well as on their application, it is to be said that the fine needles used for the needling are only about half a millimetre thick and are inserted into the body using different depths; therefore, the insertion depth can vary from a few millimetres up to five centimetres, whereby the depth is determined by the acupuncture point.

303. The needle is stuck directly into the acupuncture centre of the Sananta.

304. This triggers a provocation, by what means the body produces nerve growth hormones that quickly spread into the surrounding tissue, thereby calming down inflammations at the nerve ends and healing these completely.

305. Furthermore, these growth hormones move over the nerve up to the nerve’s root, where they trigger and carry out a regeneration of the nervous fibres.

306. The effect of acupuncture can still be enhanced, namely by the acupuncture centre being stimulated by the manual movements of the needles that are stuck in the body, in which the needles remain up to 30 minutes.

307. Even with the manual movements of the needles, no pain arises for the person being treated.

308. And what is still to be said:

309. Still today, unfortunately, the earthly medical school views the human being in parts or sections, and exactly this is wrong, because the human being must be viewed medically as a whole.

310. Social, consciousness-related, psychological, intellectual-sentimental, and emotional constitutions of the human being are also of utmost importance; therefore, not just the conventional medical thinking and the related aspects, diagnoses, and resulting medication may be considered.

311. Moreover, if one wants to describe the momentary state of life energy of a human being, then one can refer to the five natural elements: wood, water, fire, earth, and metal.

312. Processes are symbolized by these elements, as these appear in nature and as these also operate in humans.

313. The functions of the organs as well as the worlds of thoughts, feelings, psyches, emotions, and consciousnesses are also allotted to these elements.

314. And as is determined by nature, all elements mutually influence each other.

315. In addition to true acupuncture, what must also be mentioned is that there is an additional way to stimulate an acupuncture centre more strongly, namely the so-called moxibustion, through which an increase in energy can be produced.

316. For this, a small ball of dried moxa is attached to the free end of the acupuncture needle and is ignited.

317. Through this, the needle that is stuck in the body warms up, which then leads the heat into the depth of the tissue.

318. This results in increased blood circulation, which, in turn, accelerates the healing process.

319. Of course, one acupuncture treatment is never solely necessary but rather several of these are; however, as a rule, a noticeable improvement of the suffering, illness, or other discomfort already appears after the first treatment or after two or three of these.

320. At the same time, it’s important to know that with any form of acupuncture, if such is correctly brought to application, side effects never appear, as they very often do with chemical or herbal medicines.


Right thanks for your detailed explanation, which has brought me insightful knowledge. Surely this will also help some people who are interested in acupuncture, but without the faintest idea, may be afraid that this cure is painful and could have any bad side effects.[1]

Contact Report 241

Ptaah concurs with Billy that through the real bona fide legitimate acupuncture practice, addiction including smoking addiction may be cured successfully.

Extract taken from contact report 241, Monday, February 3rd, 1992


Many people would like to give up smoking but they simply cannot do it. For this reason also there exists a great trade with questionable anti-smoking devices, in addition to schemes involving hypnosis and acupuncture. These are all meaningless, I think, because one stops smoking only if one really endeavours to do so, and then proceeds to realize this resolution. Anti-smoking devices are rubbish, lies and fraud. Regarding bona fide hypnosis and acupuncture, on the other hand, I would like to say that it is possible to become cured, but in no way whatsoever through those bogus hypnotists who always advertise in the papers or offer their services by word-of-mouth propaganda.


I am of the same opinion. You were a chronic smoker yourself for 33 years. But you strove to end this vice when your health demanded it.<ref>Contact Report 241

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