From Billy Meier

Isados was only here for a short time in 1977 Contact Report 096, like many of the Contact Persons, with another visit in 2002. Billy and Isados didn't have immediate rapport and didn't see eye to eye. Billy must have reflected on the experience and felt he may have been unkind, perhaps rude, too distant, a bit of a challenge or unwelcoming, to him during their exchange in 1977, it played on his mind, so a few years later in 1980 Contact Report 128 he asked Semjase after him again and she told him that in the meantime he had thoroughly changed his opinion about Billy and indeed the human beings of Earth in general actually. But he was not offended, quite the contrary, he was delighted, having reflected himself, about the fact that Billy had opened his eyes for him. Semjase remarked that she was also very happy about that, because to her he was prior to that always a little strange, which had since been resolved by his encounter with Billy.