From Billy Meier


From Contact Report 4


I understand. The penetration into hyperspace would likely draw one or more planets into hyperspace and eject them as deadly projectiles when the beamship breaks free from hyperspace. Maybe that's how various huge comets turned into storming and dangerous cosmic speedsters — through the fault of irresponsible star travelers?


48. You are partially correct:

49. Actually, hyperspace may only be penetrated very far in outer space, otherwise, planets would be pulled in.

50. Also, concerning the exit from hyperspace, you figured it out entirely correct.

51. It is also a fact that some comets originated in this manner, but only a few; most of them were guided on their dangerous path by other natural events.

52. In this case you are only partly right when you assume that all comets originated in this manner, as you perhaps suspected.

53. But the fact is, such events are caused by irresponsibility, because it exists throughout outer space, not only on Earth.

54. Irresponsibility is evident also when new highly developed intelligences perform their first ventures into hyperspace too close to other planets.

55. The safety rule is calculable and states that hyperspeed is only to be initiated 153 million kilometers (95,625,000 miles) away from the nearest planet.