Absolute Void

From Billy Meier

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An illustration from a book by Randolph Winters.

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

It seems to me that the unfathomable mystery is the Void, the great nothingness "outside" of Creation and presumably its source. I read that there is some sort of fine energy even in the Void, which is also confusing because it seems like it must only be the Creation which is "alive" and is/has energy. I am unable to understand a nothingness without beginning, end, shape, limits, energy, etc. What is known of this by Billy, the Plejaren, the Petale level, etc. and "where" in the Void did the Absolute Absolutum first appear?

ANSWER: The absolute void or nothingness is an infinite space which contains no material form but spiritual energy only. We cannot comprehend or understand all of this with our thinking/brains.[1]